Grizzlies Waive Toney Douglas

The Grizzlies are waiving Toney Douglas, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical, who reports (via Twitter) that three of Memphis’ injured players are getting close to returning. Douglas was signed by the Grizzlies using a hardship exception, which allowed the team to add a 16th man to its roster since four players were sidelined for an extended period.

We had already heard that James Ennis, one of those four injured Grizzlies players, was nearing a return, but Wojnarowski says that two others – Mike Conley and Chandler Parsons – have also made significant progress (Twitter links). According to Wojnarowski, Conley could get back on the court as soon as this weekend, which would be a surprisingly fast turnaround. When the veteran point guard went down with a back injury, reports indicated he would be re-evaluated in a month and would likely miss at least six weeks — that was just over two weeks ago.

Up until his injury, Conley had been one of the NBA’s most valuable players, so there were some questions about how the Grizzlies would perform without him. Since he went down, however, Memphis has played some of its best ball of the season, putting up a 7-2 record, with wins against the Warriors and Cavaliers. The team’s only two losses in that stretch came against Cleveland and Toronto, the two top teams in the East.

While Douglas didn’t play a ton during his time with the Grizzlies, he saw 17.8 minutes per game in six contests, averaging 5.8 PPG, 2.7 APG, and 2.7 RPG. Assuming he’s officially waived today, he’ll become an unrestricted free agent this weekend, while Memphis will carry a cap hit of just over $100K for him, per Bobby Marks of The Vertical (Twitter link).

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10 thoughts on “Grizzlies Waive Toney Douglas

  1. TD is a player I watch his game while in Memphis . He should be on a nba team right now . He can produce on both ends of the floor . Love this kid ” Grit ” . The guy can’t flat out play.

  2. Dude can’t catch a break. Cut twice by teams who need a backup PG. He has to fit somewhere in the league…Plays tough D and can hit some threes. Bummer.

  3. Totally agree there are some terrible decision with general managers . TD lock up point guards , run the team as a veteran and also shoot the ball . He is a NBA player . Some NBA team will appreciate his services .

  4. Maybe he’s a bad locker room guy? I’ve never been a big fan of Douglas, but if he can’t find an end of the roster spot somewhere, there is some issue that the coach/team is seeing.

    • formerlyz

      I’ve always heard great things about his character and how he is in the locker room, and i know he was well liked when he was here with the Heat, so it’s not that. This one is b/c of the hardship provision they used to sign him. I can think of multiple teams that could use him as a combo guard that can defend and shoot, off the bench. Knicks could use him after they got rid of Galloway for some reason. Portland, Washington, Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Indiana come to mind as well.

  5. I know TD he is not a bad locker room guy . He is a great person , teammate , fun to have around . I can tell you never played the game of basketball . TD will be on a team quickly soon . Lots of teams can use a guy like that . Won’t be surprise if Memphis grizzlies bring him back in sign him soon . He seem like a good fit there . A veteran that can hold down the fork .

  6. Custer22

    Exactly I totally agree with thoses teams can use Toney Douglas. Washington, cavs , Indiana , Knicks , rockets , @ hawks can really use him now. The hardship provision that’s why , but he will definitely be on a team sooner than later .

  7. Ice-Cold

    This had nothing to do with Toney’s performance on the floor, nor with him being a problem in the locker room. He quickly earned Fizdale’s trust as the most reliable PG in Conley’s absence. And to a man, all of the vets on the team loved having him on the team. This was purely business.

    To keep Douglas, they would have had to cut a player with a guaranteed contract. They couldn’t cut a wing and keep 4 point guards on the roster, especially with all of the injuries on the wing. And even though Douglas outplayed Wade Baldwin and Andrew Harrison, there was no realistic way to keep him. There was no way they were cutting ties with Wade Baldwin this soon, even though he hasn’t even shown flashes of being worthy of being taken 17th overall. Andrew Harrison has been inconsistent, but has definitely shown enough in his rookie year to warrant his spot. So with Conley coming back, Toney is a victim of circumstance. But someone will pick him up. And he will help that team win. He can play.

    • formerlyz

      Baldwin has still been good on defense though. I’ve honestly never like Harrison. He seems to take some dumb long shots in the half court, which I also remember him doing at Kentucky. That being said, that should be correctable, and he is young, so doesnt make much sense to cut him

  8. Neal125

    Toney Douglas defentily out played wade baldwin & Anderw Aarison . He is a better shooter , play maker & defender . @ some point soon I think the grizzlies will do everything to bring him back. When the play offs starts you can’t depend on rookies @ the pg position . That’s if no other team snatch him quickly he is to good of a player to be out .

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