Suns Dangling Eric Bledsoe In Trade Talks?

THURSDAY, 10:46am: Some within the Knicks’ organization want Bledsoe, but so far, the Suns are holding off on talks, Broussard tweets.

8:07am: Sources tell Chris Broussard of (on Twitter) that there are no talks happening between the Knicks and Suns regarding Bledsoe and the No. 4 pick.

WEDNESDAY, 9:35am: The Knicks continue to mull the idea of trading for Bledsoe, along with the 13th pick, if D’Angelo Russell isn’t available to the Knicks at the No. 4 spot in Thursday’s draft, as Adam Zagoria of hears (Twitter link). Still, just how enthusiastic the Suns are about the notion is unclear, given the conflicting reports.

TUESDAY, 11:53am: Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders heard from sources close to Bledsoe and the Knicks who laughed off the idea of trade talks (Twitter link).

MONDAY, 2:15pm: The Suns have discussed Eric Bledsoe trade scenarios with other teams, including the Knicks, and are likely to continue to do so after the draft if they haven’t dealt him by then, according to sources who spoke with Sean Deveney of The Sporting News. The No. 4 overall pick was also a subject of talks with New York, Deveney notes, adding on Twitter that the team has shopped Bledsoe to the Knicks and just about every team higher up on the lottery. It’s not clear whether he means higher than the Knicks or higher than themselves, as Phoenix is set to pick 13th.

Bledsoe is one season into a five-year, $70MM deal. That Phoenix would be willing, or even eager, to trade Bledsoe is somewhat surprising and represents an apparent shift in thinking from last summer. That’s when the team re-signed Bledsoe and signed-and-traded for Isaiah Thomas, banking that they and Goran Dragic would work in a backcourt that featured three highly skilled point guards. The Suns traded Thomas and Dragic at the deadline, as well as 2014 first-round pick Tyler Ennis, who’s also a point guard. The deadline moves did bring in Brandon Knight, who’s poised to become a restricted free agent next week.

Knicks team president Phil Jackson has indicated a willingness to trade the No. 4 pick, though Bledsoe would appear to be the most significant target yet to emerge. Still, it’s unclear what other assets, if any, New York would have to relinquish to acquire the Rich Paul client.

Bledsoe’s scoring output regressed slightly on the same 12.9 shots per game he saw last season. He put up 17.0 points in 2014/15 after notching 17.7 PPG in fewer minutes during 2013/14. Still, the 25-year-old bettered his assists, with 6.1 per game this year, and rebounds, with 5.2, again showing his versatility. Suns president of basketball operations Lon Babby is moving into a reduced role with the club, though that shouldn’t have had too much of an effect on the team’s philosophy with GM Ryan McDonough still entrenched.

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27 thoughts on “Suns Dangling Eric Bledsoe In Trade Talks?

  1. FLiP149

    If the Knicks also receive the 13th pick with Bledsoe, it’s a no brainer move… Knicks should take it in a heartbeat

    • James

      If we can get bledsoe and 13th pick, thats automatic. But if russell is there and suns offered that option will you still accept the trade?

  2. The Knicks really need almost an entire new team, they aren’t just a piece or two away from contending. So trading the pick and getting Bledsoe, and another good player at 13 would probably be better than just the #4 pick. Especially since they don’t seem to be in love with any of the top guys who will still be around at 4. And at 13 they can still find a contributor, with a lower ceiling , but a higher floor.

  3. Swift

    It would be a better move if Phoenix trades Knight before he becomes a FA, because Bledsoe is to important to this organization and I really only see Bledsoe and Markief Morris contributing as I think they will both average around 20 ppg and Brandon knight will average around 10 if he stays. But, I also agree with FLiP149, as the Knicks would still be stupid to decline this offer.

    • Ralow

      Knight can’t be traded unless it’s a sign and trade deal AFTER the draft.

      • Plus Knight should be able to average at least 15 per game splitting time at PG and SG

    • Markieff Morris will never avg or around 20 ppg, he is more of a 6th man than a starter. and Brand Knight will never avg less than 15ppg. But trading Ebled is not the answer here unless phoenix wants to go with a more traditional point guard, shooting guard backourt and draft D’angelo Russel.

  4. This trade would have to happen after the draft… So basically if Phoenix drafts a player that seems very unfitting for their team.. A trade is a comin…

  5. Ralow

    Is this a real rumor?? This was proposed by a random fan in a Chad Fraud chat last week…now it seems as though it’s been picked up by a few blogs and writers (including Deveney). Even if this deal is true I’m not sure I make this deal if I’m the Knicks. Bledsoe isn’t a very good fit for the triangle since he’s not a great shooter and he’s more suited as a pick and role/drive and kick type PG. His D would/should be better than Calderon though. I dunno…$12M per for the next few years seems like a LOT for a guy like Bledsoe who may not even fit. But I guess if you can get Bledsoe and Trey Lyles or Miles Turner for #4 then you have to do it…

    • James

      With the cap space increasing, this is a steal, plus with 13th pick knicks can play small wirh melo at the 4, and ill draft kelly oubre, and throw money at lopez or try to maybe Dj or marc

      • Mikey

        Not too sure whats so special about Kelly Oubre. Wouldnt go after Brook Lopez, he don’t play 82 game seasons… But Bledsoe and the 13th pick sounds nice. I might reach for Montrel Harrel. He reminds me of Kenneth Faried who also got drafted in the late first round.

    • Chuck Myron

      Deveney knows his stuff, so I’m definitely inclined to believe him. Still surprising to see Suns do this. Would imagine they’re asking for a lot.

  6. Kenny

    Jax has already mentioned that he’s enamored with Trey Lyles. Bledsoe isn’t an ideal triangle PG but I’m convinced Jax has at least somewhat tamed his insistence on a strict triangle system — he’s too smart not to.

  7. I’m a Suns fan… I’d be happy to see him traded away. His numbers are one thing but actually watching Bledso’s game is another. Bledso’s is a me first buy that passes up a lot of better options on of a pass to open players to force shots and hope to get fouled on a drive. The Suns played better two srasons ago while he was on the bench injured most of the season; Green and Dragic were showcased and the chemistry was better. Thomas didn’t mess up the chemistry because the starting lineup didn’t mess well this season without him… Bledso did.
    Let him go for the number 4 and sign Green, play him so he can get his confidence back. The Morris twins may be seeing jail time soon… They’ll be dumped next.

    • Jerry Ediger

      You are right. Bledsoe is not a team player. To bad they treated Dragic like crap!

  8. FLiP149

    Only way I wouldn’t make this deal is if Towns, Okafor, or Russell were still available Odds are, that wouldn’t happen. Other than that, pull that trigger Phil

  9. Daniel

    Bledsoe was a good shooting guard last season for the suns and I think the suns need to start thinking about who they are first

  10. Grant

    Ok Ryan your hilarious. Now stop getting Knicks fans hopes up. Also to the other comments reread the article it doesn’t say the suns are giving up the 13th pick also so calm down

  11. Rip Mase

    What article are you guys reading. It says they are offering Bledsoe for the Knicks four and it’s unclear what other assets Knicks must give up. It definitely doesn’t say Knicks get Bledsoe and the 13

    • Chuck Myron

      Well, now the 13 looks like it’s in play, heh! Lots of conflicting narratives on this. We’ll have to see how it develops, if it develops at all.

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