Rajon Rondo Trade Fallout/Reaction

The Rajon Rondo trade stands to have an immediate effect on the Western Conference playoff race as well as the long-term future of the Celtics, who for many years were an Eastern Conference contender with Rondo. We’ll be rounding up the news still trickling out about the blockbuster trade throughout the day, with any new items added to the top:

  • There’s no shortage of confidence among Mavs officials that they can re-sign Rondo, a source tells Tim MacMahon of ESPNDallas.com, who adds that obtaining Rondo will make it easier for the club to reach a new deal with soon-to-be free agent Tyson Chandler (Twitter link).
  • The Lakers planned a final offer of Steve Nash, the protected 2015 first-rounder that the Rockets owe the Lakers, and a second-round pick, Grantland’s Zach Lowe reports.
  • The Celtics were asking for as many as three first-rounders for Rondo at times in the past year or so, multiple league sources tell Lowe for the same piece.
  • Brooklyn was also in the mix for Rondo, but the Nets simply couldn’t make a deal work, a league source tells Robert Windrem of NetsDaily (Twitter link).

8:59am update:

  • Rondo spoke publicly about his fondness for Boston even in the hours before the trade, but privately the soon-to-be free agent was torn between remaining with the Celtics and joining a contender, a source tells Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald (Twitter link). Still, Rondo didn’t tell the Celtics about the way he felt, Murphy adds in a second tweet.
  • The Celtics had decided that it would have been nearly impossible to compete this coming summer with other teams that could offer Rondo a better chance to win, sources tell Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald. The C’s weren’t sure they wanted to engage in a bidding war for a player who turns 30 in the middle of next season, Bulpett adds.
  • The desire to complete a deal in advance of two months prior to the trade deadline, giving the teams the power to flip their incoming players in a deal that aggregates their salaries this season, wasn’t a major factor in the timing of the deal, Bulpett also hears. The Celtics were convinced that the offers would get no better and might worsen if they waited, and they didn’t see any better offers earlier in the process, either, sources tell Bulpett.
  • The Knicks couldn’t have relinquished a first-round pick that would have gone to the Celtics any sooner than 2018, and that’s largely what torpedoed any chance New York might have had of trading for Rondo, as Mark Berman of the New York Post hears. Still, Knicks brass is divided on how well Rondo would fit within the triangle offense, Berman adds.
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4 thoughts on “Rajon Rondo Trade Fallout/Reaction

  1. MadLad

    the celtics were not a “longtime contender with rondo”. They were a longtime contender with Pierce. Once Peirce and KG left, Rondo hasnt improved this team in anyway. Even when Pp+KG were in boston, the celtics were at least as good without him as with him. Rondo is a flashy/fun PG. but his stats never made the team better. which is exactly why building around him is a joke. Is dallas building around him? Heck no. Hes the 4th option at best. Which is perfect for him and will play perfectly into his game. its a win win for both parties.

    • HoopsRumors

      Well, Rondo’s career in Boston largely overlapped with Pierce (last season and this one were the only ones in which Rondo played on the team without Pierce), so that’s why I wrote that. I think it’s reasonable to suggest that the Celtics were title contenders for a greater percentage of Rondo’s tenure with the team than with Pierce, though that correlation doesn’t necessarily translate to causation, obviously. In short, the idea wasn’t to say the the C’s were title contenders for several years merely because or even chiefly because of Rondo; I just meant that they were title contenders for quite some time while he was there.


      • MadLad

        fair enough. I appreciate your article and point. When I think of Rondo and those great celtic years he was a part of, I would compare Rondo to salt. Pierce,KG, and Ray, were the meat and potatoes. A dash of Rondo brought them all together and made them standout more than without him. But too much ruins the meal and salt can not be the main ingredient. Thanks for the reply.

  2. I see why Boston went with the mavs deal. They get picks and players they can use. Lakers gave nothing but a injury player and picks


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