Contract Status For Every 2016 NBA All-Star

Some of the All-Stars gathered in Toronto this weekend will be making news not for their on-court prowess but for their impending free agency. Eight of the 26 All-Stars, including injury replacements Pau Gasol and Al Horford, are either on expiring deals or have player options they’re likely to use to hit the market this year. One of those, Kobe Bryant, is headed into retirement, but Kevin Durant, LeBron James, DeMar DeRozan, Andre Drummond, Dwyane Wade, Gasol and Horford are all headed for new deals. Five more can hit free agency as soon as next year, including MVP Stephen Curry. However, the Warriors have fellow All-Star Draymond Green tied up until 2020, and the same is true for the Pelicans and Anthony Davis.

Here’s a look at the length of time that each All-Star is under contract:

Eastern Conference

  • Carmelo Anthony — signed through 2018/19, can opt out in 2018.
  • DeMar DeRozan — signed through 2016/17, can (and likely will) opt out this summer.
  • Andre Drummond — contract expires this summer.
  • Paul George — signed through 2018/19, can opt out in 2018.
  • LeBron James — signed through 2016/17, can (and likely will) opt out this summer.
  • Kyle Lowry — signed through 2017/18, can opt out in 2017.
  • Paul Millsap — signed through 2017/18, can opt out in 2017.
  • Isaiah Thomas — contract expires in 2018.
  • Dwyane Wade — contract expires this summer.
  • John Wall — contract expires in 2019.
  • Chris Bosh (injured) — contract expires in 2019.
  • Jimmy Butler (injured) — signed through 2019/20, can opt out in 2019.
  • Pau Gasol (injury replacement) — signed through 2016/17, can (and likely will) opt out this summer.
  • Al Horford (injury replacement) — contract expires this summer.

Western Conference

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6 thoughts on “Contract Status For Every 2016 NBA All-Star

  1. starlord

    I have a question about steph curry, he’s the best shooter I’ve ever seen, he has an elite skill, dude is amazing, but best player in the league talk? he’s a pg with assist/to ratio under 2. the game he scored 51 wall had 41 and 15 assists.
    he really only has one great NBA skill shooting. his ball handling seems good but with low assist high turnovers, his court vision must be poor. his ability to shoot get teammates open.

    just don’t see how people calling him best basketball player.
    not trying to hate dudes great, just wondering how other people see him, what he does besides shoot.

    • The reason his assists aren’t higher is because there are multiple playmakers on the team. I mean Draymond Green is averaging 7 assists a game, not many teams will have multiple guys who are gonna average 5 assists a game.

    • Swarley

      You need to understand how the Warriors offense works to get why Curry doesn’t get a lot of assists. Curry usually make the pass that leads to the pass that is scored off of. Either in the break or by drawing a double team to himself and dishing out to Draymond who then finds the person open due to the double on Steph.

      Also, he’s got the best handle in the league.

    • Dean Gant

      Are you just reading stats, or do you watch the games. Curry has incredible court vision. He does make some risky passes, but he is far from possessing only 1 great basketball skill & his ability to shoot does not deliver the ball to his teammates .

      • starlord

        I do watch them play I think his ability to shoot so well creates offense for his teamates with incredible spacing and his handle helps him get pull up shots. but think everything revolves around his 3 point ability.
        I think he’s unique and great, but can’t be mention with Jordan or lebron, even kobe, who dominated both sides of ball could play multiple positions.
        draymond green is closed to that in my opinion.


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