Sixers Rule Ben Simmons Out For Season

The Sixers have formally announced that Ben Simmons won’t play this season. General manager Bryan Colangelo informed reporters today of the club’s decision, per Jake Fischer of (Twitter link).

A report on Thursday out of Philadelphia had suggested that Simmons’ season was in jeopardy after the result of a CT scan showed disappointing progress. According to Fischer (Twitter link), Colangelo said today that the most recent scan indicated that there’s “not full healing in the bone.” The next scan will occur in one month.

The organization has been very cautious with its No. 1 overall pick since he fractured a bone in his right foot in training camp. The original prognosis suggested Simmons had a chance to return with three months, but his NBA debut will instead be postponed until the 2017/18 season. According to Colangeo, the Sixers “will talk about” having Simmons on their Summer League team, depending on his status (Twitter link via Fischer).

Simmons is the third top pick for the Sixers to sit out his entire rookie season in the last four years. Nerlens Noel missed his entire rookie year in 2013/14 due to a torn ACL, while foot problems sidelined Joel Embiid for his first two NBA seasons. Embiid has also been out of action as of late with a knee problem, though Colangelo – who called the injury a bone bruise – said today that the injury is “progressing well.” Embiid is expected to miss at least the next four games.

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20 thoughts on “Sixers Rule Ben Simmons Out For Season

  1. Dionis

    Magic call up Colangelo and let him know you want Simmons in LA, offer them Russell, and Young.

  2. I’m beginning to feel that 76ers do this on purpose noel , embiid , and now simmons… or it could be just their bad luck , which probably is because if i’m a player I wouldn’t sit a whole season on purpose so the team can get bad on purpose

  3. caryloyd

    This ownership and management team knew this from Day 1. They just dangled his return to sell tickets. We should boycott the team and all it’s advertisers and force Harris to sell. The city should pass a SUCK tax.

  4. Reggie Green

    Playing for rookie of the year awards and bonuses rather than playing to win championships.

    The process is bogus

    • JacksonM_15

      Because obviously it was his decision and not the teams. The hard times are “the process” not just the end result.

  5. Joeycalexc

    Did anyone really think he would play the s year? The process failed this year since Lakers stink and Kings ok voiding puck swap. Best we can hope for is one top 5 pick and reset the clock

    • SuperSinker

      A lot of time before the draft lottery for the Sixers to be better positioned for Fultz/Ball.

  6. Reggie Green

    Still dont want Scam Stinkie back.

    That guy geniused his way right out of the league.

    • SuperSinker

      Philly is sure enjoying the fruits of his labours. Especially this Lakers pick coming up. Gonna be good times in Philly soon enough.

      • reggie green

        Still dont know what that Lakers pick is gonna be.and the Kings trade was a better 1.

        Still never put together any type of roster.had no value for veteran leadership,which has been helpful this year.we paid just as much for players to not play for us than we did to pay for us.

        Wheres he working now?

  7. I am a 76ers fan, but I am not sure if this team is going to workout. I think the best draft picks were Dario Saric, and Robert Covington. Whenever big men have foot injuries that cause them to miss entire seasons, you have to worry that they will never develop. I also don’t know if Embiid, Saric, and Simmons will be a good fit. Remember when people thought Noel, and Okafor were going to be elite? I think Malik Monk would be a nice fit for the 76ers

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