Cavaliers Face Two Important Deadlines Monday

Monday is an important day on the Cavaliers’ calendar for two reasons, notes Terry Pluto of

It’s the expiration date for a trade exception the team acquired when it dealt Anderson Varejao to Portland last season. Currently at nearly $4.4MM, the exception started out at more than $9.6MM, but the Cavs used about $5.2MM when they acquired Kyle Korver from the Hawks in January.

Pluto speculates that Jazz point guard Shelvin Mack could be a good pickup with Cleveland searching for a veteran backup to Kyrie Irving. Mack has dropped out of the rotation in Utah, but he is averaging 7.3 points through 46 games and is shooting 36% from 3-point range, which would be an asset in Cleveland’s offense. Mack’s salary is a little more than $2.4MM, and he will be a free agent when the season ends.

Monday also marks the first day that Varejao could potentially return to Cleveland. NBA rules state that players who are traded must wait at least a full calendar year before rejoining their original team.

The Warriors waived Varejao two weeks ago to free up a roster spot to sign Briante Weber. Pluto writes that the 34-year-old big man could be on the Cavaliers’ radar as a fallback choice as they look for a replacement for the injured Chris Andersen. First they will see if any centers are realistic trade options, then they wait to see who gets bought out. Pluto says they prefer Andrew Bogut to Varejao, but it seems likely the Mavericks will keep him.

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5 thoughts on “Cavaliers Face Two Important Deadlines Monday

  1. GuruGray

    Pretty sure Varejao has negative value. He might be the only player that could make the Warriors lineup average

  2. He did not leave the cavs by choice, his departure help bring us a championship. I know there is be a rim protector out there whom” we can pick up that will assist us in this campaign for the 2017 Nba championship! Yet at the chance of sound sensitive! !! It would at least to me feel better winning one with the wild thang . If he’s willing to play one last time for the cavs I say let him and by the way any inside imfo he ha’s to share on the soon to be beat in the finals by the cavs , im sure we will consider helpful lolllllll

    • Pihc123

      Ok. Wild thing has already been in the losing side of two Cavs NBA finals and in Warriors final. Making him a three time loser.

  3. I believe he left on bad terms, and wouldn’t even accept a ring from the champs. No way he goes back there.

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