Reactions To DeAndre Jordan Signing

DeAndre Jordan officially re-signed with the Clippers today after changing his mind regarding the verbal contract agreement he had made with the Mavericks. Jordan’s deal is for four years, $87.6MM, with a player option after the third season, and includes a 15% trade kicker. Wednesday night was a surreal event as Clippers officials camped out at Jordan’s Houston area home until the July moratorium officially came to an end at midnight Eastern time, and Jordan could officially sign the agreement. Here are some of the reactions around the league regarding this unusual event:

  • Mavs owner Mark Cuban took exception to a report made by ESPN’s Chris Broussard which stated that Cuban was desperately contacting Jordan’s relatives in a last-ditch effort to sway the big man toward Dallas on Wednesday evening. Cuban posted a message via CyberDust (h/t Tim MacMahon of saying that he hadn’t spoken with Jordan since Tuesday night, and that the owner even offered to let unrestricted free agent Wesley Matthews out of his own verbal agreement with Dallas.
  • Broussard stood by his report (via Twitter), relaying that multiple sources had informed him that Cuban was attempting to contact Jordan on Wednesday night, and if Cuban was able to obtain Jordan’s address, he would have attempted to visit the center in an attempt to change Jordan’s mind yet again.
  • The NBPA issued a statement regarding the moratorium as it relates to the Jordan situation (h/t Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe), which read, “The moratorium period exists for both players and teams to thoughtfully weigh and consider options before signing any contracts. And while we fully support the opportunity to review options, we also acknowledge there is a risk for both players and teams for the other party to change his mind during discussions. We all walk into these conversations understanding that as with any business contract, it’s not a deal until the paper is signed.
  • The Mavs will have no choice now but to rebuild, writes MacMahon in a separate piece. The snub by Jordan and the departure of Tyson Chandler to the Suns have left the organization with few options for next season at the pivot, MacMahon opines.
  • Zach Lowe of Grantland proposes that the NBA ban all contract talks until the end of the moratorium on July 9th, so that when discussions officially commence, they can lead to enforceable, signed contracts right away.
  • Mavericks former minority owner/GM Frank Zaccanelli said that Dallas may be thankful down the line that it missed out on Jordan, Eddie Sefko of The Dallas Morning News relays. “They dodged a bullet,” Zaccanelli said of Jordan’s decision. “He’s a really good rebounder and a good defender. But he’s a liability on offense and there’s no way he’s going to be able to be your focus offensively. He can’t make fouls shots and he has no outside shot. Plus, Dallas is the hottest market in the world right now and somebody doesn’t want to be there, and he wasn’t going to be the centerpiece of the franchise anyway, then the Mavericks shouldn’t want him.
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4 thoughts on “Reactions To DeAndre Jordan Signing

  1. KnicksCavsFan

    I fell bad for the Nowitzki and the Mavs. They did everything the right way and Jordan pulled the plug from underneath them. Navs have no time to replace a player like Jordan or Chandler because those guys are gone y now.

    I wonder if Nowitzki will ask for a trade to a contender if this ends up being a rebuild year? I know that would be a difficult call on his part.

  2. hes a coward a mans word is supposed to mean something didnt even have the cohones to tell them to there faces

    • KnicksCavsFan

      Even if he was unsure of whether or not Dallas was the right choice, he should’ve expressed that to the Mavs and this way, they could’ve continued to play the market in case he did have a change of heart.

      • Adam K

        Every report so far has stated Jordan was pushed by his agent into the deal. It’s not an excuse, but how Dallas didn’t realize that he wasn’t 100% committed seems odd when you’re involving 80 million dollars.


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