Cavaliers Notes: James, Smith, Williams

LeBron James claims that he “always felt good” about the Cavaliers‘ roster this season, though he admitted that he feels better now about the team than he did in January., Joe Vardon of writes.

“Had nothing to do about exactly the team, it was just the way we were playing,” James recently said. “I’ve always felt good about the team. Coming into the season, even in January I felt good about our team, but you know it’s just about the way we were playing. So now I feel really good about the way we’re playing right now, and coach Lue has a pretty good handle for what he would like us to do on the court.”

The 4-time MVP has been critical of the front office this season, battling with ownership over payroll concerns and demanding outside help in the form of a playmaker. Just last month, he called the roster “top heavy” and exclaimed that this year’s squad was worse than the team that won the championship last season. The team has since added Derrick Williams via 10-day deal and it plans on adding Deron Williams on Monday. LBJ appears happy with with the team’s moves.

“Listen the only thing that matters is the guys on the court and the guys who come to work every day,” James said. “The moves will be made by our GM and things of that nature. Coaching staff is ready to put the guys on the floor, so that’s my concern, that’s my mindset right now. Getting this team geared up for the postseason and we want to continue to play good ball.”

Here’s more from The Land:

  • Kyle Korver knows Deron Williams from their time together in Utah and he believes Williams will be a great fit for the Cavs, Vardon writes in a separate piece“He wants to be a part of an opportunity to win a championship,” Korver said of Williams. “And just being here the whole time I’ve been here, and just seeing where there are some of the holes, or not holes, but where we can be better and knowing who he is and his skill set, I think it’s an incredible fit. He’s a guy that can play with the ball, he can play off the ball. He’s a good shooter, he’s a smart player. He can switch on defense, he’s a bigger body. I just think he’s a really good fit all around.”
  • The Cavs were interested in adding Williams during the 2015 offseason when the point guard agreed to a buyout with the Nets, Vardon adds in that same piece. Williams opted to join Dallas over coming to Cleveland.
  • While there’s no official date for J.R. Smith‘s return to the court, the team is optimistic about his recovery from a thumb injury, Chris Fedor of relays. “He seems to be doing very well. I’d say he’s on schedule, maybe slightly ahead of schedule,” GM David Griffin said.
  • Earlier today, we learned that Andrew Bogut is expected to join the Cavs once he reaches a buyout agreement with the Sixers.
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5 thoughts on “Cavaliers Notes: James, Smith, Williams

  1. InvalidUserID

    Hmmm they add Korver, Williams and probably Bogut. He better feel better and not complain about not having talent now.

    • CAVS0223

      Couldn’t agree more. His best buddies got paid in the offseason. He took money over ability to get another max player due to his pride and ego of wanting to be paid the highest in the league and they added some great veterans for nothing. Right place and right time. No more complaining.

      • floridagators

        Comments like this make me lose my hair. You know nothing. Lebron James has been/is worth hundreds upon hundreds of millions dollars to the NBA probably more and he is ONLY making $30 million dollars this year. Why would he take anything less than what he has rightfully earned?

        • David Simon

          Unless you are from Cleveland; no one truly understands what LeBron has done for this city. If he was playing in an uncapped(MLB) league. I bet he makes100+ mil a year! He will go down as one of the GOATS…#2 only because MJ was undefeated in Finals.


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