Divac: Kings Won’t Trade Cousins This Year

The Kings don’t intend to trade volatile center DeMarcus Cousins this offseason, Sean Cunningham of KXTV-TV relays (via Twitter). According to team executive Vlade Divac, the organization intends to hang onto the big man, with Divac saying, “He’s not going to be traded — this year for sure.”

There was a sense within the Kings organization that Divac would be willing to gauge the market for Cousins this summer, having become increasingly frustrated with the mercurial big man, according to an earlier report from Ailene Voisin of The Sacramento Bee. In April, Divac wouldn’t directly answer when asked whether the firing of George Karl meant he’s committed to Cousins. “Anything about the players and how we are going to do in the summer,” Divac said, “I don’t want to talk about right now because our focus is to find a new coach.”

Divac’s phrasing about not dealing Cousins is certainly interesting, and it’s unclear if his indication that the center wouldn’t be traded “this year” means the entirety of the 2016/17 campaign or merely the calendar year of 2016. If it was the latter, then that still leaves the door wide open for speculation that Cousins is a candidate to be flipped by next February’s trade deadline. It remains to be seen if new head coach Dave Joerger will be able to reach Cousins and earn his respect, which will certainly be a major determining factor for whether the big man remains in Sacramento, though that is merely my speculation.

Cousins is certainly one of the most talented centers in the NBA, though his disciplinary problems and frequent outbursts often overshadow his immense physical skills. After the ouster of Karl, with whom the center was seemingly in conflict from day one of his coaching tenure, Cousins indicated that he’d prefer to remain in Sacramento. “Since I’ve been here, I’ve grown an attachment to the city, like, the way these people treat me, the love they give out to me, and vice versa,” Cousins said. “I feel like I have an attachment, and it’s something that I do owe to this city. I want to be the person to bring this city back to the glory days. I want to grow myself and this city all together. I want to bring us back to those glory days. So, that’s where I’m at with it. This is like a personal vendetta for me.”

The 25-year-old has two seasons remaining on his current deal. He’s scheduled to earn $16,957,900 next season and $18,063,850 in 2017/18. He appeared in 65 games this past season for the Kings and averaged 26.9 points, 11.5 rebounds and 3.3 assists in 34.6 minutes per outing.

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12 thoughts on “Divac: Kings Won’t Trade Cousins This Year

  1. aarongill

    I’m going to laugh when he doesn’t get traded, and leaves in free agency.

    • dlevin11

      That seems to be the likely outcome. Cousins would be the target of many teams in free agency.

  2. I would just trade him for picks right NOW! Divac is messing up the future of this organization. In the West, they will not be able to compete for anything other than barely making the playoffs with their current lineup, that is even if they manage to keep Rondo. I have a feeling they won’t be able to keep rondo, that is assuming he cares about competing for another ring. I would definitely trade cousins to Boston or NY for several round 1/2 picks.

    The Gameplan: keep tanking until you land a superstar in the draft. To be honest, SAC doesn’t have many other things to offer to make it attractive to free agents.

    • Eddie Scarito

      No chance of Cousins to Knicks. They have no first-rounder this year and outside Anthony, who would never waive no-trade to go to Sacramento, no players to offer worthy of Cousins. Better bet would be Lakers, who have picks and young talent to deal. Celtics also have enough assets to land him (as you mentioned).

    • dlevin11

      Boston would likely trade all 3 of their 1st round picks for Cousins and add a few players as well.

  3. cjh815

    All this talk from kings front office is just public relations that it. If they trade him he will have a some chose where he goes and there one place I know he like to play and that Washington where his basketball best friend plays (John wall) and I have trade that could help that happen kings are going to want picks and young center for future and center that can help with leadership . The trade that I have is four team trade that will help all four teams between the Kings, Wizards, Magic, and 76ers. And with talk that magic and Dwight Howard mite like reunion , and since no major free agent is going to go to Phill. Right now this trade would get them tuff minded and gritty player that city like phill. Love and could help Washington chance get local kid Kevin Durant to come home. So here it is

    Kings =
    C- Marcin Gortat – 12 million in 2016/17 season
    C- Jahill Okafor- 4,788,840
    Sf- Hollis Thompson – 1,015,696

    If wizards keep there 2016 first round pic
    2016 1st round pick
    2018 1st round pick
    2020 1st round pick
    2017 2nd round pick
    2019 2nd round pick
    20121 2 nd round pick
    If they lose it
    2017 1st round pick
    2018 1st round pick
    2020 1st round pick
    2019 2nd round pick
    2021 2nd round pick
    2022 2nd round pick

    So I won’t here this trade doesn’t work $ here is the break down off each trade

    Before trade kings 2016 salary =
    $ 65,768,345
    Losing from this trade
    $ 34,106,349
    Taken on from this trade
    $ 16,788,840
    2016/2017 salary cap $ 89 million
    Salary cap space left after trade
    $ 40,549,164

    Washington Wizards=

    C- DeMarcus Cousins- $
    Pg-Seth Curry- 1,015,696( rights )

  4. cjh815

    Pg- Victor Oladipo- $ 6,5 million

    2016/1017 salary
    $ 50, 268,952
    Losing from trade
    $ 24,580,431
    Taken on from the trade
    $ 23,271,434
    After trade
    2016/1017 cap
    $ 89 million
    Cap space after trade
    $ 40,040,345

    Orlando Magic =

    Pf/C Drew Gooden -$ 3.6 million team opp.

  5. cjh815

    SG- Ben McLemore- $ 4,008,882
    2nd of the lottery picks either there own or lakers which one is lower ( they get lakers pick if not top 3 picks ) if they don’t they get the thunders, and heat if they do then they trade that pick and which one between heat/thunder are lower

    2016/2017 salary=

    Losing in trade
    Taken on
    $7,608,460 (if they don’t opt out of Gooden’s contract)
    2016/17 salary cap
    $89 million
    Salary cap after trade
    $44,846,693 ( if they don’t opt out of Gooden’s contract
    Cap space left
    $44,153,307 if they don’t opt out of Gooden’s contract

    Philadelphia 76ers=

    Sf- Rudy gay- $15,333,333
    C- Nikola Vucevic-$ 11,780,000
    Pf- Markieff Morris- $ 8 million
    Sg- Jerrell Eddie – $ 980,640
    2016/1017 salary
    Losing salaries from trade
    $ 5,841,856
    Taking on from trade
    $ 56,093,973
    After trade salary
    $ 63,629,363
    Salary cap space after trade

    This trade will help every team and there no chance with this line up Kevin Durant will turn down wizards to come home to play ex special with way Easter conference is now
    Think of line like this

    C- cousins
    F- Durant
    F- Porter
    G Beal
    Pg- Wall
    Pg curry
    Pg- Oladipo
    F Kelly ombré jr
    Sg satoransky
    F white
    And who know what other free agents wizards will go after I like either f Jeff green and f c Ryan Anderson and sg mayo c Kendrick Perkins

    • BayAreaSportsFan

      Except Durant already confirmed that he has no interest in playing in washington. Google it.

  6. bowserhound

    Divac also announces that the Kings will not be gong to the playoffs again this year, for sure.

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