Celtics Engage In Exploratory Ty Lawson Talks

The Celtics and Nuggets have had exploratory conversations about a deal involving Ty Lawson, several sources tell Grantland’s Zach Lowe. People around the league sense that a team could pry Lawson or Kenneth Faried from the Nuggets for an especially intriguing offer, Lowe hears. The Nuggets are a hub of activity leading up to Thursday’s 2pm Central trade deadline, and Jusuf Nurkic is the only Nuggets player truly off-limits, several league sources said to Lowe. Still, Denver’s setting high prices, as the Grantland scribe suggests the Nuggets are looking for multiple first-round picks in return for each of Arron Afflalo and Wilson Chandler instead of just one for each, as previous reports indicated. He also hints that the Nuggets have spoken to the Wizards about Chandler and Afflalo, though that point isn’t entirely clear.

Boston would be an odd fit for Lawson, since the Celtics have 2014 No. 6 overall pick Marcus Smart at the point after trading Rajon Rondo, and Lowe writes that Boston won’t relinquish Smart in any deal for Lawson. Still, Lawson is tied for the league lead with a career-high 10.1 assists per game, and his salary of nearly $11.596MM would fit within Boston’s massive trade exception worth more than $12.909MM left over from the Rondo trade, so the Nuggets could offload his salary without taking anyone back. Lawson has two more seasons on his deal, worth $12.404MM in 2015/16 and $13.213MM in 2016/17.

Nuggets coach Brian Shaw has clashed with the point guard at times this season, according to Lowe, who nonetheless downplays the significance of that conflict. Denver appeared to be against the idea of putting Lawson in a deal for Brook Lopez last month, and while another report suggested Denver was willing to trade the 27-year-old, the asking price from GM Tim Connelly and company was a turn-off to would-be suitors.

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27 thoughts on “Celtics Engage In Exploratory Ty Lawson Talks

    • Thunda-Pig

      The celtics start with that? Lawson is worth a minumum of a first and Smart. Could add a 2nd and maybe swap of bad contracts ie McGee for Thornton or Hickson for Bass.


        I wouldn’t trade Smart straight up for Lawson. Smart is changing the Celtics defensive identity and may someday lead our defense in the same way that Kevin Garnett did when he first came to the Celtics.

        I would give them 2 first and 2 second round picks for Lawson. That’s it, no players, unless they want Pressey because we might have to cut him if we take on Lawson.

        I don’t know why we would trade Sully for Farried? If you consider Farried a great defensive player then maybe they would think about it. I just saw him play the last game the Celtic’s played them. He looks like he has a good motor on him, but Sully stretches the floor by hitting 3 point shots.

        • Thunda-Pig

          Lawson is a really good player and he is no slouch defensively. I am not sure about the Celtics rebuild. A backcourt of Smart and Bradley is very good defensively but will struggle to shoot and create. Down low Olynyk and Sullinger can spread the floor but neither create nor protect the rim. I understand that picks are good assets but at some point picks will have to be traded, only so many roster spots. Maybe to get Lawson they give 1 1st, 2 2nd and Sully. Denver could flip Farried for a guard to another team.

          • You’re over valuing Lawson imensely. Why would they do this deal? Lawson is one year younger than Rondo. So you trade Rondo to replace him with Lawson by giving up this years lottery pick in Smart, proven young assets and future first round and second round picks?

            • Thunda-Pig

              Rondo was leaving and is not a max player. You control Lawson. To get talent you have to give talent. It was Smart or Sullinger. The 1st could be a late one, that’s not that valuable and 2nds are lotto tickets. Lawson is an all star in the east, he creates something that the celtics do not have in any young players. Smart could be Tony Allen, Sully for be Bargniani. The picks could flame out. The seconds could stay overseas. I’m the celtics I pull the trigger for the Sully, 1st and 2nds all day.

                • Thunda-Pig

                  No, I can’t stand when people do not want to give up anything to get something. It will take a young player either smart or sully since they are the only valuable players, a first and a couple 2nds. I was implying that the Celtics will get a near all star to all star in Lawson for question mark pieces. Nobody knows what those players of picks will become, the Nuggets run more risk. That was worse case scenario. I did not change the structure to the deal before. You must be a celtics fan. Didn’t Big Al had to be traded for KG? How about a lottery pick for Ray? There were also other pieces. Nobody trades an all star with years of control for 2 picks in the twenties and fifties.

                  • My point is Lawson is not worth that kind of package and the Celtics would not improve their roster in this move. You don’t trade a lottery pick and future picks for a 27 year old, 28 by the start of next season, point guard who has never even been an All Star. Ainge didn’t stock pile picks to aquire fringe All Start talent. The risk is not worth the reward for the C’s. I don’t think there is much to this “rumor” any ways.

                    • Thunda-Pig

                      I think we value Lawson too differently. I think Lawson can be very similar to Lowry, who has carried the raps to 2nd in the east. East and West All Stars are so different. Lowry, Teague and Holliday were east all stars, Knight should have been. Lawson is as good if not better then most to all of them. I think instantly Adding Lawson makes the Celtics a playoff team. Your not trading future away when they have an abundance of picks.

                  • LKCELTICS

                    If you read the article carefully. It stated that in no way would the Celtic’s include Smart in a trade for TL. I might go for Bradley and Sully for TL and Farried and a couple of first round picks. Probably wouldn’t be enough?

                    • Thunda-Pig

                      I understand the celtics view. It’s like the sox offering second tier and failed prospects for a top 10 pitcher (Hamels). Maybe the c’s are only interested if they can get Lawson cheap. Bradley is a two and the Nuggets have Harris. Maybe the Nuggets would like that if they can package McGee on the Celtics.

                        • Thunda-Pig

                          if a team is rebuilding they do not mind taking chances on young players. Bradley is not on the same level as Lawson. bradley looks capped out as a role player d and 3 guy. Lawson is a good player, borderline all star!

                          • So although Bradley is 3 years younger he is “capped out” and Lawson is good?Also wasn’t comparing Bradley to Lawson anyways. You keep proving what my point is too, you don’t give up a package like that for, in your words, a “borderline all star”. You’ve compared Lawson’s impact to this years Celtics to KG and Ray Allen’s impact to a Celtic team that already had Paul Pierce, a blooming Rajon Rondo and a young Kendrick Perkins. It’s just become amusing at this point. Ty Lawson for MVP! Franchise savior! : )

                            • Thunda-Pig

                              The Bradley inclusion came from me responding to LKCeltics. That is what those arrows mean. Yeah after 5 years and ample playing time, I’d say Bradley is a known commodity with a distinct skill set. my apologies for saying he is capped out, he can improve still as a shooter. Defensively he is good but offensively I never see him as a creator and shot maker, could be a shooter though.

                              Those trades I was implying that trades go both ways. ok Kyle Lowry netted Houstan a solid lottery pick coming off a far far inferior season and an urgency to be dealt. Holiday netted Noel (#6 pick) and another almost certain lottery pick off again a worse year. Shouldn’t Lawson net more if not the same as Holiday? He is better too.

                              I did not compare those celtics teams to this years. I also wasn’t equalting Allen and KG to Lawson but the idea that trades involve two teams.

                              also why cannot Lawson jump the celtics 2 games into the playoffs? Lowry has transformed Toronto into a top team in the EAST and they were at a little better position then Boston last year.

                              What would you trade for him? Or would you not trade for him? Where do you see the Celtics going? BTW I’m not a Denver, UNC or Lawson fan.

                              • Let’s just be clear first that Lawson is not Lowry. Lowry’s defense has always been there and his late development into the player he is now is an aberration. Also lets not forget that Holiday is three years younger and the Sixers were/are in full tank mode. Do you think Ainge went about collecting multiple picks, traded away Rondo and hired Stevens to a 5 year deal to aquire Ty Lawson to be their franchise player? I would not trade for him unless it was a fire sale and he was to be a small piece on the team moving forward. He’ll be 28 by next seasons start and is not ideal for a rebuild or win now situation. When a GM makes the type of moves Ainge did he has to either commit to the rebuild through the draft and acquiring young talent or stockpile those assets to aquire proven stars, Ty Lawson is neither of these. You don’t go all in on a guy like Lawson. The Pelicans had Davis the Raptors had Derozan and other pieces. Sure Lawson is a good player but you have to look at how the trade market works, Mozgov was worth two 1st rounders to the Cavs, but he wouldn’t be worth that to every team. Lawson may be worth two 1st rounders to a team like the Heat but not the Celtics.

                                • Thunda-Pig

                                  true that Lowry has always been good dendensively, Lawson is well above average. Even with lowry offensive increase, Lawson is the better offensive player. All Star in east.
                                  Rondo was gone. Bye bye end of year. Ainge royally fudged up. Should have traded him last year deadline or summer. Stevenson extension has nothing to do with it.
                                  Lawson would not be the star, he’d be a good piece that’d bump the celtics up into playoffs. They still have all their picks, first from cavs, clips, Mavs, grizzles and multiple nets along with an abundance of 2nds. Your not going “all in” for giving up a 1st and young player.
                                  True that the market varies and the Mosgov trade was desperation, neither team is desperate here and one of those picks I think will never happen.
                                  true that the celtics are not that good yet but if they get Lawson with Bradley and smart, the backcourt is set. Add wings and bigs through fa and draft. the celtics are stuck in the 10-14 range, why not slide up to 15,16 this year and have a piece for next say 4 years of a guy that that can help. Getting Nets lottery pick.
                                  Lawson will not be traded for pennies on the dollar. If that is the only way the celtics are interested, their will be other takers or they do not have to trade him.

                                  • Trading a 1st and a young player, especially if that young player is Smart who could end up having a much higher ceiling, for Lawson would be desperate in my opinion.

  1. Thunda-Pig

    Depends on what path each team wants to go. East is weak and Celtics have a glut of picks (too many). If they want to add relatively young talent they can. How about link to espn.go.com
    Celtics throw in 2 first and 4 seconds. Celtics have enough talent to contend and plenty of picks to continue to add pieces. Nuggets are far off in west so completely rebuild and Smart, Sullinger, Nurkic and Harris is not bad. Sell off vets for more pieces and they could be decent in a few years.

    • 123Redsox

      So are you saying smart, Sullinger, 2 first rounders and 4 second rounders for Lawson?

      • Thunda-Pig

        The Celtics get: Lawson, Farried, Galinari and McGee.
        Nuggets get: Smart, Sullinger, Thornton and Wallace. Also 2 1st and say 4 2nds.
        breaking it down- smart, 1 1st, 1 2nd for Lawson. Sullinger and 1st(late like clips) for Farried. Thornton and 1 2nd for Gal. McGee and 2 2nds for compensation for taking Wallace.

    • steve

      “You’ll also hear the Celtics linked to Goran Dragic, Ty Lawson and Enes Kanter, among others whose availability has been or will be mentioned by various media outlets, but the asking price (multiple picks, most likely) will prove too high for guys who: A) enter free agency this summer; B) have twice been arrested for drinking while driving; C) don’t play defense; D) both A and C; or E) both B and C.”

      link to weei.com

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