Allen Crabbe Signs Offer Sheet With Nets

Kyle Terada / USA Today Sports Images

Kyle Terada / USA Today Sports Images

JULY 7th, 10:14pm: Crabbe has signed an offer sheet with the Nets worth $75MM over four years, Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical reports (via Twitter). There are performance bonuses included that can up the value of the agreement to $83MM, the scribe adds.

6:47pm: The offer to Crabbe is being refuted, tweets Sam Amick of USA Today. Crabbe will meet with the Nets on Tuesday to discuss a contract, but apparently no offer has been made.

JULY 3rd, 6:22pm: Allen Crabbe will receive a four-year, $70MM offer sheet from the Nets, tweets international journalist David Pick. He adds that Portland doesn’t plan to match the offer for the restricted free agent.

The third-year shooting guard had a breakthrough season this year as a Trail Blazers reserve. He appeared in 81 games and averaged 10.3 points and 2.7 rebounds per night while shooting 39% from beyond the arc.

It has been a busy three days for the Nets who have also added Jeremy Lin, Justin Hamilton and Trevor Booker, while making a $50MM offer to Tyler Johnson.

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19 thoughts on “Allen Crabbe Signs Offer Sheet With Nets

  1. Z.....

    Well, the Nets look a lot different all of the sudden. They didnt have much they could play with, but I like what their front office has done since they came in. They should be a lot better, in my opinion. Probably a bit more than I would have thought for Crabbe, as I dont think of him as highly as a couple of other wings that got that amount, but pretty much what those types of players are getting under this cap

    For Portland, I wonder what they do if they dont match, as they still need another wing player now that can knock down shots, and they could use another bench piece or 2 at the guard spot, and maybe a backup rim protector. Wonder if this makes it more likely they match on Harkless, and if it says anything about the confidence they may have in Pat Connaughton to give them some of what they need at the 2/3 spots…Does anyone know how much cap room they have left?

      • Z.....

        I like the idea that Gasol can give them much needed help scoring in the half court, which was/is an issue for them in the playoffs, but I’m not sure they dont have to fill those other needs more. Plus, I kind of like the fit of Plumlee with that group. They have some questions defensively, so I dont know that the fit for Gasol would be great, even though he is very clearly the better player. Also, I’m curious how that would effect the up and down style they play on the offensive end

        • aarongill

          I think Gasol should be fine with Plumlee or Davis playing with him. I’m still mad Lakers didn’t resign Davis because of Aldridge. He could’ve played the 5 for us instead of Mozgod.

          • Z.....

            knock on Davis is defense, and I’m not a fan of playing 2 bigs like that, though Plumlee could probably get away with playing a little 4 in certain lineups on the defensive end.

          • lakersfan27

            I wish the lakers kept him too, but there is no way he’s a legitimate option starting at center for the lakers. He’s a good energy guy off the bench kind of like nance.

      • kylewait89

        What is there to love about what the Nets are doing? Scooping up their garbage? Lin, Booker and TylerJohnson aren’t helping them win more games.

        • Z.....

          I really disagree with that. Nobody is saying the Nets are all of the sudden a great team. They’re improved a lot though, and thats impressive considering they had nothing to work with. You can clearly see that they’ve changed the culture there too, which should help them moving forward.

        • They’ll definetly win more than 21 games this year if they stay healthy. It’s not a playoff roster but with no draft picks or prospects to develop, they have to do something. They can’t/won’t be the Sixers and put a bunch of bums on their roster just to tank. Even then, the Sixers had the “light at the end of the tunnel” in draft picks…the Nets don’t. What else would you propse they do? No big free agent is/was going to go there. And even then, the roster is in such shambles that a star wouldn’t do much.

          • Z.....

            As I said before, do these guys expect them to just magically build the team in 1 move, with no assets? Thats obviously not how it works

  2. Z.....

    deal is being refuted. Sam Amick says that Crabbe has meetings scheduled for July 5th (Tuesday)

  3. everyone needs to stop saying the nets are different then billy ball… very likely they have the same record next year w no lottery pick

    • UTEP Two Step

      Correct. They are one of the front runners for the worst record in the NBA. Jeremy Lin and Tyler Johnson don’t change that. Crabbe will probably try to get a similar deal from a more desirable team.

  4. lakersfan27

    I hope the lakers jump in on this guy! They could use another 3 and D guy, and now that they brought some vets on it makes sense to take a gamble on the upside of a guy like Crabbe.

  5. Gucci7383

    Thought this was the type of player the dozers would target. Young and improving and could grow with the core.

  6. kylewait89

    I’m always a fan of going to get your money but do you want to take it from Brooklyn? It’s Brook Lopez, Jeremy Lin and apparently the 50M dollar man Tyler Johnson. What is there to look forward to? Cashing your paycheck and not much else. If the Nets do offer something like the 70M, you would hope te Blazers would match.

  7. teddyt93

    This signing is terrible for the Nets. Just like Tyler Johnson. Just because you have the money does not mean you play very average players between $12.5 and 18.75 million a year. Poor signings and giving away prime draft picks for over the hill veterans have doomed this franchise.

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