Mavs’ Deadline Approach Isn’t Affected By Cousins Trade

The Mavs‘ trade deadline approach hasn’t been impacted by last night’s blockbuster trade between the Pelicans and Kings, Tim McMahon of ESPN reports. Currently three games behind the eight seed in the Western Conference, Dallas still plans on making a run at a playoff spot. While several of Dallas’ veteran players have been mentioned in trade rumors, GM Donnie Nelson isn’t inclined to hold a fire sale at the deadline.

The development comes as a mild surprise, as the Pelicans’ acquisition of DeMarcus Cousins should greatly improve their chances at attaining the Western Conference’s eight seed- not to mention any potential deadline activity from the Nuggets or Trail Blazers. The Mavs have long seemed hesitant to shop their veterans, however, as Nelson labeled Wesley Matthews and Deron Williams as “off-limits” in late January.

In a recent interview with ESPN Radio Dallas, Nelson addressed the possibility of picking up a “veteran type of player” at the deadline.

Dirk [Nowitzki] gets into his twilight years, you’re always looking for an injection of youth and athleticism and energy and toughness. You’re always looking to add, you never want to subtract,” Nelson said. “We have daily conversations with pretty much everyone in the league and you’re always talking about the possibility. When something comes up you have to take a peek at it and if something comes up, one thing Mark Cuban isn’t is trigger shy.”

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10 thoughts on “Mavs’ Deadline Approach Isn’t Affected By Cousins Trade

    • Tanking never works. I would know, I was a Warriors fan during the Nelson years and we would always tank. Then we wind up with crummy picks. While the Spurs struck gold late in the first and in the second round. You just need to pick well. Look at the Warriors Now Thompson number 11 Curry number 5 etc. Then look at the Sacramento Kings who usually get great pics and they go with Thomas Robinson instead of Damian Lillard or Jimmer Fredette instead of Klay Thompson etc.

      • Thomas Robinson had more hype coming out of college than Lillard. It’s not like Lillard was killing it at a big name college. He was playing at Weber State so no one knew what to expect.

      • MiamiPhins34

        Both Thompson and Curry were lottery picks. Tanking can easily be classified as not going for the playoffs. That doesn’t just mean going for the #1 pick. Using the Kings as an example also doesn’t work because they’ve proven they’re a trash organization.

  1. Bad idea. They can ‘compete’ for the worthless 8 seed even with selling. Williams and Bogut for sure should be traded, and maybe Harris and Barea. They might as well find out what Yogi and Curry really are.

    • CursedRangers

      Agreed. It’s a strong draft class this year. Even if the Mavs could get lucky and sneak into the 8th spot, then what? Are they going to beat San Antonio, or Golden State, Houston, or Oklahoma, etc…

      I get that Dirk is old, but he is a Mavs fan for life. Make some trades and restock for the future.

  2. choo7

    They don’t have to ‘tank’ all the way, but definitely get rid of at least some of the granpas… and trade for either draft picks or younger guys!

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