Spurs’ Interest In Mike Conley Overstated?

The Spurs have frequently been cited as one of the primary threats to the division-rival Grizzlies in the Mike Conley sweepstakes, but one “well-placed source” tells ESPN’s Marc Stein (Twitter link) that San Antonio’s interest in Conley has been overstated.

The Spurs are set to make their pitch to Kevin Durant on Saturday, and have been linked to a few other high-profile free agents, including Pau Gasol. Conley has been mentioned as one of those notable free agent targets for San Antonio, but Stein’s source suggests that the veteran point guard is more likely to land elsewhere. The Grizzlies remain the presumptive frontrunners for Conley, but the Mavericks have reportedly made him a priority, and the Rockets and Nets are also said to have interest.

In other Spurs news, Stein reports (via Twitter) that the team has no plans to waive Boris Diaw, whose $7MM salary for 2016/17 is only partially guaranteed. If San Antonio were to cut Diaw today or tomorrow, the team could save $4MM, leaving just $3MM on its cap. But a source tells Stein that the Spurs intend to keep Diaw on their roster, guaranteeing his full salary.

Diaw said earlier this month in an interview with a French outlet that he had been told the Spurs wanted to keep him.

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4 thoughts on “Spurs’ Interest In Mike Conley Overstated?

  1. Z.....

    The spurs need to do something at the 2 guard spot or on the wing, especially if Ginobli retires. Otherwise, I like the idea of them bringing back a couple of their own guys, and hoping for a bounce back year for Danny Green. I’m not sure I see the fit for Gasol unless Duncan retires, which I hope he doesnt.

      • Z.....

        I don’t know if that is necessarily why he should retire. He was pretty good in his minutes last year until the unfortunate “downstairs” injury, and was still mostly fine afterward. The point though is that he has been banged up a lot over the last 5 years, and his role has significantly decreased. Defensively, he can be an issue nowadays. He doesn’t have the best matchup against those teams, but ultimately, the decision to retire is whether or not it’s worth getting ready and grinding out another long season. I don’t think he would have any regrets if his career is over. Personally, I’d like to see both he and Duncan back next season. If so, it should probably be Ginobli’s last

  2. Z.....

    I like the fit for Conley woth dallas, depending on what else they do. They could use another wing player, and a rim protector as well. Justin Anderson’s development is important for next year, especially if they dont keep parsons, as he can provide much needed defense on the wing to help Wesley Matthews in that regard, and some versatility. They need him to knock down shots. It also couldn’t hurt to see an offensive bounce back for Wesley Matthews, another year removed from his Achilles injury

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