Jeremy Lin Opts Out Of Contract

JUNE 22: Lin, whose decision was due on Wednesday, has officially turned down his player option and will hit the open market in July, tweets ESPN’s Marc Stein.

JUNE 7: Jeremy Lin will opt out of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent this offseason, reports Chris Haynes of (Twitter links). According to Haynes, the Hornets will make an effort to re-sign Lin, but the point guard figures to have plenty of suitors.

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Lin, 27, signed a modest two-year contract last summer with Charlotte — that deal paid him $2.139MM in 2015/16, and featured a $2.235MM player option for 2016/17, which was always considered unlikely to be exercised unless Lin suffered a major injury or saw his performance fall off a cliff.

In his first – and possible only – season with the Hornets, Lin averaged 11.7 points per game, right in line with his career average. Lin’s .412 FG% and 3.0 assists per game were the worst full-season marks of his NBA career, but he was still a capable backup to Kemba Walker at the point.

Lin’s option decision deadline is on June 22, so he won’t officially be on track for free agency until that date passes. At that point, Lin will remain on Charlotte’s books with a cap hold worth about $2.567MM. The Hornets only hold his Non-Bird rights, so the team won’t be able to exceed the cap significantly to sign him. Still, with only about $46MM in guaranteed salary on their books for now, the Hornets should be able to find room for Lin if they make him a priority.

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7 thoughts on “Jeremy Lin Opts Out Of Contract

  1. wakethehellup

    I’ve read a lot of articles and comments on this issue, but only the ones projecting the “Brook-Lin” Nets as the most likely landing spot for Lin really makes since. In truth, I think the team with the right players personnel for Lin is the Philly 76ers, but with all those first round draft picks, it’s not likely they will offer him the starting PG job and that’s the only way they can attract him. Houston is an intriguing possibility, having hire D’Antoni, but with harden and morey still there and the unwelcoming fan base, I still don’t see that happening. But, you never know. If the owner, Alexander is really ready to take control of his team and D’Antoni is given control player-personnel and scheme, it could happen. Never say never, except when it comes to the Knicks organization.

  2. ozzie

    Can’t see Lin moving to the Nets just to be a starter, or Philly both losing teams going nowhere. Philly’s picks aren’t going to be much of help and turn them into winners overnight. Looking for the big payday. I doubt that very much. He wants to play for a team that wants to win, be a contender. not 5 years down the road. His best chance for that is staying right where he is, playing on a team that’s on the way up. A team that appreciates him, a city that loves him, the Charlotte Hornets fans. So now we’ll wait and see.

    • Wakethehellup

      You may be right ozzie however; Brooklyn wouldn’t be the first team with only prospects that Lin took a chance on and felt he could help make into a contender. That would be Houston, back in 2012. Unfortunately for Lin, OKC was scheming to get rid of Harden and they found a tailor made sucker in morey. That dear sir, is what went wrong in Houston for Lin, Parson and Marcus Morris. Had morey not brought harden in, Lin would have controlled the offense, his afore mentioned teammates would have shined and Houston would have made the playoffs, without the ISO, ball hogging, shot clock depleting harden. Lin’s status on the Rockets would have been set and if harden came later, he wouldn’t have been given the keys to the offense, because Lin would’ve already had them. I think Lin wants to prove he can be a difference maker and I believe he can. As it stands, Brooklyn is the most likely avenue for Lin to have that opportunity. The Nets have no 1-2 round draft picks and not likely to get any through trade, because they have nothing to trade, except cap space. And if they start trading that, they might as well furnish the NBA cellar, ’cause that’s where they will stay for the next decade or so. Conley is not, I repeat “NOT” going to sign with Brooklyn, when he can get more money and a longer term contract with the Grizzlies, who BTW have a playoff contending team. They could feasibly go after Rondo but again, he can get more money and a longer term deal with the Kings, who are just outside the playoffs. Not to mention his obvious philosophical issues. No, I think the Nets’ new FO team and head coach have a different plan. I believe that plan involves teaming Lin up with Lopez, Young and McCullough/Robinson, ala “P&R” and go from there. A 4 year, 8 to 12 mil per deal and the starting PG job will get them Lin, leaving plenty of cap space for them to go out and buy a quality shooting guard. That sir is what I see coming. The only wrinkle I now believe might upset that is D’Antoni wanting Lin back in Houston, but I still don’t believe Lin will be able to return there.

      • ozzie

        I can see your point but if I was Lin, I’d be looking at now, not way down the road. That’s been the history of the Nets, always has been except when Kidd was there. In the Nets 49 yrs. they have a .436 W-L % .one of the worst in longevity teams in the NBA. Now Lin will be 28 in Aug. How many years can he keep playing as hard as he does? He does take a beating. That’s why I said he’d be better off staying with the much-improved Hornets which has a better chance of being a playoff team for years to come. I don’t see the Nets going anywhere soon. Like I said earlier if he does, it would be for the $$$$ only. Houston’s out, as long as Harden’s there. Same with the West coast teams. Then again the unexpected can happen. We’ll have to sit and wait.

  3. Clark

    Lin is the 3rd best PG FA after Conley and Rondo, with the weak FA class and draft class there’s a lot of places he can go. Both LA teams, Brooklyn, Milwaukee, maybe Memphis?, Miami, Sacramento, Chicago, Charlotte, maybe OKC. If I’m him it’s either Charlotte, Miami, or OKC. If he wants to be happy Charlotte if he wants a title Miami or OKC

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