Knicks Ink Wesley Saunders

SEPTEMBER 10TH, 4:10pm: The Knicks have announced that the signing is official.

JULY 29TH, 8:06am: The partial guarantee will be worth no more than $75K, reports Marc Berman of the New York Post.

JULY 24TH, 8:16pm: The Knicks continue to fill out their roster, and are closing in on an agreement with undrafted free agent Wesley Saunders, league sources tell Shams Charania of (Twitter link). The full contract details are unknown at this juncture, but Charania notes the pact will include a partial guarantee.

New York could be hoping to catch lightning in a bottle for a second time by adding another former Harvard guard to its roster. Jeremy Lin had previously parlayed a successful 35 game run with the Knicks during the 2011/12 campaign into a multiyear deal from the Rockets. The addition of Saunders provides some much needed depth to the Knicks’ backcourt, though he’ll still likely be a longshot to make the regular season roster.

In 30 appearances last season for the Crimson, the 22-year-old averaged 16.6 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 4.3 assists in 34.4 minutes per contest. Saunders’ career numbers at Harvard were 12.6 PPG, 4.1 RPG, and 3.2 APG to go along with a slash line of .481/.402/.755.

The Knicks were one of the teams on the predraft workout docket for Saunders, as he told Zach Links of Hoops Rumors. The Ivy League prospect spoke to Zach about several topics, including what it was like to balance Harvard academics with basketball.

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16 thoughts on “Knicks Ink Wesley Saunders

    • Patrick

      Jackson is not a good judge of talent. He may be able to efficiently use the talent he has but letting Ndour go was unwise, because he is a better player than Ledo or Early. He played more defence than almost all of the players they had last year. Did you notice there was no one to stop drivers to the lane last year? and did you see how Ndour reacted when the lane was broached.

      • Ronald Dennis Jr

        I agree with you about NDour but Marc Cuban got desperate and over paid for him. That is not Phil Jackson fault. Undrafted rookies don’t receive guarantee contracts for a million plus.

  1. Cristo

    How many damn stiffs are there in the NBA? If your name is Wesley, jamal, byron, karim, plus a last name of jackson, anything-son, Saunders, White, etc….
    Youre pretty much guaranteed a gig. What a joke.

    • AJade111

      Do you mean stiffs like J. R.smith, Sean Larkin, and Felton. Sometimes ones’ stiff can be some one else’s gold

    • Ronald Dennis Jr

      Did you see this kid play? A 4 year player from Harvard University deserves a shot. At 6’5″ and a high basketball I.Q give him a chance

  2. javier l. muhi

    i think knicks need a player who can help robin lopez in a center position….supposed robin lopez foul out in a game… who will replace him?

  3. so…we skip over J.Lin….skip over Seth Curry (leading scorer of SL)…let Ndour go to the Mavs…and proceed to pickup this guy..why phil -__-??

    • Ronald Dennis Jr

      Seth Curry a nice summer league but didn’t you notice New Orleans failed to sign him? Seth doesn’t run the point guard spot well. This kid is 6’5:” and can defend. A 4 year player who get on the court right now. Please watch his video. See him play

  4. Brent Rothman

    Haters gon hate. But listen… This kid is a Savage. In the summer this kid balls so hard and when you see him in person you’ll understand why he’ll have a bright future in the NBA. This guy is the man.

  5. Nelson Ramos

    This sign remind me when you are looking for a secretary. Close to you and the staff. You are looking for potential, clean mind, no bad habits neither experience in the industry. You want no ego neither bad attitude. A person willing to be prepare in the system and in an on going intensive course. Fresh. Willing to learn and obedience. Phil is looking for all of this with no money at all. See the case o Ndour. The same as Barea. They had money due the failure of Jordan. They can pay double. This is a good sign. Another piece in a team foundation. All need is he take a step forward. Only a back up center is missing. There is a revolution in Knicks way to form a competitive team. At least 25 more wins this season.

  6. Vaughan

    Am I the only one who thinks Phil Jackson when it comes to building a team?? I mean wtf is he doing?? smh.. at this rate we win 16 games instead of 17. smh

  7. Work Houses Thats all I see If melo Cant make it with this Crew He don’t want it Lets go Phil Work The Only Thing I See Is we Need A better Coach

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