Knicks Acquire Derrick Rose From Bulls

The Knicks and Bulls have agreed to deal that sends Derrick Rose to New York, along with Justin Holiday and a 2017 second-round pick. In exchange, Chicago receives Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant and Jose Calderon. Both teams have officially confirmed the move, with the Knicks announcing that they’ve also waived guard Tony Wroten as part of the deal.Derrick Rose

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K.C. Johnson of The Chicago Tribune (Twitter link) first reported that an agreement was in place, along with all the names involved, while Adrian Wojnarwoski and Shams Charania of The Vertical (Twitter link) were first to report that the two teams were engaged in “advanced talks” on a trade that would send Rose to the Knicks. The deal also came on the heels of earlier reports that the Bulls were open to moving Rose, and that the Knicks had internally discussed acquiring the Chicago point guard.

While Rose has been plagued by injuries since his MVP campaign in 2010/11, he managed to stay on the court for 66 games this past season, his highest mark in five years. In those games, he recorded averages of 16.4 points and 4.7 assists, shooting .427 from the floor.

Rose is entering the final year of his contract, and is set to earn a $21.323MM salary in 2016/17, so the Knicks are betting on him continuing to stay healthy going forward, and perhaps recapturing the form that saw him win that MVP award five years ago. If the 27-year-old has a solid season in New York, the Knicks would hold his Bird Rights when he becomes eligible for free agency in 2017.

By acquiring Rose, the Knicks will perhaps shift their focus in free agency more toward big men. The team could still use backcourt help, particularly at the two, with Arron Afflalo opting out, but losing Lopez will leave a hole at center in New York. Frank Isola of the New York Daily News suggests (via Twitter) that Dwight Howard, Joakim Noah, and Pau Gasol could be among the Knicks’ targets in July, and we know Howard would be open to signing with New York.

Noah and Gasol, of course, are Bulls free agents, but the odds of those players both landing elsewhere appear to be on the rise with Lopez headed to Chicago. If the Bulls go into full rebuilding mode, Jimmy Butler could be a trade candidate as well, but considering they acquired veteran players in exchange for Rose, I’d be surprised if the Bulls go in that direction.

As Jonathan Givony of tweets, the Bulls have been eyeing point guard prospects in this year’s draft class, and while the team won’t get Kris Dunn at No. 14, a player like Wade Baldwin is a potential target. In Calderon, Chicago will at least have a solid veteran at the position for one more year.

From a financial perspective, the salaries involved in the swap are virtually a wash, despite Rose’s $20MM+ cap figure. Lopez, Grant, and Calderon combined to earn $21,625,172 in 2015/16, compared to $21,040,340 for Rose and Holiday. As Bobby Marks of The Vertical tweets, Rose’s 15% trade kicker won’t be applied to this deal, since his salary would exceed the max with that kicker — it would have been in play if the trade had been completed in July.

The Knicks create a traded player exception worth $1,572,360, the amount of Grant’s salary, but will likely renounce that exception next month in order to use space under the cap.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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114 thoughts on “Knicks Acquire Derrick Rose From Bulls

      • Z.....

        8 years is clearly an era. After being total garbage for 7-8 years, you were a playoff team that got to the conference finals and a top contender for a championship for 4-5 years. Injuries and an unfortunate contract to carlos boozer hurt. Still a great run

        • ChiSoxCity

          One conference finals appearance in 8 years ain’t nothing to brag about. They only won 1 game in that series to boot. Good riddance.

          • Z.....

            Still better than a lot if other teams that have been trying for even longer…also, not bad, considering that you lucked into the Derrick Rose pick in the first place

  1. Godgiftsjoejr

    let’s go knicks that’s what I’m talking about now we need a good sg n a center n good six man with good role player n we be a good team n the east next year

    • Lopez has 2 years left at 13.5 and 14 mil and Calderon last year at like 7.8 mil. Grant rookie deal. So pretty much swapping contracts to match salary

      • KnicksFan

        Lopez has 3 years left on his contract and Calderon is on a expiring contract.

    • Z.....

      You get a lot of money opened up, a rim protecting big to replace Noah on an affordable deal for 3 years, and a young combo guard from the area (correct me if I’m wrong on that?). It also allows for Butler to be the unquestionable number 1 option. With that being the case, it should allow for less ball stopping, and woth shooters like Mirotic and McDermott around Butler, it should open up the floor a little bit. Bulls probably need another 3 and D wing and another guard. Perhaps they have interest in Baldwin if he is there for them at 14. I really like his game, and think he should probably not fall past Milwaukee

          • Z.....

            The edit button would be nice right now…was also going to say that you also don’t have to use any money to keep Gasol and/or Noah by turning that 5 spot into Lopez at an affordable price

  2. Z.....

    Yoooooooooooooo. Holy $#*@! Lol need a minute to process before actually analyzing

  3. feels like another penny hardaway dump on the knicks again. Rose is done but at least he only has 1 year left & the knicks dumped some trash on the bulls…. not bad as long as ny doesn’t sign rose to another deal

    • Dionis

      Dude Rose does not have to carry The load he carried in Chicago in NY, 16-17 ppg with 8-9 apg Is all The Knicks need from Rose.

      • ChiSoxCity

        You’re not getting 8-9 apg from Derrick Rose. Hell, you’ll be lucky to get 25 minutes per game out of him, even in a contract year. He’s a bench player at this point in his career.

        • KnicksCavsFan

          @chisoxcity Boy are you a revisionist. He played 32 minutes a game last year. If healthy (which is not a given), I don’t see why he can’t duplicate that again.

          I’m not super enthused about the deal but he’s still an upgrade, even if for just 1 year.

          • ChiSoxCity

            He only played in 66 games. He’ll be an upgrade… for like 3 or maybe 4 games. The rest of the time he’ll be middling or just plain useless. Terrible perimeter shooting, unforced turnovers, getting mugged constantly by pick-and-roll screens, wild shots and bad passes. NY will come to loathe the post-MVP Rose by mid-season.

    • ChiSoxCity

      Rose is a slasher, who can draw defenders into the paint. In theory, he’s a perfect match for Rose and the Unicorn. Trouble is, Rose makes poor decisions with the ball which leads to turnovers. He also gets hurt often and misses a lot of games. Keep your expectations low in NYC (is that even possible?).

    • KnicksCavsFan

      Why couldn’t he? He takes pressure off of Melo. As long as he comes in humbly then they should be fine.

    • daren hill

      Does This give further evidence that the triangle is taking a back seat? Rose and Hornacek are not triangle guys. I suspect Zinger gonna get more runs as a small ball 5.

      I like this deal for NY. It gives them a lot of room next summer in particular.

      The Bulls? Meh. They get a serviceable C in Lopez to fill the Pau and Noah gap. They must see something in Grant he’s the big variable in the deal. Could be the Khris Middleton…the throw in who becomes more valuable than the principal players.

      • Priggs89

        Lol. As much as I hope Grant can become something, this has NOTHING to do with the players the Bulls got back. This trade was done to get rid of Derrick Rose, not acquire those 3 players.

      • Porzingas is 7 feet…I wouldn’t exactly call him playing center playing small ball.

  4. Dionis

    Knicks are officially a Contender, The Leap Porzingis will mAke along with Melo, now Rose who has a full summer to Get ready? WOW, Bulls will still be a playoff team as long as Butler stays, Jerian Grant will be solid If they start him And Rob can play some defense. Now Its time for Mirotic to come through

    • A playoff contender, but they’re not a championship contender. They still don’t have a bench and now lost their second best big.

    • ChiSoxCity

      Neither the Bulls nor the Knicks are playoff teams as currently constructed.

    • Strauss

      Wait til you Knick fans get a dose of Rose and his ailments. He’ll take a game off because he has a sore eyelid. Plus look into his court case. It’s not over yet. And oh ya, you’ll love his brother/manager

  5. Z.....

    Rose, Galloway, Lance Thomas, Melo, Porzingis? Curious to see what happens with the knicks own free agents, like Afflalo and Thomas. I feel like I’m forgetting a couple of people on their roster. Regardless, they can use another 3 and D wing, and another rim protecting, backup big. Probably another backup guard, and shooter on the wing as well

    • KnicksFan

      The Knicks have about $34 million and possibly even $37 million to spend. If Galloway is our starting sg next season that would extremely disappointing.

      • Z.....

        The context of my comment is kind of clear on this being pending other additions/subtractions…I was saying this isn’t a bad starting point, especially with the money the knicks still have to spend

  6. Sheep8

    Hope Derrick will still be able to sit and not be sore at meetings or be able to sit at his son’s high school graduation now that he is traded.

    Need a ride to the airport?? I’ll call the Uber!!!

  7. Thronson5

    I knew they were gonna make this happen. Didn’t think this was going to be the package though. I bet the Knicks grab Howard in free agency or Gasol. I like it. I have been wanting to see this team make some moves. Hope he can stay healthy for them. Not a Knicks fan but I do like seeing teams like the Knicks, Celtics and Lakers winning.

    • What more did you expect? What Porzingas? Rose is washed up and at best a top 15 point guard. Grant and Lopez are the main pieces because Grant gives them a young point to try to build around and Lopez replaces/eases the likely blow of losing Noah and Gasol. Calderon was thrown in purely for cap purposes.

      • Z.....

        Curious to see what they do with Dinwiddie and Grant, both combo guards from Chicago, right? As I said previously, I would think they’re targeting someone like Baldwin in the draft. Perhaps they try to flip Grant in another deal for a wing? Or maybe they look to play more multi guard lineups?

      • Woodlawn

        Derrick Rose on the bench with a torn ACL is still better than Jose Calderon. Its an upgrade no matter how you cut it.

  8. CoolCool

    If the Knicks can just get Dwight Howard, they’ll be a legit threat to win the 2011 NBA Finals.

  9. I Watch Soccer

    Tbh the Knicks should still sign another reliable PG like Jennings to limit Rose’s minutes. He’s too injury prone to be carrying a big load. Sign a cheap center like Mozgov and sign a good SG like Jamal Crawford.

  10. padam

    What this does is keep interest in the Knicks for this year with the potential for a solid FA, and open salary for next year when Westbrook and others becomes FA’s.

    For example, the Knicks signed Durant this year (or Howard, etc), they’d have enough cap to max Westbrook (or anyone else) next off season as well (Rose is off the books, which they couldn’t do with Lopez). Not a bad money move by the Knicks.

  11. cjh815

    Good trade for both teams

    But here is my four team trade and why each team would do the deal.
    Between , Kings, Wizards, ,76’s , magic

    Kings would receive
    Center Marcon Gortat
    C jakail Okafor
    Restricted free agent sf hollis Thompson
    Wizards 1round picks in 2017,18,and 20
    Wizards 2nd picks, in 2019,21,and 22
    This is basically the chris webber trade adding young less expensive then cousins
    This give kings 40,549,964 million more to spend under cap

    Magic would receive
    F/c Drew Gooden – which his contract is team option for this season at 3,6 million
    Pf- Aaron white draft rights
    Sg- Ben McLemore
    22 pick and 24 pick in Thursday,s draft
    This would give magic $44,153, 307 million to spend under cap
    ( I will give reason for magic to do this end of this)

    Philadelphia 76’s would receive
    Sf/sg- Rudy gay
    Pf Markieff Morris
    C Nikola Vucevic
    Sg – jerrell Eddie
    This would give them $ 25,370,637 to left to spend under the cap

    Wizards would get
    C Demarcus Cousins
    Pg Oladipo
    And restricted free agents rights to Seth curry

    This would lead to another three team deal between The Philadelphia 76ers, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Boston Celtics.

    Cavs. Would receive
    Sf/sg- jae crowder
    C/Pf – nerlens Noel

    Celtics would receive
    Pf Kevin love
    Sf Carl Landry

    76’s would receive
    Avery Bradley
    3rd pic in Thursday,s draft

    Now for phil. They. Would have
    This starting line up
    C- Vucevic Bench
    Pf Morris C- embid Pg -Dunn
    Sf. Simmons Of- grant.
    Sg. Gay Pg Dunn( 3 pick)
    Pg Bradley. Sg-stauskus

    And reason magic would do this deal is because this give chance to sign two max plays ow I don’t know how about this one

    C- Dwight Howard for 4 for let say 70 million
    Pf- Al horford 4 for let say 80 million
    And still leave them money go sign there 3 picks and another good free agent

    And reason kings do this is it time for them to trade cousins and it been know for for why’ll he want to play with his college best friend John wall and same with wall so if do this it help them clean house start fresh and help get younger less expensive cousins and mentor for couple year for him and give them 6 future draft pick
    And why wizards do this well it obvious , with line up with cousins, wall, beal and let’s say Ryan Anderson sign 3 -46 million with opt out after 2 year you going tell me Kevin Durant will turn that team to come home to play with , all fact he have also have porter, Oubre , Oladipo , Seth curry, Satoransky , let say wizards sign these free agent all so

    C Kendrick Perkins- 2 years for 2 million
    C Jaleel Roberts. 3 years for let say 2,250 million
    Pf- Jeff green – 3 years for 24 million with 2 year opt out
    Pf- Derrick Williams – 3 for 15 million with 2 year opt out
    Sg – O.J. Mayo 3 years for 13 million with 2 year opt out
    Pg- Seth curry to 3 years for 12 million 1st year 2 million with 2 year opt out
    Sign satoransky to 5 years -23 million deal 1st year 3 million
    Sign Durant to a 3 years 63 million dollar deal with 2 year opt out
    Sign beal to a 2 years -35 million dollar deal with 1 year opt out
    Sign porter and Oladipo to contract ext that lower the contract this year
    Know all this would make east strong with cavs being better, Boston better, Magic better. Definitely better and wizards really ,really definitely champion caliber team and would make next years play off more Interesting. And give us chance at one of the nba,s best rivalries back to life .( Washington Wizards vs Cleveland Cavaliers) think about what east conference finals would be like. Now that great for NBA Business

  12. Chased

    I consider this a win for the Knicks purely bc they somehow managed to make a trade and not give up a draft pick

  13. chris Bradley

    Do we still take a pg we now have 3 Calderon Grant and Dinwidde who we got last Friday

    • daren hill

      Not much value there at 14 unless Baldwin’s there. They could take a total gamble on Dejounte I suppose.

      But I like DX’s mock of Luwawu for Chicago. Good athlete, some upside, decent jumper.

  14. Chris815

    First off if you take time look at what I was talk about it make since in both trades and reason for Orlando to make the trade . Since Orlando Magic has been link to both players . Second hate to inform you all the hole idea of cousins to wizards first off this trade has history behind it it the Chris Webber trade where then Washington bullets traded young Tom Gugliota and 3 first pick witch turn out to be Todd fuller , Vince carter ,and Chris mihm , so know you history . 3rd of all this trade help every team involve. And though of Durant going home and player like Anderson , curry , Williams , mayo , going to Washington , well they been link to Washington and last the hole idea that oladipo going to Washington . Magic try to make the trade last trade deadline and they where going to get mcLemore so it just basically is that trade part of it

    • Compton

      Orlando trades their best 2 players for trash. You are either high or just an idiot. Nothing you said makes sense or is even a little reasonable.

  15. Chris815

    And second trade well Cleveland going trade love this off season . Second Boston has want him for several years now and this trade help all three treats it gives Cleveland 2 young player to help repeat it give Boston the super star they been wanted and and give 76’s the point guard and 3rd pick they been wanted . It’s win win for every one. And the hole cousin think . Well like said before it time cousins get new start and his gives king something to build around and don’t think cousin won’t have something where he trade to . And he let it be know for years he want to play with John wall . So if he does get traded it good beat Washington will be in the discussions .last durant is from dc. He local guy and rather any one want to face it or not if he leaves okc . Washington has better shout then any other team that including warriors , because rather body want to hear this or not . Kevin want to win yes . But he want to be man when he does . And hate to tell ny or La. This though process that la and ny are the be all end all is bull

  16. Chris815

    Because there is one city in world that is most powerful city in the world and isn’t n.y or L.a even though you all think it is . That city that is the most power city is Washington, D.C. . The nations capital . And time people in country realize it . And dc rises to the top where we belong

    • Chased

      Why are you pushing this trade here? It has nothing to do with the rose trade.

    • I’m sorry…how many championships in any of the 4 major North American sports has a D.C. team (or team in the surrounding area) won in the past two decades? Outside the Baltimore Ravens…zero. The teams in the actual D.C. area (Wizards, Capitals, Nationals) have either been bad, were letdowns and failed to live up to expectations, or just league average. So please come back when one of those teams win a championship if you’re going to claim “they’re on top”. At this point, and I almost can’t believe I’m saying this, Cleveland is actually higher up than D.C. is.

  17. Thronson5

    Where are those guys on here that were saying it was a waste of time posting anything about the Knicks having discussions to acquire Rose? Lol.

  18. bsteady powers

    And did he say Cavs vs. Wizards was one of the best NBA rivalries?!!? I’m guessing dudes a Wizards fan ????

    • Chris815

      Hate to inform you yes it was or where you not alive back 2006 to 2008 was on of leagues best and would have been longer if gibert arenas did not get hurt and lose his mind . Those three years was most hated and bad blood rivalry in nba . The. Nba did every think they could help Cavs and James win title then and this past season . And if what I said does happen then watch what happens . And bye way dc is most powerful city in world and is capital of this nation idiot . Redskin has sucked since 91 capitals will when nhl title next year watch and if durant does come home wizards win title in next two year and if wizards could get cousins and Anderson they beat Cavs and rest of nba next year for title . You all know it . That why you afraid to admit I would be right

      • That was almost 10 years ago!!! The only thing D.C. has is bad politicians and the nation’s capital. Every sports team there is going to be a letdown. Capitals are losing half of their top players, they might not even reproduce the success that they just had. And Durant isn’t coming home to Washington. He’s trying to win a ring and Washington doesn’t give him the best chance (GS, SA, and OKC in that order if he were to join them).

  19. bobhutt99

    Fantastic! Two ballstoppers and coach killers in Rose and Melo. How many basketballs are allowed on the court at the same time? These are two past their prime prima donnas who love playing the diva. Can’t wait until they start glaring at one another on the court! Dwight Howard joining the freak show would be perfect! LOL. The Knicks still suck. Phil Jackson doesn’t have a clue!

    • Priggs89

      Lol Rose is not a coach killer. They had some god awful coaches until Thibs, and then the horrible front office messed that up, not Rose.

  20. MSGnius

    Funny how now writers are asking if melo and Rose can co-exist in NY I ask what the hell is the difference when everybody wanted and thought Melo was going to the Bulls and Rose was the main reason why didn’t the Media say they would have been a championship team with melo Rose and Noah and Roses didn’t even play the yr before.. I don’t get it.

    • daren hill

      Beat writers are desperate for headlines, any headlines. Nothing more. Don’t read anything into the line of questioning.

  21. mgraub00

    Knicks definitely get the best prayer in the deal. I’m surprised how little they gave up. Yes, they gave up NBA veterans, but you can find NBA veterans. And for everyone dogging on Rose, get a life. He’s still young, incredibly talented, and a former MVP.

  22. Chased

    Love the fact that rose only has one year left on his deal. If rose isn’t who he was then Knicks can move on. This isn’t like taking on the big and long contracts of washed up guys like jalen rose, Shannon Anderson, and Steve Francis. It’s low risk high reward.

    • Godgiftsjoejr

      thank that’s what people not understanding n i feel like people just love to hate on the knicks n them gonna be the same people acting like a knick fan if they a top 3 team n the east… lets go knicks been a fan from the 90s

      • Top 3 team in the East!! Knicks will barely make the playoffs. They still have no one on the roster outside their big 3.

  23. cjh815

    This thought that Katie would not come home to DC because he couldn’t win a championship at home is actually foolish . Let me explain . First off all people say the season is because it’s to much pressure and you can’t win in home town. Well James just expelled that myth . Second where media and you all don’t get it . That wizards have more roster spots this you and possible next year open then anyone (9) possible (10) if they don’t pick up Gooden contract at 3.6 million . Which means they could sign k.d. And he could help sign which team mate . And when add the fact once wizards resign beal the Wizards would have 2 best back court in all NBA . Also add fact that last year I predict that wizards we’re going to be bad . It was predictable when you lame duck coach and to many one year contracts on one team . But fact is before last year wizards had been getting better every year . They made playoff last two year before and made it to 2 round for Both years . And you do add fact if wall didn’t get hurt in hawk series two years ago the wizards would have beaten the Hawks and made eastern conference finals and then who know what would have happen . Maybe they would have beaten cavs and went in to play warriors to decide who is best back court in all the n.b.a. Which I still think is not over yet . Because if beal could stay healthy . Please don’t don’t give me that he can’t because really the only year stef has been fully health for is 2015 . In fact if you think about stef is a 2 masking as point . Because hate to inform you all the job of a point guard is first of all lead his team, second get his team mates the ball where they can score , and his scoring come second , and to play lock down def. well that not Stef., Irving Westbrook . Scoring guards are your 2 guards . In fact best true point guards in NBA are paul, wall, Holliday ,Parker, rondo, and Rubio

  24. cjh815

    If warrior sign k.d you all do realize that warrior are going to have give him max contract at 23 million a year and gong into next year they have 74,232,644 and next years salary cap is 92 next and will godown to 88 in 18 so . To do this they will have to let go of this year Barnes ,Ezeli, speights , barbosa , Rush, Clark, mcadoo , varejao . And free agents will be bogut , iguodala ,curry, Jason Thompson ,Livingston . If they add him at 23 million year and next year they sign curry to max contract at 34 million in 2018 they will curry Thompson green and K.d. That it . They will have bunch league min.salaries . They won’t be able to sign any of there rest. Including Bogut and Inuodala , Livingston . So you all need to realize this . San Antonio is getting old . And they are not going to win another champ with that team next 3 years . Even if k.d goes there . And you do also realize that Spurs only have 12,305,789 million under cap this year and to make this happen they will have to trade Danny green and Boris and get Duncan take league min, along with ginobili say good bye to west, bonner, McCollum .Now k.d. Mite decide to stay next year in okc but he will end up just like this year. because Westbrook is not point guard he is 2 guard masking in point guard. And when step back and look at it . Best chance for him to win NBA title is to come eastern conference and if he look at it washington would give him best chance to win a title . Don’t give me Miami , or Boston , Miami cap this year 48,008,675 but if they sign him will have to let go of deng, whiteside, Johnson and wade would have to take pay cute

  25. Good thing you pointed out the K.D. misspelling otherwise we would have never been able to understand what you were talking about…

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