Following Specific Players On Hoops Rumors

There were six signings between the start of the season and the end of November in 2013, but six players have already signed during 2014/15. In addition to methods of keeping track of your favorite teams as they continue to mold their rosters, Hoops Rumors also provides ways to easily follow the latest on all of your favorite players. If you want to stay up to date on Ray Allen‘s continued free agency, you can find Allen’s page right here. For intel on where trade candidate Rajon Rondo might end up, go here.

Every player we’ve written about has his own rumors page. You can find any player by using our search box (located in the right sidebar); by clicking his tag at the bottom of a post in which he’s discussed; or, by simply typing his name in your address bar after, substituting dashes for spaces. For example, Allen’s page is

You can also set up an RSS feed for any of our player pages by adding /feed to the end of the page URL, like this: Entering that URL into the reader of your choice should enable you to get updates whenever we write about Allen. It works for teams, too. If you’re a Mavericks fan, you can enter into your reader and stay on top of all the latest from Dallas.

In addition to players and teams, there are a number of other subjects you can track by clicking on the tags that we use at the bottom of posts. You can keep tabs on news related to next year’s draft right here. Items related to the NBA D-League, including assignments and recalls, can be found on this rumors page. Any news that has to do with potential rises in the salary cap for next year and beyond can be found here. Again, you can set up a feed with any of these pages by adding /feed to the end of the URL.

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