Sixers Expected To Pursue Jrue Holiday In Free Agency

The Sixers will take a hard look at Jrue Holiday in free agency, sources tell Zach Lowe of Philadelphia will have the available cap space to offer the point guard a lucrative contract should it chose to do so and Lowe notes that Holiday would be a great fit alongside Ben Simmons.

The Pelicans are worried that Holiday could walk at the end of the season. They are also worried that his departure would cause Anthony Davis to be frustrated with the direction of the franchise. Davis wants Holiday to remain in New Orleans, but he understands it’s out of his control.  “I’m gonna do everything in my power to keep him here,” Davis said. “But it’s a business decision, and he’s a grown man with a family.”

New Orleans could deal Holiday before the deadline out of fear that it will lose him for nothing over the summer. However, Lowe adds that it’s more likely that they hold onto him and hope the free agent bidding war doesn’t get too out of hand.

Holiday previously said he hasn’t thought about his potential free agent decision. He’ll make slightly under $11.3MM this season in the final year of his deal.

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7 thoughts on “Sixers Expected To Pursue Jrue Holiday In Free Agency

  1. Eric

    Can you do extend and trade deals?

    As in an extended Rose for Holiday?

    • PeeWeeHerron618

      Stop hating we playing better than alot expected.

  2. smittybanton

    I guess I just don’t understand why NO wouldn’t pay whatever it costs? I get the injury concerns. But they are nothing without him.

    You let Tyreke Evans walk. Moreover, he plays exactly the same as the Sixers point guard: Ben Simmons. At Memphis, ‘Reke was 85% of Ben Simmons. Having a veteran off the bench like that will be valuable.

    As for Jrue, there aren’t a lot of team who will overpay an oft-injured though talented point guard. There’s simply not a lot of need for point guard, period.

    He can go back to California and play with Demarcus Cousins in Sacramento. But I sure as well wouldn’t give up Anthony Davis for Cousins, especially after you just got Buddy Hield and some other decent players.

    Getting Terrance Jones and D-Mo were shrewd moves.

    I’m a Sixers fan, but I just don’t see it.

    Instead, I think Bryan Colangelo is feeding this info to Zach Lowe as a subtle way to increase leverage in trade negotiations over Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel.

    The Sixers are 5-2 in 2017, in part on improved play from youngins, TJ McConnell, Nik Stauskas and Timothe Luwawu. The emergence of guards on the team and the possibility of getting an All-Star as a free agent gives Colangelo more confidence to say ‘no’ to weak offers–or at least that’s the impression he wants to give.

  3. Z-A

    In a PG-heavy draft your’e going to overpay an injury prone PG? The only reason his TOVs are down is b/c he’s playing less minutes.

    However, the team is playing TOO well. They need to finish in the bottom 3 to have a chance at Fultz/Ball. Seriously they’re are going to mess it up again if they win more games by playing themselves out of the top of the draft.


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