Knicks Sign Joakim Noah To Four-Year Deal

JULY 8, 12:34pm: The Knicks have officially signed Noah, the team announced today (via Twitter).

JULY 1, 9:41pm: As expected, the Knicks and Noah have agree to a four-year, $72MM deal after their meeting today, tweets Ramona Shelburne of It will be a fully guaranteed contract with no options, per Michael Scotto of The Associated Press (Twitter link).Joakim Noah vertical

2:42pm: Noah has posted a photo on Instagram that shows him wearing a Knicks cap, which is a pretty strong signal that he’ll sign with the team when the moratorium ends next week.

JUNE 30, 11:58pm: Noah and the Knicks are nearing an agreement on a four-year deal worth around $72MM, sources tells Chris Broussard of (Twitter link).

11:11pm: With free agency now open, the Knicks are discussing the framework of a deal that would be in the four-year, $70MM range, according to Shams Charania of The Vertical (Twitter links). The two sides will continue negotiations during their Friday afternoon meeting, per Charania.

7:05am: The Knicks are the strong favorites to land longtime Bulls big man Joakim Noah when the free agent period opens in July, according to multiple reports. Tim Bontemps of The Washington Post, ESPN’s Marc Stein and Ian Begley, Shams Charania of The Vertical, and Sam Amick of USA Today all independently reported late on Wednesday night that the Knicks are in the driver’s seat in the Noah sweepstakes.

According to Charania and Amick, Noah has a meeting set up with Phil Jackson and the Knicks after free agency formally gets underway at 12:00am on July 1st. Marc Berman of The New York Post clarifies that the meeting between the two sides is expected to happen during the day on Friday, rather than late at night, but he also suggests that the Knicks are the prohibitive favorites for Noah. There’s belief on both sides that an agreement could come quickly, says Charnia.

Amick indicates within his report that Noah is still expected to consider multiple teams besides the Knicks, but those clubs have yet to line up a formal meeting with the 31-year-old. Sources tell Stein and Begley that a few teams with interest in Noah have “all but conceded” that the Knicks are No. 1 on his wish list by a sizable margin — the two-time All-Star has expressed strong interest in signing in New York in recent days, since teammate Derrick Rose was traded to the club, per the ESPN duo.

Assuming Noah and the Knicks do indeed work something out, his starting salary may end up in the range of $18MM, according to Bontemps. That would be a significant investment from the Knicks, who are expected to have over $30MM in cap room, and would likely take the team out of the running for some mid-tier free agents, in addition to max-salary players.

Noah underwent surgery on his separated left shoulder back in January, and while he should be ready to go for the 2016/17 campaign, he hasn’t played a game since that procedure. In 2015/16, he appeared in just 29 games, averaging 4.3 points, 8.8 rebounds and 3.8 assists in 21.9 minutes per contest.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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46 thoughts on “Knicks Sign Joakim Noah To Four-Year Deal

  1. padam

    Hoping the Knicks don’t do it, but it’s inevitable. Terrible signing of they do.

    • alproof

      Terrible signing or not, Jackson will do it to make a splash. Knicks need Whiteside and either Beal or DeRozan.

      • They wouldn’t have the cap space to add two of those guys. With just over $30 million, all of those guys are likely to ask for the max leaving little space for a second guy. Whiteside is probably the most realistic option of the three since DeRozan is likely to stay in Toronto and Beal is a RFA. Also, the Knicks don’t want DeRozan, he’s a terrible fit. They’re better off going after Beal or a cheaper 3-and-D/shooter at the 2 spot.

      • KnicksCavsFan

        We can say who we need but it has to be a marriage. Why would either of those 3 want to come to NY and leave teams that just made it to the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the playoffs? They can get the same amount of money the Knicks can afford to offer from several better teams and even more money by going back to the team they last played for.

    • Me7o4Lyfe

      Agreed. The yearly price point isn’t bad considering the jumping salary cap but giving out 4 years is like committing cap suicide. Are they not considering the future implications of this huge contract? This has james Dolan written all over it

  2. Danthemilwfan

    Knicks are becoming the Chicago Bulls when they went hard after melo

  3. FirePhil

    Absolutely terrible signing if they go through with it. Paying $18 mil for a big that only rebounds while coming off surgery is absurd. You lose a significant amount of cap space and any chance of creating a team that can actually contend. That money could’ve been used on Whiteside or even Mozgov. Both of those players are much better options and at better price points…….smh

    • lakersfan27

      He doesn’t only rebound, he plays good defense and passes well. I’m not a fan of giving Noah 18mil but if he comes back heathy it might work out for them. They might be able to snag a late 1st rounder from a contender at the deadline next year if it all falls apart for them. That being said I like them going after a mozgov type and trying to get better on the wing with their cap room.

  4. Z.....

    That would be terrible for the knicks, if it’s at that price. They’re better off with a backup rim protector they can get cheaply…don’t know exactly how much cap room they have, but if they can add something like Bazemore and Courtney lee, while also keeping galloway and thomas, and also signing that backup rim protector, that would be a pretty competitive roster this season, assuming they stay healthy.

    Rose, lee, thomas, melo, porzingis
    Bazemore, galloway, rim protector, etc isn’t a bad 8 man rotation

  5. Rodney

    Paying Noah 18 million under 94 million salary cap is the equivalent of paying him 13.4 under the 70 million salary cap. That’s not that much.

      • Center is a need for them. I still think Porzingas needs another season or two before he’ll be ready to take a full season’s worth of banging down low against other 5s. Outside of Center, they need a 2 guard (whether a starter or a 6th man to “platoon” with Galloway) and depth all over their roster. Although at $18 million I would pass and look for a cheaper big. With that money they might be able to get a cheaper big and another depth player or two.

  6. Z.....

    Wow 4 at 17.5 per? Are we talking about if this was 2 years ago? Hope he stays healthy. They need more

  7. Z.....

    Wow I called it on Courtney lee lol. First call the knicks made came directly from phil for him

      • Biyombo had one good playoffs. Outside of that, he’s only a rim protector and rebounder with basically no offensive game (outside of easy layups/dunks and putbacks). Noah at least can give you (if healthy) similar rim protection and rebounding but also offers really good passing out of the 5 spot.

  8. Chris815

    Bye the way for all of you keep calling my 4 team bad deal and wizard get every thing. And thing Sacramento will never trade him. You all no he is a unrestricted free agent in 2 years . Which most likely means if they don’t trade him now when he has most value .He will leave in 2 years . Mostly likely to come to Washington, D.C. Any way since he wants to play in Dc with his best friend and ex college team mate John wall. So if I was then I strike now when he is at his highest value they can get . Since they still have two years of control . Trade him where he want to go and they can get the most value . Because any other team he won’t have the same value since he will leave to go to wizards anyway . Because John wall will not leave wizards year later anyway. Wizards could send maybe this trade Gortat , Morris , Eddie , white and 3 future 1round picks for the cousins and Seth curry . Maybe third team or fourth team mite get involve . And before you say it again . Let me repeat this again gortat is top 10 center in the NBA . He had 41 double double last season which tied him with whiteside and if he hadn’t must 3 games taken care of his sick mother , and Whitman hadn’t been idiot and not played him in second half of game of dozen others he mite have ended up with 50 which would have placed him 3 and the year before when he was injured part of the season and still end up with more double doubles then 10 all stars including Horford, Noah, Marc gasol, brook Lopez ,

    • The only reason people say it’s a bad deal is bc it is never going to happen if the Kings would trade him it probably would be to DC but a 4 team deal never happened and never will happen

  9. Mike N

    On the bright side at least the Knicks didn’t give 16 mil a year for 4 years to a bench player like the Lakers did.

  10. KnicksCavsFan

    I think we have to look at the reality of the NBA. Big market teams are only attractive to prime FA if they have a shot at being competitive. No prime player is going to come to NY or LA unless they are just doing it for the money. Thus, we should expect to overpay. Also, there’s an NBA salary cap and a floor. Teams have to spend the money on someone.

    If he’s healthy then I’m not so upset about the deal although I like it better at 2 or 3 years as opposed to 4, He should bring some interior defense to this team, limit teams to fewer offensive rebounds and bring a nastiness that has been missing in NYC since the days of Oakley, Ewing and Mason.

    And I’m glad he didn’t go to the Warriors.

    • padam

      Four years ago it wouldn’t be an issue signing Noah, but considering he’s getting a big contract at age 31, with three injuries he’s felt with the past few years, and most importantly the cap impact going forward, is say this was a bad, desperate, splash signing.

  11. Chris815

    Whiteside, Griffin , Ibaka, millsap, Leonard ,Tristan Thompson ,harden , Draymond green, ow ya Labron James . And when it come to Morris . Well guy is 25 years old . Make 7,4 million this year and is capable of putting up 18 points , 10 reb. 5 ass. 2 blocks and 2 steals because he has down it. Eddie is 3 point sharp shooter who is 24 years old and only makes 930 thousand this year. White is poor man’s green. And 3 first round pick once again this is close to being the 1996 Chris webber trade where warrior traded Chris webber to the bullets for Tom Gugliota and three first round pick which bye the way one of those turn out to be Vince carter .i still could see some way where the Lackers and 76’s could get involve and maybe warrior if Durant decides to go to the warriors

  12. hill

    I love this signing.

    Especially paired with the Lakers splurge on Mozgov.


    • lakersfan27

      It’s not a horrible deal under the old cap figure it would be a little over 9 mil a year which is a little over spending but considering they have to get to 90% of the cap it’s not that bad. They are going to need two to three more years to develop their young guys and he won’t step on their development. I wish it didn’t stretch out to that 4 year but it’s really not that bade It’s not like spending 30 mil a year on Derozen. They will have some buyers remorse when his body starts to break down from going to the rack all the time.

      • Agreed. If this was 3 years, I think the majority of people would love the deal (assuming he stayed healthy). That fourth year is the big thing. By that fourth year, he’s probably a buyout option for the Knicks.

          • Could be, but I figured Noah since he mentioned the $9 million number. Under the old cap, no way Mozgov gets $9 million while Noah would seem like a good bet to get $9 even if its an overpay.

            • Z.....

              I think he was comparing Mozgov’s 16 million to 9-10. Noah’s 17.5 is more like 11-12

  13. Steve in Chicago

    The Nix are moving up fast in the Overpay Sweepstakes, my friends, they dont have much money or talent, but their strategy seems to be picking up players who will end up being paid by their insurer!

    • Steve in Chicago

      Thats a clever strategy Steve, between Rose and Noah they mught not have to pay a penny, while still participating un the Sweepstakes. That is the kind of genius move Phil Jackson never would have made before he met Jimmy Dolan, a tribute to his influence on one of the great coaches who also was a GM once.

  14. cjh815

    To all of you who think Gortat is junk I’m going to give you top 25 centers I. NBA and there stats tell me he not top ten center per game avg. players are not in any order.

    1. Drummond —16.2. 1.4. 1.5. 0.8. 14.8. 52.1. 1.9. 66
    2. Towns. 18.3. 1.7. 0,7. 2.0. 10.5. 54.2. 2.2. 51
    3. Jordan. 12.7. 2.3. 0.7. 1.2. 13.8. 70.3. 1.4. 49
    4. Cousins. 26.9. 1.4. 1.6. 3.3. 11.5. 45.1. 3.8. 47
    5. P Gasol. 16.5. 2.0. 0.6. 4.1. 11.0. 46.9. 2.3. 46
    6. M Gorat. 13.5. 1.3. 0.6. 1.4. 9.9. 56.7. 1.6. 41
    7 Whiteside. 14.2. 3.7. .06. 0.4. 11.8. 60.5. 1.9. 41
    8. Howard. 13.7. 1.6. 1.0. 1.4. 11.6. 62.0. 2.3. 38
    9 Pachulia. 8.6. 0.3. 0.8. 1.7. 9.4. 46.6. 1.6. 26
    10 Okafor. 17.5. 1.2. 0.4. 1.2. 7.0. 50.8. 2.3. 4
    11 Jefferson. 12.8. 0.9. 0.4. 1.5. 6.4. 48.8. 0.7. 7
    12. R Lopez. 10.3. 1.6. 0.6. 1.4. 7.3. 53.9. 1.6. 15
    13 Valanciunas. 12.8. 1.3. 0.4. 0.7. 9.1. 56.5. 1.4. 22
    14 Vucevic. 18.2. 1.1. 0.4. 2.1. 8.9. 51.0. 1.9. 29
    15 Monroe. 15.3. 0.9. 0.9. 2.3. 8.8. 52.2. 1.6. 32
    16 Noah. 4.2. 1.0. 0.6. 3.5. 8.8. 47.1. 0.8. 1
    17. Chandler. 7.2. 0.7. 0.6. 1.0. 8.7. 58.3. 1.1. 20
    18 Bogut. 5.4. 1.6. 0.5. 2.3. 7.3. 62.7. 1.2. 5
    19. Gorbert 9.1. 2.2. 0.7. 1.5. 11.0. 55.9. 1.9. 20
    20 Duncan. 8.8. 1.3. 0.8. 2.7. 7.3. 48.8. 1.5. 11
    21 M Gasol. 16.8. 1.4. 1.0. 3.6. 7.0. 46.3. 2.3. 9
    22 Adams. 2.0. 1.1. 0.6. 0.8. 6.7. 61.3. 1.1. 6
    23 jokia. 10.0. 0.6. .01. 2.4. 7.0. 51.2. 1.3. 16
    24 Olynik. 10.0. 0.5. 0.8. 3.8. 4.1. 45.5. 1.1. 1
    25. Kanter. 12.7. 0.4. 0.3. 0.4. 8.1. 57.6. 1.4. 25

    Now look at numbers and tell me Marcon Gortat is not a top 10 center in NBA

    • Z.....

      Gortat isnt junk…and there is probably value to his contract b/c its below market value.

    • lakersfan27

      I rather have these ten before him

      M Gasol

  15. Ravens_Last_Place

    Knicks love washed up players.

    Noah, Rose, Melo. This will be a funny season for the Knicks. Can’t wait!

  16. Thronson5

    I really like what the Knicks are doing. They are going for it. Was worried about that team. Thought they were going to waste time while they had Carmelo. I think they owe it to their fans and to Carmelo to go for it like this. Imagine if they get D Wade somehow? Would be awesome. Not a Knicks fan but I like seeing teams doing good that haven’t in a while and I like seeing teams that were good when I was kid doing good again Like Knicks and Celtics. Now only if my Lakers can get back to winning in the next few years.

  17. Z-A

    “I could get more than 4 points in the league. Maybe not 5 per but definitely more than 4.” And that is how Noah zenned the zen master.

  18. Anttwon

    So you guys are telling me that if I told you you could have Rose and Noah and 12million to spend but only if you give up Lopez Calderon and grant. You would say no?? Don’t forget a second round pick and a throw in player

    • Anttwon

      These are the moves you have to make when you are a garbage team, there’s no way Kristaps playing meaningless games is going to make him better you have to at least try to get in that terrible Eastern conference playoffs

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