Atlantic Notes: Rose, Zeller, General Electric

There has been plenty of speculation surrounding possible Carmelo Anthony trade scenarios, but Frank Isola of the New York Daily News argues that the Knicks would be better served dealing Derrick Rose instead.

Amid all the drama that has unfolded in New York, Rose has quietly put forth his best season since 2011/12. In 41 games for the Knicks, Rose has averaged 18.1 points and 4.5 assists per game. Still, despite the subtle improvements, Isola doesn’t think that the club could legitimately consider signing the 28-year-old guard long-term.

Isola suggests that the Knicks move Rose and his valuable expiring contract instead. He adds that the Knicks, then, should decrease the minutes assigned to Anthony so that they could dangle a high first-round pick and abundant available cap space when pursuing possible free agents next summer.

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5 thoughts on “Atlantic Notes: Rose, Zeller, General Electric

  1. emac22

    Poor Frankie.

    Math is just so hard!

    He wants to trade the “valuable expiring contract”, which is only valuable as an expiring contract if they take back a multi year contract in trade, and then dangle the cap space he just traded away for a free agent. Plus of course the oh so valuable now part time teammate on a max contract he’ll be stuck with for 2 years.

    No wonder this poor guy hates Phil. He probably goes into every off season thinking Dolan can afford Lebron, Paul & Curry but that Phil prefers players like Jennings, Hernangomez and Kuz.

  2. Dionis

    I got an idea, how about Wade for Rose straight up? Bring back Rose to the Bulls thats where his heart still lies. Knicks can start Wade over Lee for veteran leadership and Melo and Wade get to play together. Rose never wanted to leave Chicago I am sure the owner would take him back, the Bulls are not the same without him.

  3. Nigel

    I can see dewade in a New York knick uniform next season. I could also see carmelo trying to recruit him.


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