Hoops Rumors Seeking Part-Time Writer

We’re looking to add a part-time contributor to the Hoops Rumors writing team. The position pays on an hourly basis. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Exceptional knowledge of all 30 NBA teams, with no discernible bias.
  • Knowledge of the salary cap, the collective bargaining agreement, and transaction-related concepts.
  • At least some college education.
  • Extensive writing experience, with professional experience and a background in journalism both preferred.
  • Keen understanding of journalistic principles, ethics, and procedures. Completion of basic college-level journalism classes is preferred.
  • Attention to detail — absolutely no spelling errors, especially for player and journalist names.
  • Ability to follow the site’s style and tone.
  • Ability to analyze articles and craft intelligent, well-written posts summing up the news in a few paragraphs. We need someone who can balance quick writing with thoughtful analysis. You must be able to add value to breaking news with your own insight, numbers, or links to other relevant articles.
  • Ability to use an RSS feed reader. Ability to use Twitter. Both of these are crucial.
  • Availability. You must be available to work Saturday and Sunday daytime hours. Weekday daytime availability is also strongly preferred.
  • Flexibility. You must be available to work on short notice.

If you’re interested, email hoopsrumorsparttimers@gmail.com by Wednesday, November 16 (9:00am central time) and take a couple of paragraphs to explain why you qualify and stand out. Many will likely apply, so unfortunately we cannot respond to every applicant.

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