Lowe’s Latest: Clippers, Raptors, Wizards, Suns

The Clippers are trying to acquire a small forward without giving up one of their four core players and ESPN’s Zach Lowe reports that Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford aren’t drawing much interest from opposing teams. The franchise called the Wizards trying to bring Otto Porter to Los Angeles, but Washington was disinterested in engaging in trade talks.

A package of Rivers, Crawford, and a “distant” first-rounder won’t be enough to pry Wilson Chandler from the Nuggets, Lowe reports. Denver is seeking a lottery-protected first-round pick and swap rights on another pick for Chandler or Danilo Gallinari. The Nuggets intend to compete for the eighth seed in the Western Conference and they believe they can do it without one of their veteran small forwards.

Here’s more from Lowe’s latest piece:

  • The Raptors would like to add another rotation player, sources tell Lowe. The Raptors currently have 15 players under contract, but they could waive Jared Sullinger should they need an open roster spot. Lowe adds that any deal that sends out a high-priced veteran is not likely to occur until the offseason.
  • The Wizards are also eager to add a rotation player. The team has been linked to Lou Williams and it has explored trading a protected first-rounder in exchange for him. Lowe believes that’s too much value for Washington to give up and opines that two second-round picks may be able to get a deal completed.
  • The Suns are listening to offers on most of their veterans and Lowe writes that P.J. Tucker is the player who is most likely to be traded. The scribe names the Clippers and Raptors as teams to watch.
  • The Bucks are willing to listen to offers for anyone besides Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jabari Parker, Thon Maker and Khris Middleton. Lowe adds that the Wolves have expressed interest in Tony Snell.
  • Jahlil Okafor was close to being acquired by the Blazers before the team traded for Jusuf Nurkic. Lowe adds that the Sixers did not hold Okafor out of two contests to simply drive up his price.
  • The two-way contracts for players who play in the NBA as well as the D-League could increase the value of second-round picks going forward, Lowe speculates. The scribe adds that front offices are still examining the new CBA and it could cause some teams to wait until after the season to make major deals.
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6 thoughts on “Lowe’s Latest: Clippers, Raptors, Wizards, Suns

  1. json-api

    Three team deal: Lakers trade Lou Williams to the Wizards; Indiana trades their 1st round pick (#18) in the ’17 draft, along with Joe Young and CJ Miles to the Lakers for Nick Young, Mosgov, and the Lakers 2nd round pick (#33 overall) in the ’17 draft and the Pacers also trade Kevin Seraphin to the Wizards for a future 2nd round draft pick.

    • bdpecore

      Any team willing to take on Mosgov’s contract deserves a future 1st from the Lakers. Young and Lou don’t possess enough value to make up the difference and still net the Lakers a 1st and two younger role players.

    • Nick Young isn’t worth a first round pick, for a team with a high teens/early 20s pick, straight up let alone adding Mozgov. Mozgov has negative value because of his contract, so the Lakers would have to throw more value in (and with no first round picks available for a while, you’re probably talking Nance or Clarkson).

  2. Shack Rowe

    I look forward to Zach Lowe’s column being turned into 10 future posts on HoopsRumors.

  3. Franklin Ashley

    Well it’s that time when armchair GMs salivate for. Few of the proposed deals ever occur but that doesn’t stop them from coming. Lol I will add my own Lakers can hold onto Lou if the prices not a 1st ended. Explore PG and Butler for Dlo, JC, 19’s pick and TBlack throw in Moz/Deng if salaries need it

    • So a still developing combo guard (Russell), an average combo guard (Clarkson), a late first round pick in a future year, a backup big, and an overpaid veteran for a star?

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