Cavs To Acquire Kevin Love

AUGUST 23RD, 12:40pm: The teams have completed their trade call with the league, according to Wojnarowski (Twitter link), so an official announcement is expected to come shortly.

10:28am: A source close to Stein says the teams will make it one three-way swap rather than two separate trades, as long as there aren’t any last-minute changes (Twitter link).

AUGUST 22ND, 8:48am: The latest dispatch from Marc Stein of indicates that the arrangement could turn out to be two separate deals after all, and Wojnarowski appears to suggest the same in his story. Sam Amick of USA Today casts it as one three-team swap, however, which puts him in accordance with Zgoda’s report from late Thursday. In any case, it appears clear that Love will end up in Cleveland, Wiggins, Bennett and Young will head to Minnesota, and Mbah a Moute, Shved and the Heat’s 2015 first-round pick are destined for Philadelphia.

11:08pm: The three-team deal will be finalized on Saturday, the day the 30-day restriction on trading Wiggins expires, Zgoda reports. Zgoda confirms the previously-reported specifics of the deal and adds that the Wolves will also receive a trade exception believed to be worth at least $4 million. The deal will be announced on Saturday after the completion of a call with the league office.

3:08pm: It’ll go down as a three-team deal, rather than one separate transaction involving Love and another involving Young, as Dan Barreiro of KFAN Sports Radio and Krawczynski both expect (Twitter link). Based on the most recent reports, that wound send Love to the Cavs, while the Wolves would get Young, Wiggins and Bennett, with the Sixers set to receive Mbah a Moute, Shved, and the 2015 first-round draft pick that Cleveland had acquired from the Heat.

2:40pm: The Wolves are in line to send Mbah a Moute and Shved to the Sixers, according to Zgoda (Twitter link). The Star Tribune scribe wrote a few weeks ago that the Wolves wanted to send Barea to Philadelphia, but Zgoda clarifies today that Barea isn’t part of the arrangement. Zgoda also speculated earlier this month that Shabazz Muhammad could be a part of the deal, but it’s “highly unlikely” that Muhammad will be involved, Wolfson tweets.

12:09pm: Three sources tell Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun that Young will go to the Wolves but Bennett won’t be heading to the Sixers, advancing the earlier reports (Twitter links).

12:00pm: The belief around the league is that Young will wind up with Minnesota, according to Wolfson (Twitter link).

AUGUST 21ST, 8:46am: Sixers GM Sam Hinkie wants to acquire the first-rounder that the Cavs are shipping out in the deal, Zgoda tweets. Zgoda wrote a few weeks ago that the Wolves hoped to send that pick, likely the Heat’s 2015 first-round selection as we noted below, to Philly as part of a package for Young, so it seems a fair bet that the pick winds up with the Sixers.

AUGUST 20TH: Zgoda casts doubt on the notion that Bennett will end up with the Sixers as part of the deal (Twitter link). That would suggest that Bennett isn’t heading to Philadelphia any time soon as part of a separate transaction, as I explained.

AUGUST 8TH: 2:22pm: Young says the Sixers haven’t given him or agent Jim Tanner any notification that he’ll be traded, as Lynam writes in her full piece.

10:54am: Young tells Dei Lynam of that, “I have not been traded,” though that could be a matter of semantics, as no trade is yet official (Twitter link).

9:16am: Fellow Daily News scribe Bob Cooney seconds the news that Young is headed to Minnesota and Bennett will go to Philadelphia, but he suggests the move will take place as a separate transaction (Twitter link). Still, it would make more sense if it were part of the Love trade, since the salaries in a standalone Young-Bennett swap wouldn’t meet the NBA’s salary-matching requirements.

FRIDAY, 8:08am: The Sixers will indeed be a part of the deal, as they’ll acquire Bennett from the Cavs and send Young to the Wolves, a source tells Mark Perner of the Philadelphia Daily News. Bennett will give Philadelphia three of the top 11 picks from the 2013 draft, joining Nerlens Noel and reigning Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams. Young figures to slide in as Love’s replacement at power forward in Minnesota, though he has the chance to opt out and hit free agency in 2015, just like Love.

THURSDAY, 2:58pm: John Lucas III, whom the Cavs acquired from the Jazz last month, isn’t a part of the Love trade as it stands, but there’s a decent chance Cleveland will send him out in the deal with the Wolves, tweets USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt.

12:51pm: The potential that a third team becomes involved still exists, according to Jon Krawczynski of The Associated Press (Twitter link). Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune suggested earlier today that the possibility remained in play. The Wolves continue to work with the Sixers, Krawczynski also tweets, and Zgoda outlined what Minnesota would want to accomplish in a arrangement that would net them Thaddeus Young, as we passed along.

12:35pm: The protected 2015 first-rounder going to Minnesota will likely be the Heat’s pick, Wojnarowski tweets. Miami owes that selection to the Cavs from the LeBron James sign-and-trade in 2010, according to RealGM.

11:56am: There’s no agreement regarding a new max deal for Love, reports Ken Berger of Berger hears from two sources who suggest that Love will wait to see what James does with his ability to hit free agency next summer.

8:26am: The Wolves and Cavs have reached an agreement in principle on a deal that will send Kevin Love to the Cavs for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a protected 2015 first-round pick, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. Cleveland is doing the deal with a firm commitment from Love that he will opt out of his contract next summer and re-sign with the team for the max, Wojnarowski adds. Surprisingly, there’s no third team involved, in spite of a string of rumors indicating that the Wolves were high on acquiring Thaddeus Young from the Sixers. The swap can’t become official until August 23rd, the first day following the 30-day period in which the Cavs are barred from trading Wiggins after signing him to his rookie scale contract.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Minnesota TimberwolvesThe teams had agreed to the precise terms weeks ago, but the Cavs and Wolves are staying silent until they can formalize the trade, sources tell Wojnarowski. The Cavs feared the Bulls would instead trade for Love and block the path to the Eastern Conference title, and that helped prompt Cleveland to close on the deal, Wojnarowski hears. That’s in spite of Chicago’s last formal offer having come before the draft in June, according to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune (Twitter link). That conflicts with a report from late July that indicated that the Bulls had offered Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic and Doug McDermott. Chicago stayed in contact with the Wolves, but the Bulls understood that when the Cavs made Wiggins available, it would have required them to make too strong an offer to compete, Johnson adds (on Twitter).

Cavs officials were also cognizant that it would be difficult for them to clear the cap space necessary to sign Love as a free agent next summer without his Bird rights, according to Wojnarowski. The trade will allow Cleveland to have those Bird rights, which will let the team exceed the cap to re-sign him.

The Wolves had sought to unload some of their player-friendly contracts in a Love trade, and they still hold out hope of parting with J.J. Barea, Luc Mbah a Moute and Alexey Shved in subsequent moves, according to Wojnarowski. Minnesota is also still trying to acquire Young from the Sixers, tweets Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN Twin Cities, but it’s unclear if the efforts are related at this point.

The agreement ends more than two months of intense Love-related rumors after Love made it clear to the Wolves that he would hit free agency next summer and Minnesota began to seriously consider trades. The Bulls and Warriors appeared at the top of Love’s list of preferred destinations at that point. Golden State remained a prime contender for weeks, but their decision against including Klay Thompson in a deal appears to have scuttled any chance Love would end up in the Bay Area. Love made a high-profile visit to Boston around the first of June, but Minnesota wasn’t interested in any assets the Celtics had to offer.

Love reportedly made Cleveland his top choice following the return of LeBron James to the Cavs, and even before the four-time MVP left Miami, Love indicated that he would be 100% on board with joining the Cavs if James were also on the team. James reportedly reached out to Love to tell him he’d like for them to play together in Cleveland and appeared to signal to Cavs management that he wanted them to trade for the All-Star power forward. James conspicuously left Wiggins’ name out of the essay he co-authored with Lee Jenkins of when he announced his decision to return to Cleveland.

The addition of Love, a 25-year-old three-time All-Star, puts the Cavs squarely in the title race this season. Just as the trade can’t be finalized until August 23rd, Love’s commitment to sign a five-year max contract with the team next summer can’t be official until next July, so much of the arrangement relies on everyone involved keeping their word. James can opt out of his deal with the Cavs and hit free agency next summer, too, so there are few concrete certainties. Still, it appears the Cavs are well-positioned for the future even as they relinquish consecutive No. 1 overall draft selections in Wiggins and Bennett. Wiggins, in particular, makes parting with Love easier to swallow for Minnesota, and his vast potential means there’s a decent chance the Wolves will ultimately emerge with a better return for having traded a superstar than any other team to have done so.

The Nuggets, Suns, Lakers, Rockets, Kings, Knicks, and Wizards were among the other teams connected to Love throughout the process, but the Cavs had emerged as clear front-runners in recent weeks. Brian Windhorst of suggested in a radio appearance a few days ago that Cleveland and Minnesota had a handshake agreement in place. The vast majority of Hoops Rumors readers who voted in our poll even before Windhorst’s comments believed Love would be with the Cavaliers by the start of the season.

Photo courtesy USA Today Sports Images.

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83 thoughts on “Cavs To Acquire Kevin Love

    • hardcoreforhardcore

      Offensively they’re going to be a juggernaut, no question, but defense(certainly not Love’s specialty) is going to be a work in progress all around.

    • RetortForm

      Wait for KLove to hurt himself in a nightclub brawl and then blame it on pushups?

      • buffalonichols

        Don’t be silly. It wasn’t a nightclub brawl. It was punching David Kahn’s stupid face.

    • TRAPstar

      Drive to the whole. Varejao isn’t the best rim protector. Plus, Mike Miller at SG is a very poor defender. They will be a bad defensive team

      • Andre Smith

        Mike Miller probably won’t be a starter. I would assume Waiters would start.

        People talk about a poor defensive team but the addition of James, Marion and simply competing for a championship and inspire teams to play better defense. If you’re playing along side the best player on the planet and you see him running down players from behind then how can you dog it?

    • cardinalsfan27

      In the post. Love can’t protect the rim and Varejoa is always an injury risk.

    • Manchershaw Engineer

      They should be pretty easy to score off of. Other than Lebron, everyone is below average defensively. Varejao is a shell of what he once was. In fact, this team – while it has the potential to be historically good offensively, could also be the worst defensive team in ages.

      Let’s also not forget this team is sporting several return players in key spots that have more chemistry issues than Big Pharm. Despite what’s gone on publicly lately, it’s hard to forget the ball sharing issues that Waiters and Irving had. Now they’re supposed to play supplemental roles? Waiters is a year from a new contract. I don’t see any situation where if he isn’t holding the ball the bulk of possessions he isn’t going to scream. Ball handling are what both of these guys bring to the table, they don’t play defense well and they don’t play well off the ball. You’re adding two guys better at handling the ball that need to shoot for the team to win. Uh oh.

  1. victor gonzales

    im just curious why they signed wiggins wouldnt it have been wise to trade him before they signed him ? also the salarys dont match up wouldnt the cavs have to send someone else?

    • mcgolfin

      They signed Wiggins so that his salary could be used for salary matching purposes. If they traded him before signing, he would have still been “the rights to Andrew Wiggins” and wouldn’t have had a salary. If the Love, Wiggins/Bennett salaries don’t match perfectly, the Cavs can just throw in one of the guys they got from Utah.

      • victor gonzales

        thank you for hitting me with that knowledge… so would you call irving and love and upgrade over wade/bosh ? i think i would..

    • Ralow

      From RealGM: Due to Cleveland and Minnesota being over the cap and having a post-trade Team Salary
      under the Tax Threshold and trading out less than $19.6M in salaries,
      the 50% trade rule is invoked. Cleveland could not receive more than
      150% plus $100,000 or no more than $5,000,000 in additional salaries
      (whichever is lesser) of the salary given out for the trade to be
      accepted, which did happen here.

      Love = $15.7M
      Wiggins, $5.5 + Bennett, $5.5 = $11M

      The salaries don’t have to match perfectly…just be within $5M…which they are ($4.7M here).

  2. How much more money does Cleveland need to add to the deal? Wondering which other player they will have to include in order to get this deal done.

    • HoopsRumors

      As others have explained in the thread, the salaries do fall within the NBA’s matching criteria. As long as Love’s incoming salary is within $5MM of the outgoing salary for Cleveland, it’s a go.


  3. TRAPstar

    Salaries don’t match? I think Cleveland will have to send someone else as well

    • buffalonichols

      I think that’s why they traded for those non-guaranteed contracts a couple weeks ago.

      • HoopsRumors

        Nah, that Jazz trade doesn’t change the equation here. I’ll repeat what I said elsewhere in here: As others have explained in the thread, the salaries do fall within the NBA’s matching criteria. As long as Love’s incoming salary is within $5MM of the outgoing salary for Cleveland, it’s a go.


  4. well i guess lebron didnt want to try to win with some young talent. wolves get two very talented players good for them.

    • Sky14

      Didn’t know Lebron was the GM of the Cavs, I’m sure he would rather play with one of the games to players over a rookie but it’s not his call. Besides, Kevin Love isn’t exactly an old man at 25.

      • i know that but loves more a vet then a young player in the way im trying to say it. i thought it would of been fun to see what lebron could do with all that young talent. nope that wont happen he needs to play with a another superstar. heat 2.0

        • Trock

          Although I am a big Love fan, I completely agree with your statements. I was really excited to see LeBron play with a bunch of young guys. They still would of been a great team if they did not obtain Love, but this just brings up the main point for all the LeBron haters (which I am not one). That he needs to be surrounded by superstars to win a championship. I think LeBron had a huge hand in Love coming to Cleveland. If LeBron doesn’t bring them a championship, he is the most hated man in sports.

          • StantonLikeMyDaddy

            Everyone needs superstars (which Love is not) to win a championship. You need 2+ stars to win one.

            • unless your shaq and kobe who just needed each other with a bunch of good role players and one great coach

              • StantonLikeMyDaddy

                Right? Haha Shaq and Kobe were the two best players in the league at the time. Champions are champions. LeBron isn’t any less of a winner than any other player who won a ring. People can hate him for initially leaving, hate him out of jealousy, but to hate him for the argument that “he needs superstars to win” is unbelievably dumb. Trying to crap on LeBron for doing what he did because Jordan and Bird never left their teams is ridiculous, because their franchises knew what they were doing and could compile talent, unlike Cleveland. Also, let’s not forgot what Kobe did in 2007 when his Laker team looked like Cleveland’s team minus LeBron. He whined incessantly for a trade before backing off when the Lakers got Gasol.

            • Trock

              I agree that every team needs them. That is what all the LeBron haters (Kobe lovers) say about him though. Love being a superstar is debatable. I think we see him emerge as a better player all around now that he isn’t the the one good guy on the team

            • Trock

              I agree that everyone needs superstars. Love not being a superstar is debatable. What does it take to qualify someone as a superstar? He was the star player on MN, is a big name who puts up big points. Shotty D but you don’t need to be great on both sides of the ball to be labeled a superstar.

              He averaged 12 rebounds a game (2nd) 26 points a game (4th) averages 36 minutes a game, and lead the league in double doubles last year. Soo yea, hes not a superstar?

              • StantonLikeMyDaddy

                My bad. I guess it depends on your definition of superstar. Love is a STAR, no doubt. When I think superstar, I think complete alpha dog. Like prime Duncan, LeBron, Kobe, Durant, etc. The no doubt guy that will carry your team to the postseason. Love’s an amazing player, but he’s not there yet (saying this as a Minneapolis native).

                • Trock

                  To each their own for sure. Everyone probably has a different definition of how they see a superstar player for sure!

                • Manchershaw Engineer

                  You’re kidding, right? Other than the fact that almost every metric puts Love as the third best player in the NBA (and at a position that is scarce), Love’s 26.1/12.5/4.4 line is historic good. As in no one’s done it (26/12.5/4) in 38 years. As in Larry Bird couldn’t do it. As in Karl Malone couldn’t do it. In fact, the feat has only been matched 4 times in NBA history.

                  Love isn’t just good. He’s about as good as possible.

                • Andre Smith

                  He hasn’t a chance to prove himself. Not his fault. However, name me how many players have averaged 24 points and 10 rebounds in the last 15 years?


                  Love 2x
                  Bosh 1x (Raptors)
                  Brand 1x
                  Garnett 1x
                  Shaq 11x
                  Duncan 1x
                  Webber 3x

                  That’s rare air he’s breathing.

          • Andre Smith

            Please name me one team that won a championship in the last 10 years that didn’t have at least, 1 if not 2, stars starting beside them.

            Heat-LBJ had Wade and Bosh
            Spurs- Duncan has had D. Robinson (1st title), Parker, Ginobli and last year’s run was largely acheived with Leonard playing like an all-star (averaged 18 pts)
            Lakers- Kobe has had Shaq (1st 3 rings), Gasol and a solid group of Odom, Bynum and Artest.
            Heat-Wade had Shaq (20/9)
            Dirk Nowitzki perhaps was the only one that didn’t have that true star with even though he had a deep veteran supporting cast with Terry, Marion, Kidd, Chandler and before he was injured, Butler.

            • Trock

              I am not sure what you are trying to argue with me. I said that is what his haters say (that he has to have allstsars). I clearly stated that you need a few really good players accompanied with good role players to win a championship.

        • J Hill

          He’s still got like 6 or 7 players on the team younger than 24, your point doesn’t make any sense. And Love is freaking 25 for crying out loud.

        • Andre Smith

          Love is 26 and he was Irving, Waiters (15pts and about 4 and 4) and Tristan Thompson (12 pts and 9 rebounds) who are all about 22/23 years old.

          Assuming that the starting lineup is LBJ/Love/Irving/Waiters/Varejao the average age of their starting 5 is only 25 years old. I think you would be hard pressed to find a championship caliber team capable of starting 5 with that average age. Factor in that it’s rounded off by a few guys with a total of 7 titles and tons of playoff history and that’s pretty good.

      • Zak Arn

        To be fair… as “GM” LeBron brought LeBron to Cleveland. And traded for Kevin Love. Whereas the real GM was gifted 3 1st round picks with 2 obvious no-brainers staring him at the face – you or I or your uncle or the guy passed out at the bar could have picked Irving & Wiggins. Any addition they’ve made via signing or trades since LBJ was originally there have been pretty questionable.

  5. Michael Nguyen

    If im the Sixers I’d trade Thaddeus Young, a 2015 unprotected 1st rounder, Tony Wroten for Andrew Wiggins, Alexey Shved, Luc Mbah a Moute and JJ Barea.

    Why you ask the Sixers would do this is because they get Wiggins and the pic will practically be a top3 guaranteed and next years draft is all big men and they don’t need any more young big men they need guards. Plus they are 30 million under the cap and easily absorb all 3 expiring contracts.

    Why Minnesota would do this because they want a impact players in Young and Wroten and a potential top3 draft pick. And also close to 12million in Salary Cap relief in Shved, Moute and Barea.

        • Dan Polykov

          Ok, I’m a Sixers fan and that is a terrible deal for the Wolvers. Why would they trade their best player (Love) and not get Wiggins back. I mean, the deal is awful. Why trade the 1 overall pick in a stacked draft for a “potential top 3 draft pick”?

          • Dellstoke

            plus there’s a good chance they’ll only get Young for one season, and all those contracts will be gone next offseason anyway… at this point in the offseason clearing cap room is moot. and why would they want Tony Wroten?

            essentially, in your suggestion, the deal would end up being MN trading Love for one year of Thad, Tony Wroten, Anthony Bennett and a pick. Only place that’d happen is Sam Hinkie’s dreams.

  6. poor Bennett he the unwanted man. well sixers get another piece to help rebuild but im guessing they use him at SF

  7. hungblunt

    Will be very, very pissed if they have to include a pick with Bennett to get Thad Young. Even more so if they don’t get to jettison a bad contract in that deal.
    C’mon Flip, get it together.

  8. Sky14

    Would rather keep Bennett than have one expensive year of Young. I think Bennett can come around and like his potential more than what Young an provide next year. I’d think it could get done with a first rounder and a couple expiring deals.

  9. StantonLikeMyDaddy

    I’d rather have Bennett. Didn’t have a great start, but still potential and he can hit 3’s.

    • buffalonichols

      Exactly. I think Flip is making a huge mistake by sending off Bennett for Young, especially if he throws in a pick to get it done. Just go with the young potential of Bennett over the hope that Young will stick around after this upcoming season.

  10. Zak Arn

    Unless there is a pick involved, this makes Zero sense for the Sixers. Bennett is garbage at this point in time until he proves otherwise I’d rather have Beasley on the league minimum. There are teams that’ll give up a useful draft pick for Young.

    • Scott

      Makes a lot of sense to take Bennett for Young, since Young isn’t coming back after the season. You must be a 6ers fans because you value their players a lot more than everyone else does. The only way the 6ers are getting a 1st rd pick in the deal is if they take back a bad contract and it’s protected. Face it, the market for Young isn’t that good. They wanted a 1st rd pick last year for him and everyone said no thanks.

      • Jeffrey Moynagh

        I am guessing the Wolves add the protected first round pick they get from Cleveland so that Philly takes Barea or Mbah A Moute who have contracts which expire after this year.

      • Zak Arn

        Anthony Bennett is a bad contract at this point. They’re not going to just take back ANY contract. Not every team that would be willing to deal a 1st round pick this year or last year necessarily has a near expiring contract to match Young’s.

        • Scott

          I really don’t see how Bennett’s rookie deal is a bad contract as it’s a team option after this next season. I’d much rather have Bennett’s deal than Young’s. With Bennett, you can decide if you want him back. With Young, he decides what he wants and is likely to opt out if he stays in Philly. Both are overpaid imo, but let’s not forget that Cleveland has been one of the most mismanaged and poorly coached teams in the past few years. Bennett will get a good chance to succeed in philly and is healthy.

          • Manchershaw Engineer

            Because he’s not worth his salary this year. He’s a non-asset with a high salary, he’s a significant negative value. Whatever your opinion of Young, it’s obvious he has positive value. Taking on Bennett should increase the return.

            You’d have to think that something here is amiss, because this deal makes no basketball sense for Philly and only seems to be aiding in bringing Kevin Love and Lebron James together. Don’t be surprised when the ping pong balls roll Philly’s way this offseason…

        • Scott

          Also, if Philly takes back a contract, it is likely Barea and/or Mbah a Moute. Both of which are in the last year of their contract. Philly has to avoid Kevin Martin’s contract like the plague.

  11. buffalonichols

    Never been Flip’s biggest fan, but I would shake the man’s hand and buy him a drink should I ever run into him after this deal. Nice return for a star who already had one foot out the door. I think Bennett is underrated and started coming around toward the end of his rookie year. He could be a valuable piece down the road along with Wiggins, Rubio and Pekovic.

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