Sixers, Pelicans Discussing Jahlil Okafor Trade

8:49 PM: League sources tell Jon Johnson of WIP (Twitter link) that the Sixers and Pelicans are searching for a third team to get involved in an Okafor deal.

4:50 PM: Keith Smith of RealGM reiterated a previous report that a trade won’t be completed today, as the two teams missed a 5 PM EST cutoff. What’s more, Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today notes that the Sixers are in no rush to trade Okafor, as multiple teams around the league are interested in him.

4:21 PM: While the trade has not been completed, its structure appears to be Alexis Ajinca and a future first round draft pick for Jahlil Okafor, according to Marc Stein of ESPN. Keith Smith of RealGM adds that the deal likely won’t be completed today, as the Sixers want to re-engage on bringing Jrue Holiday back to Philadelphia. David Aldridge of provided a sobering view of trade talks, noting that the deal is “not imminent.”

3:39 PM: The Sixers and Pelicans are “in talks” about a Jahlil Okafor trade, according to Sam Amick of USA Today. Philadelphia would push for a first round pick from New Orleans, Amick adds. The report has been corroborated by Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical.

Marc J. Spears of ESPN shed further light on the potential deal, noting that Alexis Ajinca and a future first round pick could be sent to Philadelphia. Draft pick compensation could be a factor holding up negotiations, according to Keith Smith of RealGM; if the Pelicans give up a protected first round pick, they’d reportedly expect Philadelphia to take on Ajinca or Omer Asik‘s contract. Jahlil Okafor could fit the mold of an “offensive-minded big man” to use alongside Anthony DavisMarc Stein of ESPN notes.

Unloading Asik’s contract has been a priority for the Pelicans, Wojnarowski reports. The Sixers are hesitant to take on Asik, who is in the second year of a five-year, $57,977,525 deal. Interestingly, Wojnarowski reports the Pelicans have discussed Brook Lopez in their pursuit of a center.

In Amick’s full report for USA Today, Okafor’s “marginalized” role is noted to have been a motivating factor for GM Bryan Colangelo, who has engaged with eight teams on the former No. 3 overall pick.

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45 thoughts on “Sixers, Pelicans Discussing Jahlil Okafor Trade

  1. Formerlyz

    Why New Orleans? Stop giving Philly your picks lol. And stop adding old school bigs. It makes no sense. Also, how is philly really getting a 1st out of Okafor?

    • JDonovan

      Because he was the #3 overall pic two years ago that is averaging double figures in points in his 2 NBA seasons. That is EASILY worth a first round pick.

  2. victor

    i dont understand why the rockets wont or dont offer brewer and a first rounder

    • NBAfan

      Rockets already have two hybrid bigs who run the floor, finish & play defense why would they want a big who can’t play defense and needs the ball to produce. Just imagine okafor and hadddn guarding the pick and roll lol

      • Dionis

        You are dumb sir, Okafor can get 20-30 points and 8-13 boards a night with ease unlike Capela. The Rockets would be way better if they could start Okafor and start Hazrell at the 4. L

        • And then they could watch teams abuse the Harden/Okafor pick and roll. Capela plays defense…unlike Okafor.

  3. Formerlyz

    Now I see. They’re attaching Asik to a 1st. That makes more sense, but still. Obviously, it’s not this year’s pick, but still don’t get why they’d target Okafor. And to be honest, even though it gets them closer to the salary floor, and they pick up a 1st for Okafor, I wouldn’t want to take Asik’s contract, if I’m Philly. Free asset though

  4. victor

    i am thinking he would be good to go to when harden is resting.. if we are talking capela and montrez .. i dont count montrez as a center.

  5. victor

    asik’s game do not translate in todays NBA this guy is a classic early 90s late 80s center .. but now a days he just can not cut the mustard .. no hands and too slow.

    • rgreen

      Depends on what the protection would be on the pick.if its straight lottery protected for 2,3 years,and then ends up 2 2nds,then it is.but if its lottery protected,then top 10,and top 7,and the protection shrinks to unprotected,it could work out nice.and with Demps long term job security an issue,the shrinking protection might be something he signs off on.

      • Agreed that it depends on the protection. But have to remember that Okafor doesn’t hold much value outside of the fact that he’s young. A lumbering big who can’t defend the paint isn’t exactly overflowing with value. Until his defense gets better, he’s going to get exposed by athletic bigs and on the pick and roll.

        • KCelts

          Hard to believe how much he has fallen. At one point he looked like a consensus number 1 overall pick. Now he isn’t even netting much of a return. I do agree with you guys though about protection; that will be the key.

          • Formerlyz

            I felt that he would be a remedial al jefferson, and that’s pretty much what he is. Never thought he’d be a good fit for #1 overall.

  6. Num1PatsFan4Lyfe

    Come to Boston to play for the legendary team. Come win a championship the next 5 years in a row. Okafor and Horford could be an all time dominating big guy team.

    • reggie green

      Unfortunately what the Celtics have to trade,wont fit in Philly,And what yous have that would fit,wouldnt be involved in any deal for Okafor.

      • Num1PatsFan4Lyfe

        Give a little guy for a big guy. Thomas is too short anyways. Him for young Okafor. Straight up before ppl figure out how to stop the lil guy and block all his shots

        • Lol trade your best player for a guy who can’t defend and isn’t even the second best player on his team. I’m not even going to explain further why that’s a terrible idea and why your logic is completely flawed.

      • Connorsoxfan

        The Celtics own enough non nets firsts that they could work something out.

        • reggie green

          Yea,Clippers and Grizzles.neither would match the value of the Pelicans pick.even if the clippers lose Paul or Griffin and fall off,that pick is lottery protected,and if not conveyed,becomes 1 2nd rd pick.Memphis’ pick has more realistic protections on it,but we’d still have to rely on them falling off.the Pelicans with Okafor can sneek into the playoffs next year,so we’re still talking 15-20 range next year rather than keeping our fingers crossed that Memphis falls off enough by 18-19 to top that.

          Matching Ajinca wouldnt be a problem for yas,but matching the potential with the Pelicans pick is.what you’s have is either to valuable,or not enough.thats not even to mention the division rivalry matchup.Memphis’ pick is to iffy to trade in division.

          • Connorsoxfan

            I can’t believe that guy just suggested Isiah Thomas for Okafor. I hope that’s a joke.

              • Connorsoxfan

                But what if they offered the Clippers, Grizzlies, and the 2 best looking second rounders they have?

                • reggie green

                  Thats a good question.gotta figure 1 of those 2nds would be Minnesotas this year,that would hold some value.likely top 5 in rd 2 this guess the 2nd 1 would be Detroits in 19.the clippers pick scares me,although i guess it’ll either be a late 1st in 2019/20,or a early to mid 2nd in have to say the value is there,but id still probably prefer the Pelicans pick.

  7. WilliamDuval

    Honestly as a Sixers fan, I love this trade. I love Jah but we have too many starting caliber centers. I think it will benefit the Pels because they can run Davis at the 4 and Jah at the 5 for a dynamic offensive duo.

  8. A trade with Ajinca makes no sense whatsoever. And Jrue is a UFA next season. They can just sign him if they really want him. Are the Pelicans really going to max out a guy that played half the games each year he was on their team?

    • Depending on the protections, the Sixers can attach the Pelicans pick to make a move up in the draft. Also, no one wants Okafor. Yeah the guy can score, but it’s not like he’s a dynamic scorer…he’s a back-to-the-basket lumbering big who needs to play the 5 but also can’t defend. He’s basically Al Jefferson but younger, and Al Jefferson was never a player who was overflowing with value.

      • Formerlyz

        He’s also not as good as Al Jefferson to somewhat offset those issues

  9. Keep Jah until draft day. Figure out where you’re picking and make a trade to get Fultz, Ball, or Smith.

    • rgreen

      Will they max out Jrue? Considering Anthony Davis wants him there,they might have to.If he comes to us in any deal involving Jah,it should be done.

      But thats not the deal.Ajincas contract matches up with Jahs.he’d give us depth that wont need to cut into anybodys minutes.if we trade Jah and Noel walks,we’ll need to add a backup.Mozgov got 16per,Plumlee 12.5.Ajinca at a little over 4m isnt bad with a cap in the 100m,100+m this wouldnt be the 1st time Colangelo aquires Ajinca.

      As much as you want those names you mentioned in the draft,so will the teams picking in the spots ahead of us.considering this is what Okafors value is,having the extra draft pick in the near future could be just as the possible trade partner more options.we already have limited available minutes to spread around.we know Jah is our 3rd center,and he cant play anywhere else.Simmons can play anywhere,so if we can open up minutes for him,while adding c insurance and a pick,we should get it done.

      • If they max-out Jrue, they can keep him. He is not max worthy, he’s not durable at all.

        I’d be content with Holmes. He has a similar skillset to Noel.

        What 1st are they going to give up? Top-20 protected for 3 years until it turns into 2 2’s.

        Sixers are currently looking at the 4th pick based on record. If Boston doesn’t trade Brooklyn pick, it could be in play on draft day, if the Sixers are indeed at 4th + Jah. They’re looking for a Center, and you’ve got Vucevic if he doesn’t get dealt this season, Cousins (apparently off the table), and Whiteside?

        They have 3 years including this year to trade Jah. They need to focus on trading Noel. He is not going to be worth 80M to be a back-up.

        • rgreen

          I seriously doubt it would be top 20 protected.thats what we got in the Ilyasova/Grant salary dump.Colangelo has said all along hes not making a deal for the sake of making a deal,which is what he’d be doing if he accepted that type of projection.

          And thats exactly what 6er fans have told themselves the last 2 years,”we’ll just make a deal with Boston”.guess what,still havent swapped picks with Boston in any of these drafts.Ainge will maximize the value of any pick he trades.if hes not getting a bona-fide star,hes asking for that Lakers pick,or the Sacramento pick.its what he does.and it was just a week ago we were 7th in the standings,and climbing.we’ve dropped a few spots,without Embiid.theres no guarentee that continues when he returns,plus Simmons.and thats still to assume that Ainge would consider anything at all.if he values 3 players at the top of the draft,and if he gets #1,does he trade out of a guarenteed chance to get 1 of those 3 to add Okafor,when like ya said,theres other bigs available to him.he could take a pg at 1,then have Thomas as bait.he could take Jackson,then have Crowder or Brown.he has to many options to just accept what you assume he will.

          • rgreen

            All 3 bigs you mention are atleast of equal value,if not more.Cousins and Whiteside are clearly more valuable.Vucevic isnt the scorer Ok is,but hes a much better about Monroe,or Ibaka?what if San Antonio makes Aldridge available at some point? What about Melo,with Horford playing c and melo at the 4? What about K.Love?and what about restricted free agent Nerlens Noel?

            To many options!!!

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