Clippers Re-Sign DeAndre Jordan

2:31pm: The deal is official, the Clippers announced via press release.

THURSDAY, 9:14am: The Clippers haven’t sent out a press release or formal announcement, but they did acknowledge the move on Twitter with a photo of Jordan and the words “We’re officially centered.” Jordan put pen to paper with Relativity Sports agent Jarinn Akana present, but not Fegan, his primary agent, reports Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports (on Twitter). The agency has yet to provide certification of the contract, Spears notes, so it can’t yet become official. Also present when Jordan signed the contract were Rivers, Paul, Griffin and Paul Pierce, according to Ramona Shelburne of (Twitter links). The Mavericks never got to meet with him face-to-face, as was supposed to have been the case, Shelburne adds (on Twitter). The deal contains a 15% trade kicker, reports Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times (Twitter link).

Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images

Courtesy of USA Today Sports Images

11:21pm: Jordan’s deal is actually for four years, $87.6MM, with a player option after the third season, Dan Woike of The Orange County Register tweets (h/t to Eric Pincus of Basketball Insiders).

10:05pm: The deal is reportedly a five-year maximum salary contract in excess of $110MM, and includes a player option for the final season, Stein tweets.

9:47pm: In what turned out to be one of the more bizarre free agency dramas in recent memory, DeAndre Jordan has reversed course and has elected to re-sign with the Clippers, Ben Bolch of The Los Angeles Times reports (Twitter link). The center had reached a verbal agreement with the Mavericks last week, but changed his mind after having time to mull over his decision. The exact length and amount of the contract are unknown, but it is almost assuredly a maximum salary arrangement. The signing cannot become official until after midnight Eastern time this evening. Mavs team owner Mark Cuban has begun to notify people within the Dallas organization that Jordan is remaining in Los Angeles, Marc Stein of tweets.

The unusual circumstances surrounding Jordan’s free agency convinced Clippers officials that they needed to remain at Jordan’s side until he is formally able to put pen to paper on a new contract, given that Jordan had already changed his mind once during the process, Stein and Ramona Shelburne of note. Sources informed the ESPN duo that Jordan, in a meeting today at his Houston home with several teammates and top Clippers officials, indicated to the team that he intended to renege on last Friday’s commitment to sign a four-year, $80-plus million max deal with the Mavericks and return to Los Angeles instead.

There were conflicting reports regarding Jordan’s agent, Dan Fegan, that he steered the center toward the Mavs because of the close relationship Fegan has with Cuban. One of Jordan’s reasons for wanting to leave Los Angeles was his desire to have an expanded offensive role. Clippers coach/executive Doc Rivers reportedly informed Jordan that he wasn’t aware of the veteran’s desire for a larger role, and the Clippers offered to hire a big man coach and increase Jordan’s number of touches on the offensive end. Jordan was apparently tired of playing third wheel behind Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. The center also reportedly didn’t see eye-to-eye with Paul, though there were conflicting reports on just how much of a factor that was in Jordan’s initial willingness to leave Los Angeles.

Jordan made 82 appearances for the Clippers last season, averaging 11.5 points, 15.0 rebounds, and 2.2 blocks in 34.4 minutes per game, with a slash line of .710/.250/.397. The big man’s numbers through seven NBA seasons are 8.0 PPG, 9.0 RPG, and 1.7 BPG, with a shooting line of .664/.125/.417.

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18 thoughts on “Clippers Re-Sign DeAndre Jordan

  1. Jeremy

    Curious of the domino effects here. Jamal Crawford to the Heat for Nappier / Chalmers now? Do the Mavs ask the Pacers to re consider Roy Hibbert? Does Amare Stoudemire go back to Dallas now? hmmm

    • Eddie Scarito

      I’d say Hibbert is definitely in play for Dallas…unless they decide to blow it up and rebuild at this point.

      • Jeremy

        Someone quoted Cuban saying he would tank next season if he didn’t get Jordan… very very curious to see what happens an hour from now

    • gammaraze

      If I were the Mavs, I would see about being as disruptive as possible. Call Aminu and Tyson Chandler and offer them more money, and if they don’t bite, tank hard. 2015 should be a 2 man show about maxing Dirk’s personal milestones.

    • sirgant

      The point is, nothing was signed…he can change his mind. Jordan will be remembered for this switch, but he was truly torn and acted to soon on Dallas.

      • Eddie Scarito

        I agree. While it doesn’t make Jordan look good, nor paint him in a great light with many fans, or endear him to the entire Dallas metro area, Mark Cuban, Mark Cuban’s relatives, Adam Silver for having to listen to Cuban ranting, etc….

        But…. if Jordan truly believed he made a mistake, with this big a decision, then he would have been doing himself and his family wrong if he went to Dallas. I respect him for that, at the very least.

  2. bowserhound

    BREAKING NEWS: DeAndre Jordan changes mind again and retires from the NBA in order to chase his true dream; Being the next American Idol.

  3. Eddie Scarito

    OK. This would be too snarky for me to post as a Shootaround topic….but I’m calling for predictions on how big a fine Mark Cuban will earn from his response to this mess. Go…

    • Jeremy

      I actually expect Cuban to try and take the high road here.. he seems to have notified his people without going nuts as of yet.. then again he could go ape BLEEP anytime now.

    • gammaraze

      Why not? I would. And you could falsely claim it’s over concerns of his injury and you could make it sound legitimate. Team Tank 2015, here we go!

  4. Taylor

    I’m not even a Clippers fan, I am actually a Lakers fan, but this is a smart move by DeAndre. He says he wants to be a focal point of the offense, but yet he has no offensive game besides offensive put backs and being set up for dunks by the point guard. Dallas does not have the point guard to utilize the strengths of DeAndre on the offensive end. Jordan would have been a disaster in Dallas. Whether or not Jordan gets along with Chris Paul, CP3 is the reason he was able attain a max contract. Great point guards make their teammates look better. Wise decision DAJ. I still hate the Clippers though, this is the Lakers town and that will never change

    • Dilla

      Thats the reason I think he had this zen moment of clarity. He saw in Dallas that a majority of the offense might have to come through his own will rather than be set up by other talent around him ala CP3 in LA. He took the pressure off himself because he realized as much as he and CP3 have not been on the same page, it was his talent that painted DJ in a positive light of a potential offense option. We’ll see how he improves in LA now thats he made it known of his desire to be utilized more. I wonder if Cuban will also renege on his feelings of Hack a DeAndre being a bad thing for the league now.

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