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WEDNESDAY, 12:19pm: Monroe praised Knicks president Phil Jackson in comments to New York reporters today, but he reiterated that he can envision himself re-signing with the Pistons this summer, notes Ian Begley of (All Twitter links). “Anyone who has had as much success as [Jackson] has … it’s not hard to be comfortable with the decisions they make,” Monroe said. “[Jackson’s] been where everybody dreams about going when they play in this league. He knows and understands what it takes to win.”

TUESDAY, 9:38pm: Greg Monroe‘s agent David Falk said that his client has yet to make out a list of the teams he is interested in signing with this summer, but indicated strongly that the Knicks are expected to be one of Monroe’s top choices, Marc Berman of The New York Post writes. New York’s fans will get a taste of Monroe on Wednesday night when the Pistons and Knicks square off in the final game of the 2014/15 season for both squads.

League executives told Berman that of all the free agents on the Knicks’ radar, Monroe has the best chance of coming to New York. An unnamed NBA executive added that the big man signing with the Knicks is “about as close to a done deal as you can get.” These notions displeased Falk since teams and players cannot officially negotiate with each other until July 1st, Berman adds. “It’s so silly,’’ Falk said. “It’s factually incorrect and completely unsubstantiated.’’ The agent also acknowledged that he intends to discuss his client with New York, the Post scribe notes. “We are well aware the Knicks have cap space and we will sit down with them at the appropriate time,’’ Falk told Berman. “Now is not the appropriate time.’’

Falk also indicated that Monroe has not made up his mind about where he would like to play next season, noting that his client didn’t risk playing for the Pistons’ qualifying offer this season to pass up a shot at exploring all of his options, Berman relays. “He didn’t do what he did so he could short-circuit the process,’’ Falk said. “It goes against the grain of everything we did. We haven’t even made a short list of teams he’s interested in yet. After the season, after he unwinds, we will sit down, have a few dinners, a few drinks, a few meetings and I’ll present him a number of different teams and I’ll find out what fits his priorities. Which team, which geographical area, which coach he wants to play for. The money will be the same everywhere. Does he want to be the best player on a younger team? Or a complementary player on a championship contender?’’

It won’t be necessary for Monroe to visit the cities of the teams that he is interested in, Falk says, since Monroe has already been to all of them during his time in the league, Berman relays. The big man is expected to make his decision within the first 24-48 hours from the free agent signing period commencing in July, the Post scribe notes. “There’ll be no tours, no parades, no balloons,’’ Falk said. “This is a business decision about where he wants to go to work. He’ll have a wide range of teams and options and he’ll start examining them after April 15th.’’

As for how well Falk believes that Monroe would fit with the Knicks’ triangle offense, the agent said, “Do I think he’d be a good fit for the Knicks? Absolutely. He’d be a good fit for 30 teams. Can he work in the triangle? Sure. He played the Princeton offense at Georgetown. He could play in the rhombus. He’d be a great fit for any system.’’

Monroe is set to complete his fifth season in the league tomorrow night after being selected No. 7 overall by Detroit back in the 2010 NBA draft. Through 377 career games the 24-year-old is averaging 14.3 points, 9.2 rebounds, 2.3 assists, and 0.6 blocks. His career slash line is .505/.000/.692.

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