Oden: I’ll Go Down As “Biggest Bust In NBA History”

Former number one overall pick Greg Oden believes he’ll go down as the biggest bust in NBA history, as Jeff Goodman of ESPN.com writes. The ex-Blazers center, who has talked in the past about his place among the most disappointing draft picks in league history, made his latest comment to ESPN’s Outside The Lines.

“I’ll be remembered as the biggest bust in NBA history,” Oden said. “But I can’t do nothing about that.”

The former Trail Blazers center, who appeared in just 105 total NBA games due to a history of knee injuries, also reiterated statements he has made about shutting down any attempts at a return to the court. Oden made an effort last season to revive his playing career in China, but acknowledges now that it’s no longer a possibility, even if he’d like it to be.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Oden said. “If I was healthy, I would love to continue playing, but I’m not healthy.”

Oden is currently back at Ohio State University, working with the basketball team and taking classes in an effort to complete his degree.

What do you think? Is Oden’s self-assessment harsh, but fair? Or would you consider another player as a bigger bust than 2007’s first overall pick?

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26 thoughts on “Oden: I’ll Go Down As “Biggest Bust In NBA History”

  1. fmfish12

    Personally, other guys have been much more disappointing. I believe that if it hadn’t been for the numerous injuries and knee problems, Oden would’ve been an above average player and a top big man in the league. However, what does make him a historically notable bust, is not so much his fault; the fact that a top 3 player and future HOFer in Kevin Durant was picked 2nd behind him makes it crushing blow. I still wonder what could’ve been for the Blazers had they went with the lanky scorer from Texas, instead of the big, intimidated post presence from Ohio State. But that’s what makes sports drafts so great: there’s gonna be busts, there’s gonna be diamond in the roughs, and rarely will there be guys in fully pan out to their expectations.

  2. J.M. Hall

    Not true. I am pretty sure Kwa-me Brown will. Greg Oden, your telling us that Kwame was better than you….please

    • fettichico shiznilty

      Kwame obviously shouldn’t have been the first pick but he ended up being a solid pro with a decent career.
      I’ll go with a guy I actually admit to purchasing a jersey of, Michael Olowokandi. He stuck in the league longer than he should have purely because of his hight.

    • Bailey Strunk

      It is hard for me to call players “bust” when injures have became a huge factor in their careers. He is a bust but not the biggest bust, the biggest bust HAS to be Anthony Bennett, no injuries has had plenty of minutes to prove himself & he is just not good.

    • ffjsisk

      Yeah, but Bowie actually played a while and was somewhat productive. Injuries robbed him as well though.

    • leostargensen

      Darko for similar reasons as with Oden/Durant, so much talent picked before and after he was selected

    • jkeough

      Coming from a Piston’s fan it’s Darko for sure. What a waste. Melo, Bosh, and Wade picked right after him. 3 hall of famers!! Damn that hurt.

  3. The main reason he is wrong is because injuries caused him to be a “bust”. I agree that part of the reason is because KD was taken right after him, but I feel a lot of people would take Oden at full health over guys like Kwame Brown and Darko Milicic.

  4. silverbackgorilla16@gmail.com

    His injury history affected him I’d say… Plus his right leg is slightly shorter then his left…. Hence reason he had lots of leg injuries. I feel bad for him nothing he can do about having a bit of a shorter leg

  5. smittybanton

    As for #1 picks, Michael Olawkandi.

    However, none had the hype all through their teenage years like Greg Oden. So, I know what he means.

    Thing is, Oden was overhyped because Shaq’s power was all the rage. Oden had absolutely no offensive touch, and was not quite the physical marvel that Shaq was. So I don’t think he would’ve been better than, say, Dwight Howard even if he had remained healthy. A good player, for sure. But not the superstar people were forecasting.

    Eddy Curry was just as disappointing. Yet he was overhyped as well, being another of the ‘next shaquille oneal’s’.

  6. well he didnt ask to be drafted #1, how about the blazers hire better scouts and not drafting players with red flags all over him? Career would be much better if he is just a 1st rounder

  7. BostonSports

    Len Bias. Easily the worst. #1 pick, OD, then gone. Took Celtics years to recover

  8. Baller from da north

    Anthony Bennet thougg my heart bleeds for the 1st round pick that should never have been. If he had been a last first or second rounder he would have had so much less presser and maybe been able to function.

  9. I believe your career should about more than just what you did on the court. How many kids did you have a positive impact on. And how can you move forward with what have left.

  10. dust44

    Michael Olowkandi is still wayyyy up there. Oden just got hurt. Olowkandi, Kwame Brown, Anthony Bennett just aren’t any good.

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