LaMarcus Aldridge To Meet Lakers Again, Heat

3:54pm: Riley will indeed have a meeting with Aldridge that will come after the second meeting with the Lakers, reports Marc Stein of (Twitter links).

3:23pm: Aldridge canceled his meeting with the Knicks today, a source tells TNT’s David Aldridge (Twitter link). He turned away from New York when the team made it clear it wanted him to play center, Aldridge adds (on Twitter).

3:06pm: The Lakers will meet with LaMarcus Aldridge again today in Los Angeles, one day after it appeared he’d decided against signing with them after their initial meeting, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports (Twitter link). The Heat would also like to get a meeting, Wojnarowski reports (on Twitter).

Heat president Pat Riley is in Los Angeles to conduct business related to free agency, according to Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel (Twitter links). Plenty of other free agents set up their home bases in L.A., meaning Riley didn’t necessarily go there just to meet with Aldridge, but it’s nonetheless an intriguing coincidence. The Heat would have to unload tens of millions worth of salary commitments to have a shot at Aldridge, barring a sign-and-trade, but the Blazers apparently don’t want to participate in any Aldridge sign-and-trades.

The Spurs, Rockets, Suns, Mavericks, Raptors and Knicks, along with the Lakers, are so far the teams on his meeting agenda, with all of them coming to see him in Los Angeles. He’s also considered taking one or two trips to see suitors, according to Wojnarowski (on Twitter).

The Suns made an aggressive move toward him today, reportedly agreeing to clear about $8.423MM salary in a trade with the Pistons. They also agreed to sign Tyson Chandler on Wednesday, and while that leaves Phoenix still short of the cap room they’d need to sign Aldridge to the max, Aldridge has wanted to play with Chandler, as Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic notes (Twitter link).

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24 thoughts on “LaMarcus Aldridge To Meet Lakers Again, Heat

  1. Gabe Perkins

    This wouldn’t happen under Jerry West’s watch.. Jerry West needs to be brought back at all costs.. The Lakers have nobody in the room to sell these free agents.. Jerry West knows talent.. He built the Lakers, built the grizzlies and than helped build the warriors. He was the architect behind the Pau Gasol trade in Memphis.. Not Kupchak.. But even West got back Marc Gasol in that trade..

  2. Diaper Dandy

    Look at Pat the Rat trying to snag Aldridge with no cap space lol…..

    • Jeremy

      Knicks fan eh? Pat the Rat got Antoine Walker, Jason Williams, and James Posey for Eddie Jones and a bag of chips… he’s pulled “woah” moves before.

  3. the media so confusing. if the meeting didnt go so well then why is he coming back to meet with the lakers again

  4. LA at pf with guys like sacre and maybe upshaw at center. that if they dont resign hill or get a different center

  5. Jeremy

    I’m a Heat and I’m thinking “what the…what?!” Would the Blazers even want a package of McRoberts, Birdman, Chalmers, and a billon picks down the road for him? What about Hassan Whiteside? He’s a double double machine

    • Diaper Dandy

      BLAZERS already said no sign & trade….Pat has to dump the contracts of Deng,Mcroberts,birdman….on some team…..

      • Jeremy

        Why deng? I think deng works perfectly in a front court of Aldridge and Bosh.. I just don’t get why they would give up on Whiteside and a chance at a big name (cough cough lebron) next summer?

          • Jeremy

            Not sure Durant is a fit in Miami.. he would be great, but doesn’t play great D and always seem really immature to me. I would have loved Anthony Davis if Whiteside flamed out. Now that he’s gone, and the cap space will be there.. Lebron makes a ton of sense to come back after the Cluster in Clevland implodes.

            • Diaper Dandy

              Lebrick loves that cluster in Cleveland…he calls it his home…sorry…..

            • Z.....

              I got to doesn’t play great D and had to interrupt. Kevin Durant is a very good defender…he would be an amazing fit most anywhere, especially in Miami. I just don’t see him leavi MG OKC, and if he does, I think he ends up in GS

  6. Z.....

    I’m not understanding what the point of the meeting is. Pat Riley obviously has some sort of alterior motive. Maybe to ask about Wes Matthews? But I don’t see how we could get him either, even in some sort of sign and trade

  7. Z.....

    I just heard that apparent, Justise winslow is aware of something going down, not involving him, and he said not to be surprised if something crazy happens, bit he cant say anything else…what does that mean?

  8. Z.....

    Another possibility may be that thing went bad with wade, and bosh wants out? That would be terrible. Riley apparently has a long list of guys he is planning to meet with though

    • Jeremy

      No bosh and his family love Miami.. as he put it “why would I ever want to play anywhere else?”… I’m starting to think this is more about Riley.. he likes to make sure people know he can do things if he wants to. He was in on Allen Iverson and Kobe back in 2007.. and of course he landed Shaq and Lebron. Just his thing to be splashy.

      • Z.....

        Obviously. I was just kind of thinking out loud. That wasn’t one of my first couple of assumptions b/c of what you mentioned

    • Z.....

      Scratch that lol…wade’s staying home on a 1 year deal. Best possible outcome for us!

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