Pistons Listening To Inquiries On Andre Drummond?

More and more teams that have spoken to the Pistons recently are saying that they believe Detroit won’t discourage inquiries on Andre Drummond this week, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein (via Twitter). While Stein’s report doesn’t suggest the Pistons are shopping their standout center, it sounds like Drummond isn’t necessarily untouchable.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe reported last week that the Pistons had “quietly explored” the trade market for Drummond, but came away underwhelmed by what teams might be willing to offer. At that point, Lowe classified a Drummond trade as an “extreme long shot.”

It’s not clear if Detroit’s stance has changed at all since then or if the team is simply doing due diligence. Stan Van Gundy has suggested that no one is necessarily off-limits if the Pistons have an opportunity to improve their long-term outlook, and it’s possible the offers for Drummond have gotten a little stronger with the deadline approaching, but it would still be a surprise to see the recently re-signed 23-year-old on the move this week.

For what it’s worth, a report earlier today suggested that the Raptors made a pitch for Drummond centered around Jonas Valanciunas before they acquired Serge Ibaka from Orlando.

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