Knicks Rumors: Rose, Carmelo, O’Quinn, Jennings

The Knicks have been actively exploring potential Derrick Rose trades with the deadline nearing, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical (podcast link). As Wojnarowski notes, the club’s approach to Rose suggests there isn’t a ton of interest in re-signing him this summer.

According to Ian Begley of, some members of the Knicks organization are “wary” of taking on any long-term salary back in a deal for Rose, since the team could free up more than $21MM for 2017/18 by keeping the point guard’s expiring contract on the books.

As the Knicks mull what to do with Rose, here are a few more notes on the team from Wojnarowski and Begley:

  • Rival executives around the NBA believed – as of Tuesday evening – that the Clippers and Celtics haven’t entirely closed the door on a Carmelo Anthony trade, writes Begley. Still, according to Wojnarowski, the Knicks have been underwhelmed by what teams are willing to give up for Anthony, reducing their motivation to move him.
  • Per Wojnarowski, it’s possible that the Knicks hang onto Anthony through the deadline, then try to reopen trade scenarios around the 2017 draft. Begley reports that some people within the Clippers organization think that the All-Star forward would be open to waiving his no-trade clause and approving a move to Los Angeles in the summer.
  • Even if the Knicks don’t move any marquee veterans, a deal this week is possible. According to Begley, teams have asked about guys like Kyle O’Quinn and Brandon Jennings in recent days.
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7 thoughts on “Knicks Rumors: Rose, Carmelo, O’Quinn, Jennings

  1. jacobsigel1025

    As a Celtics fan, the only way I’m comfortable getting Carmelo is if New York eats 50% of his salary annually and we use this as leverage to get Love from Cleveland and eventually ship Carmelo and whoever else for Love and whoever else

    • AjBronx7

      Someone is living in a fantasy world. This isn’t MLB different rules for trading and why would the Cavs let a rival in there conference get better while they get worse.

    • CriminalMethod

      I wouldn’t be comfortable with him on the team at all. He doesn’t play defense at All and he’s gonna take away shots from the young guys.

    • ctguy

      If the Celtics get Carmelo, be prepared to keep him. The Cavs at least are not going to take him for Love. Ain’t happening. Aging player, large contract and not as good as Love at this point in their careers. Knicks already tried to do this with the Cavs several times. They just don’t seem interested in Anthony.

    • Cavs wouldn’t trade Love for Melo when the Knicks were in play. Boston acquiring Melo does nothing to make that deal more attractive to Cleveland unless they come away with an obvious win (so the Celtics would be trading assets away that you wouldn’t want traded away).

  2. old_cheapy_fred

    Knicks approached the Cavs this year about a direct Love-Melo swap (perhaps other pieces, but nothing to do with Boston). Last year, Boston tried to engineer the 3-way deal, although it never got to the point where the Knicks had to think much about it (or approach Melo) since the Cavs were an immediate “no” on dealing Love.

    I can’t see the Knicks getting Love, but if by some miracle they do, I doubt they’ll be flipping him anywhere. Certainly not their intent earlier this year.

  3. MafiaBass

    Dear Danny Ainge,

    PLEASE close the door on trading for Carmelo Anthony by not doing it.


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