Eastern Conference Salary Rankings: Centers

Hoops Rumors is in the process of ranking the salaries, separated by conference, for each NBA player by position. We’ve already looked at the point guards, shooting guards, small forwards, power forwards and centers of the Western Conference and we’ve now turned our attention toward the East, by running down the conference’s point guards, shooting guards, small forwards and power forwards. Now to finish up — here are the centers.

All told, the teams in the east have committed a total of $337,304,182 in cap hits this season to the men who man the middle. The average conference salary for centers this season is currently $9,637,262, with Al Horford topping the list with $26,540,100 to account for on his year-end W-2 form.

It should be noted that teams won’t necessarily pay out every dollar listed here. There are quite a few players who have non-guaranteed or partially guaranteed contracts. Some of those players won’t make it out of the preseason, while others will be sweating it out until January 10th. That’s when teams must waive players with no specific guarantee date written into their contracts to avoid having to guarantee their salaries for the rest of the season. In addition, incentive clauses that a player either triggers or fails to meet can leave a player with more or less money than his cap hit reflects. Still, the purpose of this list is to show the relative pay scale by position, which is why all contracts are included in this post.

I should also add that not every player listed below will play at the five spot this season, as some will likely see some time at power forward To maintain uniformity, I used their positions listed on the teams’ official rosters to determine which list to include them on. So if you see a player who isn’t expected to play the five for his team this season listed below, that’s why.

The Eastern Conference’s centers are listed below, in descending order of salary:

  1. Al Horford [Celtics] — $26,540,100
  2. Dwight Howard [Hawks] — $23,180,275
  3. Andre Drummond [Pistons] — $22,116,750
  4. Hassan Whiteside [Heat] —$22,116,750
  5. Brook Lopez [Nets] — $21,165,675
  6. Greg Monroe [Bucks] —$17,145,838
  7. Bismack Biyombo [Magic] —$17,000,000
  8. Joakim Noah [Knicks] —$17,000,000
  9. Ian Mahinmi [Wizards] —$15,944,154
  10. Tristan Thompson [Cavaliers] —$15,330,435
  11. Jonas Valanciunas [Raptors] —$14,382,023
  12. Robin Lopez [Bulls] — $13,219,250
  13. Miles Plumlee [Bucks] —$12,500,000
  14. Marcin Gortat [Wizards] —$12,000,000
  15. Nikola Vucevic [Magic] —$11,750,000
  16. Al Jefferson [Pacers] — $10,230,179
  17. Tiago Splitter [Hawks] — $8,550,000
  18. Tyler Zeller [Celtics] — $8,000,000
  19. Boban Marjanovic [Pistons] — $7,000,000
  20. Roy Hibbert [Hornets] — $5,000,000
  21. Joel Embiid [Sixers] —$4,826,160
  22. Jahlil Okafor [Sixers] —$4,788,840
  23. Nerlens Noel [Sixers] —$4,384,490
  24. Kelly Olynyk [Celtics] —$3,094,013
  25. Justin Hamilton [Nets]— $3,000,000
  26. Frank Kaminsky [Hornets] — $2,730,000
  27. Jakob Poeltl [Raptors] —$2,703,960
  28. Myles Turner [Pacers] — $2,463,840
  29. Lucas Nogueira [Raptors] —$1,921,320
  30. Kevin Seraphin [Pacers] — $1,800,000
  31. Chris Andersen [Cavaliers]—$1,551,659
  32. Guillermo Hernangomez [Knicks] —$1,375,000
  33. Edy Tavares [Hawks] — $1,000,000
  34. Stephen Zimmerman [Magic] —$950,000
  35. Marshall Plumlee [Knicks] —$543,471

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