Upcoming Deadlines For Non-Guaranteed Salaries

While the majority of NBA salaries are fully guaranteed, many teams end up carrying at least one or two players who only have partial guarantees – if that – on their deals. For those players, January 10 is generally the date to watch. If players on non-guaranteed contracts remain on an NBA team’s roster beyond January 10, their salaries for that season become fully guaranteed.

For some players on non-guaranteed or partially-guaranteed contracts, however, January 10 isn’t the only date of interest. Many contracts are written to include earlier deadlines and payment dates, forcing teams to make decisions on those players earlier.

Some of those dates have already come and gone this offseason — for instance, the Celtics guaranteed Amir Johnson‘s and Jonas Jerebko‘s salaries (totaling $17MM) by keeping them on their roster beyond their early-July guarantee deadlines. There are still several other deadlines to watch in the coming weeks and months though.

Listed below are the known guarantee deadlines that will occur for certain players prior to January 10, via Basketball Insiders. Our full list of non-guaranteed salaries features a complete breakdown of the players whose contracts aren’t fully guaranteed, so if any of those players aren’t listed here, it’s safe to assume that their salaries will become guaranteed on January 10.

This list can be found on the right-hand sidebar under “Hoops Rumors Features” and will continue to be updated throughout the offseason as old guarantee deadlines come and go, and as new ones are added.

July 30

August 1

August 9

  • Robert Covington (Sixers): $50,000 of $1,015,696 salary becomes guaranteed (✔️)

August 27

September 1

  • Alan Williams (Suns): Full $874,636 salary becomes guaranteed (✔️)

October 20

  • Nicolas Brussino (Mavericks): Full $543,471 salary becomes guaranteed (✔️)

October 24

November 1

December 1

  • JaVale McGee (Warriors): $500,000 of $1,403,611 salary becomes guaranteed (✔️)
  • Rodney McGruder (Heat): $400,000 of $543,471 salary becomes guaranteed (✔️)
  • Briante Weber (Heat): $655,978 of $874,636 salary becomes guaranteed (waived)
  • Okaro White (Heat): $271,736 of $543,471 becomes guaranteed (waived)

December 5

  • Dorian Finney-Smith (Mavericks): $200,000 of $543,471 salary becomes guaranteed (✔️)

January 1

  • Vince Carter (Grizzlies): Full $4,264,057 salary becomes guaranteed (✔️)
  • JaMychal Green (Grizzlies): Full $980,431 salary becomes guaranteed (✔️)

January 6

Information from Basketball Insiders was used in the creation of this post.

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