More DeMarcus Cousins Trade Fallout, Reactions

A player of DeMarcus Cousins‘ caliber doesn’t get moved often, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of notes, reactions, and details to round up after the deal got done. On Monday, we published a pair of posts that covered some of the fallout from the deal. We’ve got more to cover today, so let’s dive in…

  • In a piece for The Ringer, Kevin O’Connor examines the ripple effect of the Cousins trade and explains why Vivek Ranadive‘s fondness for Buddy Hield resulted in a deal with the Pelicans. A source tells O’Connor that the Suns were willing to offer multiple first-round picks – including one or both of their selections from the Heat – and that the Nuggets were believed to be willing to part with anyone except Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray for Cousins.
  • Pursuing Cousins was a last-ditch attempt by Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak to save their jobs with the Lakers, according to Sam Amick of USA Today (via Twitter). Amick adds that Buss “really wanted” Cousins, though Kupchak handled the talks with Sacramento. Those discussions came to an end when L.A. was unwilling to include Brandon Ingram.
  • Cousins got emotional last night as he tried to say goodbye to Sacramento (Twitter video link via Carmichael Dave of KHTK Sports 1140). Cousins told Sean Cunningham of ABC10 (Twitter link) today that he’ll always love the city, and plans to remain a presence in the community. According to Cunningham (via Twitter), Cousins also said today that he still hasn’t talked to Kings GM Vlade Divac — it sounds like that may not happen.
  • The Pelicans have now paired two Kentucky stars in their frontcourt, but don’t expect John Calipari to make the move to the NBA to coach Cousins and Anthony Davis. Appearing on The Dan Patrick Show this week, Calipari was asked in jest if he might end up in New Orleans, and the Kentucky head coach shot down the idea, saying that’s it’s “not happening” (link via The Detroit News).
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17 thoughts on “More DeMarcus Cousins Trade Fallout, Reactions

  1. Nigel

    Demarcus cousins and Anthony Davis are going to tear the house down when they start playing together.

  2. smittybanton

    “A source tells O’Connor that the Suns were willing to offer multiple first-round picks – including one or both of their selections from the Heat – and that the Nuggets were believed to be willing to part with anyone except Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray for Cousins.”

    Suggests that the market for bigs is not depressed by the trade, and that Ranadive really wanted a “face of the franchise” to sell immediately. Any deal without one was doomed from a season ticket perspective. We forget sometimes, this is about making money, first and foremost.

    • Boston2AZ

      I think if they’re expecting Buddy Hield to be a “face of the franchise” type of player, they might end up being disappointed.

      • reggie green

        I think they just wanted to avoid paying Cousins the 209,or 219mil it was gonna cost to sign him.and they also improved their chances of keeping their pick and not sending it to Chicago.

  3. Heavy Artillery

    So he would rather have evans, galloway, and hield then a package of player from denver? We could have gave Sacramento gary harris, barton, faried and a first rounder. And that package trumps what they got from the pelicans. I sincerely believe gary harris will be better then hield when its all said and done. Plus barton could legitimately score 20 a game under the right circumstances. And farieds no sloutch if he played starter mins he would average a double double.

    • reggie green

      Evans is an expiring contract,and Galloway has a player option.Faried has a contract that runs 2 more years.

      • Heavy Artillery

        Honeatly tho what good is cap space to Sacramento at this point? Who could they possibly get that would want to go play there thats any better then faried? Im just saying denver could have offered them way more talent then they recieved. Actually any number of teams could have offered more but i guess at this point its just crying about spilt milk.

        • reggie green

          Both Barton and Harris are signed for 1 more they wouldve had to take Farieds contract,and then resign the other 2 in a in a year and a half,the 3 you’re proposing would cost them 40+mil a year.Heild being in year 1 of a rookie deal offers more value.

  4. I do not think the kings made that bad of a trade. You got buddy hield who has potential to be a great scorer. Tyreke Evans who if he can recover from his recent injuries could be a solid role player or even better. And a first round pick that will be in the middle of the first in a stacked draft. There is potential with that pick I the 14-16 range. Guys like Ivan Raab Bam Adebayo and Harry Giles all have great potential to fill in as the new dominat big man for that team. To go along with that this will help the kings tank for a better pick for themselves. They could possibly land a franchise corner stone with that top 10 pick. And they will have another solid pick in next year’s draft to draft a final piece to go along with heild their 2 2017 first round picks and Evans, along with Collison who has potential. Who knows? This couldnt even workout for the pelicans either. Cousins and Davis might not mix well and cousins could leave NO. And if the kings draft well (which is hard for them) they could have a team that has a lot of potential

    • GuruGray

      Or more likely Tyreke Evans leaves in free agency or is bought out, Langston Galloway turns down his player option, and the Sixers use their swap rights and Sacramento ends up with the 7th pick in the draft. Oh and Buddy Hield turns out to be a decent bench scorer who has the potential to be a 6th man of the year candidate. Not sure how you could spin this to feel good about the Kings side of the deal

      • 7th is where they’re going to end up anyways. Also I didn’t twist anything just looked at the situation with an open mind…Galloway and Evans aren’t a major part of future plans. This trade allows them to focus on the future (develop hield, don’t overwhelm him) and not trying to please one guy with average first round picks.

        • Beer_man

          Honestly I was bummed about the return. However I am looking forward to seeing Bogdan Bogdanovic play… hopefully he is dead eye like peja…

  5. Nicholas Curcio

    Guys. Its time to come to terms with this deal. The kings got hosed. Plain and simple. Vladi said it himself. We had better offers days before but this was the best we could get at this time. I personally don’t think this trade is,gonna worm out for either team as cousins will not be ok playing second fiddle to davis. Jrue will benefit because he can fish it to whoever but boogie is gonna is gonna take away from davis and his verse.

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