Thomas Robinson To Opt Out Of Nets Contract

Nets power forward Thomas Robinson intends to opt out of his contract, becoming an unrestricted free agent, tweets Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders. NetsDaily reported back in February that all of the Nets with player options, including Robinson, intended to opt out, so today’s report is a confirmation that Robinson’s plans haven’t changed.

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Robinson’s player option for 2016/17 is worth $1,050,961, the minimum salary for a player with his NBA experience, so it makes sense that he’d prefer to explore the open market. Even if no team is willing to offer him more than the minimum, he shouldn’t have a problem matching the salary he would have earned on that player option.

A former fifth overall pick, Robinson averaged a career-low 4.3 points per game in 2015/16, to go along with 5.1 rebounds per game and a .447 FG%. Those numbers aren’t particularly impressive, but the Kansas product showed flashes of potential during his seven starts near the end of the season — in those contests, he averaged 14.6 points and 12.3 rebounds, recording double-doubles in all but one game.

The Nets had initially been carrying four veterans with player options for 2016/17, but are now down to three after the in-season departure of Andrea Bargnani. Robinson and Shane Larkin have had their intentions to opt out confirmed this month, while Wayne Ellington is expected to join them.

Robinson’s option decision isn’t formally due until June 29th, so it figures to be a little while yet before his opt-out becomes official.

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7 thoughts on “Thomas Robinson To Opt Out Of Nets Contract

  1. bobhutt99

    I can’t believe this superstar is opting out? He can go somewhere else where he will be the 11th man off the bench and be out of the league in 2 years. Who advises these guys? He played on a moribund team. Somebody had to score as at the end of the season everyone else had been shut down. He was the best of a bunch of scrubs who couldn’t even be starting for a college team. Who cares if he or the other stiffs leave? Players like him are a dime a dozen.

    • Alright let’s calm down…Robinson could easily start for a college team. And he’s not known as a scorer…he’s a volume rebounder. For a young guy who can rebound with upside (albeit limited, and thus far uninspiring) on offense, teams will take a chance on him.

    • rxbrgr

      Luckily you aren’t advising him. Your ignorance and lack of even armchair GM credentials are blindingly obvious in your comment.

    • Logic

      Your logic make no sense. The cap is going way up this summer. What does he have to lose? He’s clearly an NBA player. He was set to make the minimum. He can’t receive a salary lower than the minimum. So what is he really risking if he feels he’s an NBA player, which he is? With the cap going up, some team could offer him above minimum yet he can’t make less than he was set to make. NO BRAINER!!!!

  2. hrttdt93

    He will get at least a small raise from someone because he is a decent rebounder and a good teammate. I would take him on New Orleans for a small raise.

  3. bobhutt99

    Everyone always thinks the grass is greener as in more money somewhere else. It always ends badly when they’re cut a year or two later. He got some minutes on a very bad team. His little bit of success went to his head. He won’t get minutes on another team and thus will ride the pine. He’s not that good! He will find out soon he should have stayed right where he is. It’s a sad tale about one hit wonders. Not even worth discussing. Remember Copeland with the Knicks. Parlayed minor success to join the Pacers. Where is he now? He was a better player than this stiff.

    • Copeland’s only talent was that he could shoot threes which was offset by his complete inability to defend. As a Pacers fan I’d much rather take a flyer on Robinson than see Copeland suit up for the Pacers again.

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