Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 12/14/15

Judging from statistics alone, Kings point guard Rajon Rondo has put himself in line for a major pay day this summer when he becomes a free agent again. Yet throughout his career, there has always been more to Rondo’s story than his unquestionable talent.

Rondo has often been labeled a polarizing figure for his locker room demeanor and questionable decisions off the court. The latest example of this actually happened on the court. Rondo fired a homophobic slur he directed at referee Bill Kennedy during a game on December 3rd. Rondo is paying for his mistake now from the media and fans. He was also suspended by the league for one game.

The poor choice of words could end up costing Rondo more than that. As Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic pointed out earlier today (Twitter link), it wasn’t exactly the best thing to do for a player set for free agency.

That leads us to today’s question: What effect will Rondo’s latest transgression have on his free agency?

Being mindful of our commenting policy, let us know in the comments section below what you think. We look forward to learning about what you have to share.

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5 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 12/14/15

  1. Karkat

    Can’t see it affecting Rondo’s free agent stock all that much. News media and owners and such will go on at length about how a gay player could be a “distraction”, but for a player who landed in trouble for using a homophobic slur, they’ll reinforce how it’s all about how he performs on the court and not his “personal opinions.” Double standard to the max.

    As a fan who used to adore Rondo with the Celtics, even before he was a regular triple-double threat, the news certainly drops my interest in Rondo as a player down to 0.

    • Chuck Myron

      Have to agree with you here. I don’t think it will affect his stock, in part because he isn’t the only one who uses the term freely. I’d be willing to bet there are executives who have it as a frequent part of their vernacular.

  2. eyeballtwo

    Just wondering how many other vulgar gutter terms are thrown out on the court freely, looking at you KG, but that is OK. Now the Speech Police has to put in special rules for special groups. I wonder if he took the Lord’s name in vain, if that would constitute a suspension.

  3. eyeballtwo

    I mean, really, did Rondo say something that was untrue? Why is causing someone to have hurt feelwings worthy of a suspension? We can dunk the basketball and if someone is in the ‘area’ – not even contesting the shot – we slow mo the replay 5 times on sportscenter, and call it ‘dunking ON somebody’, with NO regards for the defender’s feelings. (Of course, ESPN picks and chooses who gets that treatment, and it’s easy to see what criteria they use, and who they are OK exploiting). My goodness, good thing Rondo didn’t refer to Joe Crawford as a cracker or a redneck, he would have really REALLY been suspended. Well, because you can’t choose to be Caucasian and society is very aware of offending that group of individuals. Wonder what the penalty is for calling someone a bible-thumper?


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