Wizards Sign Bradley Beal To Five-Year Deal

JULY 26, 2:15pm: The Wizards have finally made it official with Beal after using up the rest of their cap room, announcing today that they’ve re-signed their standout guard.

“Bradley has proven himself as one of the top young shooting guards in the league, and we feel that he has the potential to rise to an elite level as he enters the prime of his career as one of the cornerstones of our team,” president Ernie Grunfeld said in a statement. “He is an outstanding member of the community and a great example of the type of player and person we want to represent our franchise.”NBA: Playoffs-Atlanta Hawks at Washington Wizards

JULY 1, 9:46am: The two sides have agreed to a five-year, maximum salary contract, Jeff Goodman of ESPN.com relays (on Twitter).

JUNE 30, 11:24pm: The Wizards are close to reaching the first major free agent agreement of 2016, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical, who reports that Washington is nearing a five-year, maximum-salary deal for Bradley Beal (Twitter link).

While The Vertical pegs the value of the five-year contract at $128MM, the exact total won’t be known until the NBA announces the salary cap amount for 2016/17, which won’t happen until next week. Based on a $94MM salary cap, a five-year max deal for Beal would be worth about $126.5MM. Either way, it would be a huge payday for the former third overall pick.

Beal, who turned 23 on Tuesday, is a talented scorer when healthy, averaging a career-high 17.4 points per game on 44.9% shooting in 2015/16. However, he also established a new career low in games played this past season, appearing in just 55 contests. The former third overall pick has never played more than 73 games in a season, due to injuries.

Still, the Wizards’ max offer to Beal comes as no surprise, as a report earlier in the offseason indicated the team would put such an offer on the table when free agency began. Beal’s cap hold is only worth about $14MM, so Washington figures to hold off on finalizing his new contract — if the team finds other uses for its cap room, it can make those moves first, then go over the cap to lock up Beal.

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14 thoughts on “Wizards Sign Bradley Beal To Five-Year Deal

  1. Wizards are probably going to end up regretting this in two to three years. Beal is extremely talented but is way too injury prone.

  2. DannyQ3913

    Admitted having a condition/injuries where he’ll miss 25-30 games a year

  3. Wilfredo Diaz

    They want to waist that money,looks like they’re not worry about it.

  4. I’m surprised the cjh15 guy hasn’t made an appearance yet with his crazy 20 team trade that sees DeMarcus Cousins and Blake Griffin go to the Wizards in exchange for Gooden, Gortat, Morris and first round picks.

    • Chris815

      First off that trade was if kd want to sign with the clippers. Second I said this before gortat is too 10 center if not too 5 center. Let explain why. In NBA front court player are judge on double doubles and can they effect shot on def side of the ball. Well gortat was 8 th last year in all of the NBA in double doubles with 41 tied with Hassan whiteside . And if he hadn’t had to go back to Poland to take care of his sick mother he wouldn’t have miss 3 games and if wizards ex coach wasn’t dumb ass him self and not let his ego run a muck and not played him in dozen 4th quarters last season then he mite have end up with 50 or more which would have place him in top 3 . He also Abe 2 blocks a game last year and if that was enough for you back in the 2014/15 season he had more double doubles then 11 all stars . Including harden, brook lopez, Marc gasol, horford , Noah , Blake Griffin , serge Ibaka , Paul millsap, And when it come to Morris . He 25 years old make 7,4 million this year. And guy who are capable of putting up 18 points 10 rebounds, 6 ass, two blocks and 2 steal a game just don’t run around which he did at end of 2014 season with the Suns

        • Chris815

          So here the truth about gorat . His ranks in stats per game for true centers
          N. Ranked
          Points – 13.5 11
          Blk. 1.3. 12
          Stl. 0.6. 12
          Ass. 1.4. 15 tied with r Lopez

          • Chris815

            Reb- 9.9. 8th
            Fg.%. 56.7. 8th
            To. 1.6. 7th

            Like I l’ve said before he was tied for 8th in double doubles with whiteside and he miss 3 games because of his sick mother . And he didn’t play several 4 th quarters because of Whitman’s ego . Or his numbers could have been hire. So ya he is top 10 center and bye the way don’t give me Orlando center it Toronto’s center because head to head he ate them up

    • Chris815

      Let me me continue , Sergie Ibaka ,Paul millsap , kawhi Leonard , Tristan Thompson ,blake Griffin , ow ya Draymond green, and he was tied with whiteside , and Labron James . Also when it come to gooden his contract is not guaranteed which means the team that would get him would not have to pick it up and clear another 3.6 million of cap space. All I add two you player that are under 24 years of age that make less then million dollars each. Arron white will be a poor man’s Draymond green ,and jerrel Eddie who is 3 point specialist .and when it come to cousin I hate to inform you of 5 factors. But since you called me out . Let me point them out to you. 1 cousin has said and proven time and time again he doesn’t want to play for kings any more . 2 he has said numerous times he want to play with John wall who is one of his best friend in the world. 3 cousin is a unrestricted free agent in 2018 which means he’s gone , and most likely going to Washington anyway . So why not get something for him now. 4 reason this trade is the Chris webber trade of 1996 . When the golden state warrior traded webber to wizards for Tom Gugliota which at time was top 10 power forward in NBA along with 3 1 round picks .which one of them turn out to be Vince carter. So know your history. 5

    • Probably a bit salty but there’s not much he can do. He made his feelings apparent last offseason when Reggie Jackson signed an identical contract to what John Wall had. I’m sure the Wizards wouldn’t have minded giving $20 million plus to Wall but they can’t do anything about it really for another season or two.

      • Travis

        Even when john wall signed his 5 year 80 mill extension people were skeptical about giving him that kind of money because he was unproven and showed inconsistencies.

        Siigning that extension for Wall at the time was the best thing for him, because his market value at the time wasn’t all that high despite his upside. I would say hes finally an elite PG and probably deserves Beal -money at this point in time, however I dont think his play a few years ago warranted beal type money. Basically Beal-Walls contracts should be flip-flopped but as everyone know contracts are relative to the new salary cap increases,

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