Bulls Interested In Chris Bosh

The Bulls will be “at the front of the line” to sign Chris Bosh if the veteran forward can play next season, according to Marc Stein of ESPN.com. Chicago is already making plans to recruit Bosh, who will turn 33 in March, Stein adds.

Bosh hasn’t played since last season’s All-Star break after doctors discovered blood clots for a second time. He failed a physical right before training camp and his NBA future remains in limbo.

Miami is expected to petition the league to get the final two seasons of Bosh’s contract removed from its salary cap, but sources are telling Stein they don’t expect that to happen before March 1st to make sure he’s not playoff-eligible for another team. The Heat can make the move any time after February 9th, which is the one-year anniversary of his last game for Miami.

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18 thoughts on “Bulls Interested In Chris Bosh

  1. josc2

    Let’s get “younger and more athletic” by signing a 33 year old with a potential life threatening condition – GarPax thinking

  2. What’s the point of making sure he can’t play in the playoffs? Why are they punishing him extra just because they want him off the cap?
    It’s not like the Heat would be facing him in the playoffs this year anyways.

    • If Bosh plays 25 games in the NBA after the Heat waive him, his contract goes back on the cap. By waiting until after March 1, they guarantee he can’t hit that mark this year and they’ll have an additional ~25 Million in cap space going into the offseason.

  3. Why do they care if he plays in the playoffs for another team? They aren’t going to be in the playoffs. Such a dick move.

  4. sss847

    is this because wade said he doesn’t want to play with a bunch of 21 year olds next year? come on Bulls don’t be dumb.

    • Djones246890

      It’s just what Reinsdorf and his moronic welfare job crony hires do. There’s absolutely zero accountability with any of his managers, because they’re all in his old boys club, and can’t get fired. So, they basically sign once-great players, that are well past their prime, probably to get autographs. He does it with the White Sox and he does it with the Bulls. Two worst run franchises in sports. Nothing but a jobs program for terrible executives.

      • Deandre


        The bulls are the worst run team in the NBA. Do I have to point you in the direction of Sacramento?

  5. cubsfn07

    Instead of continuing to sign a bunch of players past their prime they need to fire gar and pax, trade off everything they can get a decent return for, and start fresh. Otherwise this team will continue to be mediocre and finish just outside the 8 spot of the playoffs or in the 8 spot which in the east is not very glorious.

  6. Djones246890

    This front office is a JOKE. Hey, Gar/Pax, it isn’t 2010. These guys aren’t old for real life, but they ARE old for elite-level NBA standards.

  7. ChiSoxCity

    Remember, the NBA is a business. If Bulls fans want to see change, stop going the games and stop watching them on tv.

    Jerry and Co. is happy to maintain the status quo as long as the revenues continue to roll in.

  8. Matt Sexton

    Coming from a Sixers fan who’s a huge fan of the teardown when necessary, I don’t think this is such a bad move..
    Remember how bosh played before he went down. Lead scorer and rebounder while hitting 40% of his treys. The guy is a perfect small ball big, and he sure as hell didn’t look like he was 32. A lot of guys that play with Lebron get extra mileage because of the load he takes off, and especially bosh, if he stayed in shape during these off years might have some dirk longevity in him. I wouldn’t want to see a bosh butler combo in the east. Sounds dangerous.

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