Chandler Parsons To Opt Out

Mavericks small forward Chandler Parsons has decided to opt out of his deal and hit free agency this summer, Tim MacMahon of reports (ESPN Now link). Parsons will now become an unrestricted free agent, despite team owner Mark Cuban’s attempts to convince him to opt in for the remaining year of his contract, MacMahon adds.

Parsons, 27, was set to earn $16,023,000 next season, but with the salary cap set to jump to approximately $94MM for 2016/17, it seems like a no-brainer for the player to test the open market this offseason. Securing a long-term pact is likely preferable to Parsons given his balky knee that required season-ending surgery back in May.

In 61 appearances for the Mavs this season, Parsons notched averages of 13.7 points, 4.7 rebounds and 2.8 assists in 29.5 minutes per outing. His shooting line was .492/.414/.684. These numbers were certainly a step back for the player from previous campaigns, who has yet to prove he is capable of carrying a franchise and being a number one option on offense. That is certainly something for Dallas to consider when attempting to re-sign Parsons. Though, given then team’s difficulties landing top-tier free agents, it may not have any choice but to overpay in order to retain the forward if it hopes to remain competitive in the West.

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11 thoughts on “Chandler Parsons To Opt Out

  1. thatmansaballoon

    This guy is going to get paid and I don’t really know why. Seems totally overrated and injury prone to me.

    • CAVS0223

      It’s because people point to his last year in Houston and saw what he did despite the offense being tailored to Harden and at the time, Howard. The other reason is because Dallas is always just a mess of players that don’t play well together. There’s no chemistry and the roles are always shifting. She front offices will look at what he can do in their system and pay him for it since the talent and youth could be worth it.

        • CAVS0223

          Since Cuban has run the team, how many have the won before and after that one? 0. Because he signs free agents, trees all their draft picks and it’s only worked one time. And that’s because that was one good year of good teamwork. They had a real center in Chandler, Dirk didn’t have to do all the scoring with Terry and Kidd there and they had a nice bench that year. Then they let them all go and trades the rest and have been no where near the finals since.

          • CursedRangers

            You must not remember the Mavs before Cuban bought them. They were the laughing stock of the NBA. He’s at least made them a playoff contender every year.

  2. daren hill

    I think he’s worth a risk on a 3 yr $50m deal or a 2 plus an option. If he gets a monster 4-$80m it’ll be from someone desperate like Sacto or Brooklyn or the aforementioned Mavs.

  3. frg214

    I think mavs would be wise to let him walk and just begin a rebuild. There’s no reason to lock yourself into a max contract with someone with a history of major knee injuries. We all know that guys with those knee/health issues never last in the NBA.

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