Chris Andersen Tears ACL, Out For Season

The Cavaliers will be without backup big man Chris Andersen for the remainder of the season, says Yahoo Sports’ Chris Mannix. The 38-year-old tore the ACL in his right knee jumping for a rebound in practice and will undergo surgery. According to an official Cavs update, the prognosis was confirmed by a team physician.

What’s next for the defending champions remains to be seen. The 15-year-veteran’s minimum salary is guaranteed, so the team would have to eat it if Andersen is waived. As a result, Brian Windhorst of ESPN speculates that while the Cavs would be unlikely to outright release the Birdman for tax reasons, they could instead explore trade options. Already taking up a spot on the roster is retired veteran Mo Williams, whose contract could be dealt in a package for a suitable replacement.

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In 12 games with Cleveland this season, Andersen has averaged just 2.3 points and 2.6 rebounds per game, playing more than 10 minutes only four times on the year. However, his veteran leadership and ability to match up against bulky forwards and centers will be missed.

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7 thoughts on “Chris Andersen Tears ACL, Out For Season

  1. Bluesman

    I hope not, but with an injury like this at 38 y/o, this could be it for the Birdman! He played hard and was exciting to watch, but if he goes through rehab, and tries to play again, Father Time will not be on his side.

        • Jahdaughta

          Haters can only hate, for they’re lack of accomplishing anything.. Chris birdMan HAS and will accomplish much in life, birth on and off the court. Fly free bird Man, the world is yours, good hearted people shall never fade away!

  2. formerlyz

    Man, tough break for Birdman. Unfortunately, this is likely the end for him. He always played hard, at least in the last few years, and he was productive in his role late in his career. He is a champion though.

    This also makes things interesting, as now both the cavs and warriors have a similar need, although the Warriors need is greater…both are now looking for a big that can defend, defend pick and roll, protect the rim, and catch and finish at the basket

  3. Lunar Cathay

    The 38-year-old Andersen signed a one-year contract with Cleveland for the veteran’s minimum in July. He was brought in to shore up a thin frontcourt after the Cavs lost backup center Timofey Mozgov to the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency.

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