Hawks Seek ‘Quality’ First-Round Pick For Millsap

The Hawks are looking to acquire at least one “quality” first-round pick for Paul Millsap, writes Marc Stein of ESPN. Such a deal, however, may be difficult to come by given the amount of big money that the pending free agent will attract this summer.

Considering that the Hawks recently turned 35-year-old Kyle Korver into a first-round pick from Cleveland, all eyes will be on what they can yield in return for their three-time All-Star given that there’s no guarantee he’ll remain with the team that acquires him.

Expect clubs like the Raptors to think long and hard about the Hawks veteran’s contract situation and what they would have to sacrifice in order to retain the 31-year-old long-term.

Millsap, the last remaining starter from the Hawks’ 60-win, 2014/15 squad, is averaging 17.8 points and 8.2 rebounds per game.

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8 thoughts on “Hawks Seek ‘Quality’ First-Round Pick For Millsap

    • 4thlegacy

      The Kings draft is all messed up. If the Kings get a top ten pick the 76ers have the right to swap picks and if the pick falls out of the top 10 it goes to the Bulls I believe. Perhaps if they used a future pick but going consecutive years without a first round pick only works if your a legit and established title contender

      • Connorsoxfan

        And actually, it doesn’t work at all because of the stepian rule, or whatever it’s called. Sorry if the name is wrong.

  1. It’s going to be Philly, BOS, or Sac.

    Philly: Noel or Oakafor, Bayless, and a pick
    BOS: Brown, Zerebko, Zeller and a BK pick
    Sac: McLemore, Stein, and the 18′ pic. Toliver added for Sallary reasons.

    • ari_7732

      The celtics aren’t going to trade the first overall pick AND Brown for half a year of Paul Millsap. 76ers aren’t trading Okafor and a top 3 lick for him either.

  2. WaltBBall

    No team is going to give away a 1st rd pick or starter to possibly rent a player. Milsap stuck a knife into a lot of suitors when he made his feelings known concerning the HAWKS. I’m hoping Paul will be a HAWK and I think a fair contract will keep Paul in a HAWKS uniform. Coach Bud may offer a 15-20 % raise to Paul and he will probably accept

  3. You guys are looking at where Briwn and Okafor where drafted, instead of who they currently are as players. Neither is a current starter and none of us know where those picks are going to end up. They’re is also an article out there that said BOS would become willing to give up one of BK’s picks if Miksap agreed not to opt out. So my idea is not out of context.


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