Players Becoming Trade-Eligible On December 15th

Trade rumors are already starting to perk up with a major date on the NBA calendar precisely one week away. Dozens of offseason signees become eligible to be traded on December 15th, freeing the early-season shackles that limit player movement. The deadline affects some teams more than others, as the majority of the players on the Kings, Knicks, Mavs and Nets become trade-eligible December 15th while the Thunder don’t have a single player who qualifies.

Oklahoma City has two signees, Enes Kanter and Kyle Singler, who become trade-eligible on January 15th, the most common trade-eligibility date other than December 15th. Still, more players are on the list below than the one we compiled earlier showing those who become eligible on a date other than December 15th.

Some of the players on this list will continue to have trade restrictions that cover where they can be traded, and some have the power to veto trades. The list doesn’t include players who signed as draft picks, since they become trade-eligible 30 days after they sign. Still, it’s easy to see from the volume of players here why many more trades happen in December than in November.

The Basketball Insiders salary pages were used in the creation of this post.

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