Most Lucrative Free Agent Deals By Total Value

LeBron James might have been the most powerful free agent in the NBA this offseason, but it was instead teammate Kevin Love who secured the greatest amount of money in a new contract this summer, or at least tied for the honor with Marc Gasol. James put pen to paper for an amount that provided only the 22nd-greatest total of guaranteed salary among all 2015 free agent signees, though that’s because he prefers the flexibility of a two-year deal with a player option after year one.

Love and James were two of three Cavs who wound up with deals lucrative enough for the top 25. Iman Shumpert, who scored a four-year, $40MM deal, was the other. Tristan Thompson seemingly has a chance to find his way onto the list, though negotiations between the power forward and the team have stalled, and he’s reportedly already looking at the chance for an even greater payday next summer.

For now, it’s hard to touch what the Spurs shelled out this year, with two top 10 deals for Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge. Danny Green is tied with Shumpert for 25th.

The list counts only guaranteed salary. Thus, Omer Asik, whose total package of nearly $53MM would put him at No. 19, is instead No. 23, right behind LeBron. Player option seasons do count, however.

Most lucrative free agent contracts signed in 2015, by total value:

  1. (tie) Marc Gasol, Grizzlies — $113,211,750 (five years)
  2. (tie) Kevin Love, Cavaliers — $113,211,750 (five years)
  3. Kawhi Leonard, Spurs — $94,343,129 (five years)
  4. Jimmy Butler, Bulls — $92,339,878 (five years)
  5. DeAndre Jordan, Clippers — $87,616,050 (four years)
  6. Goran Dragic, Heat — $85,002,250 (five years)
  7. LaMarcus Aldridge, Spurs — $84,072,030 (four years)
  8. Draymond Green, Warriors — $82,000,000 (five years)
  9. Reggie Jackson, Pistons — $80,000,000 (five years)
  10. (tie) Enes Kanter, Thunder — $70,060,028 (four years)
  11. (tie) Wesley Matthews, Mavericks — $70,060,028 (four years)
  12. (tie) Brandon Knight, Suns — $70,000,000 (five years)
  13. (tie) Khris Middleton, Bucks — $70,000,000 (five years)
  14. Tobias Harris, Magic — $64,000,000 (four years)
  15. Brook Lopez, Nets — $63,497,025 (three years)
  16. Paul Millsap, Hawks — $60,216,099 (three years)
  17. DeMarre Carroll, Raptors — $58,000,000 (four years)
  18. Robin Lopez, Knicks — $54,015,500 (four years)
  19. Tyson Chandler, Suns — $52,000,000 (four years)
  20. Greg Monroe, Bucks — $51,437,514 (three years)
  21. Thaddeus Young, Nets — $50,000,000 (four years)
  22. LeBron James, Cavaliers — $46,974,673 (two years)
  23. Omer Asik, Pelicans — $43,999,999 (five years)
  24. Monta Ellis, Pacers — $43,981,000 (four years)
  25. (tie) Danny Green, Spurs — $40,000,000 (four years)
  26. (tie) Iman Shumpert, Cavaliers — $40,000,000 (four years)

The Basketball Insiders salary pages were used in the creation of this post.

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      • Chris Crouse

        ^to the surprise of many. Guess it pays to be a semi-coordinated seven footer.

        • Chuck Myron

          I only included the guaranteed money on his deal. The fifth year is partially guaranteed for $3,000,001 (not sure why that dollar is there, but it is, apparently).


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