Where 2013/14 10-Day Signees Are Today

A slight majority of last season’s 10-day signees were under new contracts with NBA teams when we last checked on their whereabouts in September. That’s changed significantly in the last few months, with NBA teams set to once more be able to sign players to 10-day contracts beginning Monday. Only eight of the 41 who signed 10-day deals in 2013/14 are still on NBA rosters. Much larger contingents are in the D-League and playing overseas. A few are free agents, and a couple have retired.

It’s quite conceivable that many of those players who are no longer in the NBA will wind up signing 10-day deals again this season. There’s a decent chance that’s also the case for some of the eight who are still in the league, since most of them are on contracts that aren’t fully guaranteed. The leaguewide guarantee date of January 10th, which usually leads several teams to cut ties with players on non-guaranteed deals, looms next week, just days after teams can issue 10-day contracts again.

Here’s a look at what every player who signed a 10-day contract during the 2013/14 season is up to now:

NBA (8)

D-League (12)

Overseas (15)

Free agents (4)

Retired (2)

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