Checking In On Traded 2017 Draft Picks

Depending on how active this year’s trade deadline is, we could see a number of first- and second-round draft picks change hands next month. But even if that doesn’t happen, there will be plenty of 2017 picks on the move. Many of those traded picks come with certain protection criteria, as we detailed back in September when we took a closer look at the first-rounders and second-rounders that have already been dealt.

With the 2017 draft inching closer and the February trade deadline just several weeks away, it’s worth checking in to see how this year’s standings have affected those traded picks. If a team knows it will likely have an extra pick or two coming its way in 2017, it could impact what sort of moves that club is willing to make at this year’s deadline.

So, using our 2016/17 Reverse Standings, here’s a breakdown of how the traded draft picks for 2017 would look if the season ended today and the lottery standings held to form:

First Round:


  • Celtics would swap No. 21 pick for Nets‘ No. 1 pick (swap rights).
  • Sixers would receive No. 7 pick from Lakers (top-3 protected).
  • Bulls would receive No. 15 pick from Kings (top-10 protected).
  • Nuggets would receive No. 23 pick from Grizzlies (top-5 protected).
  • Raptors would receive No. 24 pick from Clippers (top-14 protected).
  • Jazz would receive No. 30 pick from Warriors (unprotected).

Not conveyed:

  • Sixers would not have opportunity to swap No. 2 pick with Kings‘ pick (swap rights; 11-30 protected). Sacramento’s obligation to Philadelphia would be extinguished.

Second Round:


  • Hawks would receive No. 31 pick from Nets (unprotected).
  • Pelicans would receive No. 32 pick from Sixers (unprotected).
  • Grizzlies would receive No. 33 pick from Heat (41-60 protected).
  • Celtics would receive No. 36 pick from Timberwolves (unprotected).
  • Rockets would receive No. 39 pick from Nuggets (unprotected).
  • Rockets would receive No. 40 pick from Trail Blazers (unprotected).
  • Sixers would receive No. 41 pick from Pistons. May be No. 42 pick, depending on coin flip.
  • Jazz would receive No. 43 pick from Knicks.
  • Knicks would receive No. 46 pick from Bulls (unprotected). May be No. 47 pick, depending on coin flip.
  • Nets would receive No. 51 pick from Celtics (31-45 protected; contingent on Celtics swapping first-rounders with Nets).
  • Nuggets would receive No. 52 pick from Thunder (31-35 protected).
  • Nuggets would receive No. 53 pick from Grizzlies (31-35 protected).
  • Celtics would receive No. 54 pick from Clippers (unprotected).
  • Knicks would receive No. 57 pick from Rockets (unprotected).
  • Celtics would receive No. 58 pick from Cavaliers (unprotected).
  • Sixers would receive No. 60 pick from Warriors.

Not conveyed:

  • Hawks would not receive No. 33 pick from Heat (31-40 protected). Miami would owe Atlanta its 2018 second-round pick (unprotected).
  • Timberwolves would not receive No. 38 pick from Pelicans (31-55 protected). New Orleans’ obligation to Minnesota would be extinguished.
  • Magic would not receive No. 45 pick from Kings (31-55 protected). Sacramento’s obligation to Orlando would be extinguished.
  • Nets would not receive No. 46 pick from Pacers (45-60 protected). Indiana would owe Brooklyn its 2018 second-round pick (45-60 protected).
  • Spurs would not receive No. 49 pick from Hawks (31-55 protected). Atlanta’s obligation to San Antonio would be extinguished.’s database of traded draft picks was used in the creation of this post.

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6 thoughts on “Checking In On Traded 2017 Draft Picks

  1. crazysull

    So the Celtics might get the 1st overall pick? That is perfect. Hopefully we can either get a good player or trade it for a good PF like Paul George or someone like him.

    • Luke Adams

      Yeah, I mean, obviously we still have a half-season to play, and the lottery could wreak havoc on the top of the order, but it sure looks like the Celtics will be in line for at least another top-5 pick.

  2. phillyphan3

    Sixers trading that first pick of round 2 for ish smith. Pretty valuable pick.

  3. mcase7187

    Can the sixers get the number one pick or is there a rule yet were you can’t get the number one pick so many yrs in a row?


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