How Much Players Have Earned On 10-Days

The cost of 10-day contracts is often overlooked. That’s in large measure because the financial outlay is so small compared to the multimillion-dollar salaries common in the NBA. Almost every 10-day deal is for the minimum salary, and they’re prorated down to 10/170ths of the full-season minimum. The most any player could make on a standard 10-day contract this season would be $88,187, and that’s only if the player is a veteran of 10 or more years. Players can sign as many as two 10-day contracts with a single team, and more if they end up with different teams, but while the money adds up, it doesn’t amount to much. The most any player has earned on 10-day contracts so far is the roughly $160K that Ryan Hollins has pulled down on two 10-day deals with Memphis.

Those contracts only cost the Grizzlies a total of $111,444, since the league reimburses teams for amounts that exceed the prorated two-year veteran’s minimum. Still, rookie and one-year vets are cheaper 10-day investments, and it’s no surprise that many of them are among the players who’ve received 10-day contracts so far this season.

One rookie, Jordan McRae, is on a 10-day deal that pays him an unusual amount. He’s making $37,065 instead of the standard $30,888 on the second of his two 10-day pacts with Phoenix because it’s actually a 12-day contract. All 10-day contracts have to cover at least three games, and the All-Star break necessitates a longer deal.

Here’s a look at what every player on a 10-day contract has earned this season:

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