NBA Considering Possibility Of Expansion?

As the NBA and NBPA work toward finalizing a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, the league is also reportedly considering the possibility of expansion, according to Kevin Nesgoda of While no NBA teams are expected to relocate anytime soon, the league apparently hasn’t ruled out the possibility of moving into a new (or old) market via expansion.

According to Nesgoda, he asked dozens of media and league sources whether NBA expansion is on the table, and the overwhelming majority suggested the possibility is being discussed. Nothing is certain at this point, but Nesgoda hears that Seattle remains on the league’s radar. Nesgoda identifies Louisville, Pittsburgh, Omaha, Las Vegas, Vancouver, and Mexico City as other cities that could attempt to vie for a franchise if given the opportunity.

The possibility of expansion is an interesting one for the NBA, particularly if there’s a city with an NBA-ready arena prepared to make a play for a team. Unlike Major League Baseball, where teams play nearly every day, the NBA could conceivably function with an odd number of teams, so adding a single franchise would be realistic. That scenario would dilute the league-wide talent pool slightly, but not significantly enough to have a real impact on the quality of play.

As Nesgoda cautions, there are still plenty of roadblocks between NBA expansion becoming a reality in Seattle or another city, even if the league were to open up bidding. A potential ownership group would require the land, the funding, and the approval for an NBA arena in order to be taken seriously as a potential location for a franchise. Still, it’s something worth keeping an eye on as the league and the players’ union negotiate a new CBA deal.

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12 thoughts on “NBA Considering Possibility Of Expansion?

  1. TJECK109

    While Pittsburgh has the arena for it I don’t see an NBA franchise being successful here.

  2. FormerlyZ

    The talent around the world and in the NBA is really at a good point right now. I could see expansion closer to the next 5 years than today b/c as mentioned, you don’t want to dilute that talent pool too much. It’s extremely difficult to get to the NBA right now, but I don’t think there is enough guys that can fuel one or 2 more 15 man rosters. The league is top heavy, but there is also more parity in the middle and at the bottom, as seen last season. I don’t know if the league should go away from that so soon. I do like Seattle, Vancouver, Louisville, Mexico City, and Richmond Virginia as options though

  3. One city that should not be overlooked is Montreal. An NBA ready arena, large multi-cultural population, countless corporate entities and multiple ownership options checks a lot of boxes.


    Las Vegas, more than enough monies and one Nhl ready stadium, with another being built by MSG and Las Vegas Sands. A wealthy billionaire family with $32.4 Billion.

    Whose family dividend is $1.3 Billion a year, could write the check for the $1 Billion expansion fee from cash similar to Ballmer.

    Family resides in Las Vegas, and is begging to be more intertwined with Las Vegas image, which is both self serving and more macro in economic vision.

    His family lasting legacy,

  5. Jack Luft

    The major jump in the salary cap resulted primarily from the new broadcast rights deal that every city and town with NBA fans will pay for. So if Nashville, Louisville, Kansas City, Cincinatti, Saint Louis, Tampa, Seattle, Las Vegas, Pittsburg, Birmingham and Jacksonville fans are shelling out big bucks to watch the NBA but rarely get to see a live game, it seems there is something wrong. But the crazy thing is with so much revenue to spread among a limited number of franchises, it becomes necessary (half of all team revenues have to be spent on player salaries) to pay some players 9 figure sums and many others nearly that much. Come on! Then you look at the D League where players get a paltry $25,000 a year and you wonder why some of those players, 30 to be exact, aren’t playing in the NBA where there is way more money being spent on role players that could easily fund 2 more franchises. Just one problem. The NBA is a monopoly and the few existing owners would have to give up some money to pay the new owners their share. Billionaires are notoriously cheap and won’t let it happen. Meanwhile, a lot of fans in major growing urban areas are subsidizing the lucky cities that are in the exclusive club, and that just isn’t right or fair. Expand to 2 new cities and share the wealth and the fun.

  6. J.M. Hall

    Being from around St. Louis, I would like to see a team play there. I think though that the “sentimental” favorite to get a team would in fact be Seattle (Rename them the Supersonics again)? Would have to work out the territorial rights with Portland, and build an arena, etc. Expansion though for the NBA should happen in my opinion

  7. Aaron

    Kansas City!!!! We recently built a mammoth downtown stadium with all the amenities, we have a large metropolitan area and no professional winter sports around!

  8. ramnalbaz

    Arena ready just waiting
    Sold out preseason game for couple of years now
    No doubt the city is hungry for an NBA team

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