Poll: Biggest NBA Transaction of 2015?

While 2015 saw no truly earth-shattering trades or signings take place that altered the landscape of the NBA forever, quite a few notable players changed uniforms and locales. With it being the first day of the new year, and allow me to pause a moment to wish all of of you a Happy New Year, we decided to ask our readers what the biggest transaction of the past calendar year was.

We pared down the list to what we felt were the 12 most important transactions of the past year, one for each month on the calendar. There were certainly quite a few more deals, signings and draft picks than could realistically be included in a poll, so apologies to anyone who feels slighted by a particular omission. Listed below, in no particular order of significance, are the 2015 NBA trades, signings and draft picks that we are submitting for your consideration. Review the list and cast your vote for which you believe to have been the most important to the league, player or team. Or you can simply go with which was your favorite move, the ball is in your court.

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Biggest NBA Transaction of 2015?

  1. Trickpony

    I think you missed out on arguably the biggest of them all, Nicolas Batum to Charlotte for Gerald Henderson ans Noah Vonleh. Where would the Hornets be without Nic Batum this year.

    • Eddie Scarito

      No argument from me on that one. The Batum deal was one of the last ones not to make the cut. Like I mentioned, couldn’t include every deal. But you are right about it being a big one.

    • Sun7anSuperman

      That would have my vote. Batum is the sole reason why I clicked. His creativity as ball-handler coupled with the versatile style he plays with has not only taken his averages to new heights but he may be bringing the Hornets, along with Kemba, to a playoff berth.


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