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After suggesting last week that he ultimately wants to “call the shots” for the Lakers, new team advisor Magic Johnson has clarified those comments, though he didn’t exactly walk them back. The Hall-of-Famer tells Ramona Shelburne of that while Jim Buss is the one calling the shots in the Lakers’ front office for now, Johnson wants to be the one with the decision-making power in the future.

“When I say calling the shots, it’s more, ‘Somebody has to be the final decision-maker.’ I would love that to be me,” Johnson said. “Everybody has their input, and then somebody has to make the final call. Once we gather all the facts, I’d love to be the person making the final call.”

Although Johnson said that he doesn’t want to be the team’s general manager, he tells Shelburne that he’d welcome a role in which the Lakers’ GM reports to him.

“I’d rely on people to do that, and same persona would be the day-to-day person,” Johnson said. “Then I’d have that role where that person reports to me, and we’d talk about where we are, what we’re doing, whether that’s scouting players, whether that’s transactions, whether we’re going to extend a player. All those things.”

While Johnson admits he’s not the one calling the shots at this point, that hasn’t stopped him from talking about what he would do if he were in charge. Appearing on ESPN’s First Take, Johnson said today that he’d want Kobe Bryant to join him in the Lakers’ front office, since Bryant “understands winning.” According to Johnson, he’d ask Kobe what sort of role he’d want, and would be happy to take “whatever time he has.”

Here’s more on Johnson and his new role in Los Angeles:

  • In an interview on Monday with CBS This Morning, Johnson said he thinks it will take “three to five years” to get the Lakers back into contention, as Mark Medina of The Los Angeles Daily News. Of course, Buss famously made a similar pronouncement three years ago, but the Lakers now have a few more young building blocks in place than they did in 2014.
  • According to Shelburne and Medina, Johnson is scheduled to meet next Monday with Buss and GM Mitch Kupchak to discuss where the Lakers’ roster stands and what’s next for the franchise.
  • The Lakers have been exploring potential trade options, but are considered unlikely to make a deal this month, since the structure of the front office remains up in the air, writes Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders. League sources tell Kyler that they expect the team to stand pat unless there’s a “no-brainer” offer on the table to improve the club’s long-term outlook.
  • Jovan Buha of spoke to Lakers head coach Luke Walton about Johnson’s potential impact on the franchise going forward.
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6 thoughts on “Latest On Magic Johnson, Lakers


    Talk about an ego….why doesn’t he just shut up and learn as an advisor first

    • Well to be fair, it’d probably cost a couple of billion dollars for him to buy the team, if the Buss family was even interested in selling. Even a large share (but not majority) of the team would probably could a couple hundred million. And the only reason he has a share in the Dodgers is because he was part of a large group, so its not like he fronted the entire cost of the ownership share.

      • BayAreaSportsFan

        I mean, you start off “you be fair”, then agree with me completely. He tried to exert more power than he had with the Dodgers deal, and seems to want to be an owner, but he lacks the financial muscle to own a softball team in LA.

        • I said “to be fair”. But I never disagreed with you. I’m just saying that he doesn’t have the money because it’ll cost a billion dollars and the only former NBA player to earn at least a billion dollars is MJ (obviously counting after career earnings).

  2. Stanley Choo

    I understand some people think Magic is being unfair, or all he want is the power, but look what has happen to us the last five(5) years. Bad Dwight trade, bad Nash trade & NOBODY want to come to play for us. Should we keep giving Jim chances to sink our ship further, or should we make a change & get back to Lakers basketball?? Magic is respected in the league & I think he knows a lil about basketball, plus he’s more likely to connect to players than Jim & Mitch.

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