Cavs Sign Larry Sanders, Waive Andrew Bogut

4:23pm: The Cavs formally confirmed Sanders’ deal today in a press release. The team also announced that Bogut has been waived.

8:21am: The Cavaliers have reached an agreement on a contract with free agent big man Larry Sanders, according to Shams Charania of The Vertical (Twitter link). Sanders, who will make his return to the NBA after two years away from the league, will likely get a second-year option for 2017/18 on his new deal, adds Charania.Larry Sanders vertical

As Charania explains (via Twitter), Sanders is in Cleveland today with agent Joel Bell to finalize his new contract with the Cavs. The former Buck will take a physical exam this morning, and the two sides are still working on nailing down a decision date for next year’s option. Based on a report from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, it sounds like it will be a team option, with a guarantee date this summer — if Sanders is still under contract beyond that date, his salary for next season will become guaranteed.

In order for Sanders’ deal to become official, the Cavaliers will need to officially waive Andrew Bogut. The former first overall pick joined the team after being cut by the Mavericks, but suffered a fractured tibia just 58 seconds into his first game with the Cavs, ending his season. A report last week indicated that the club intends to release Bogut to open up a roster spot.

As for Sanders, he has been looking to make an NBA comeback this season after walking away from the game for personal reasons more than two years ago. Sanders, now 28, flashed promising upside during his initial stint in the NBA. In the 2012/13 season, the last time he was fully healthy, the former 15th overall pick averaged 9.8 points, 9.5 rebounds and 2.8 blocks per game. Injuries and off-court problems limited him to 50 games over his last two seasons in the NBA.

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The cap-strapped Cavs can’t offer Sanders more than the minimum salary, so his cap hit will be modest, though the team will be charged an extra $2.50 in taxes for every dollar it spends on Sanders. Assuming he gets a two-year deal, Sanders will have a cap charge of $207,722 on the Cavs’ books this season, and the team would owe an additional $519,305 in taxes on his 2016/17 salary.

According to Sam Amico of (via Twitter), approximately half the teams in the NBA expressed some level of interest in Sanders, but the veteran center made it known two weeks ago that he preferred to join the Cavs. Because he hasn’t been on an NBA roster this season – and therefore hasn’t been waived at all – Sanders retains his playoff eligibility for Cleveland.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports Images.

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14 thoughts on “Cavs Sign Larry Sanders, Waive Andrew Bogut

    • The Dark Side

      Unless James can keep Sanders out of bars, and away from people selling weed. Look up L. Sanders fight in a Milwaukee bar.

  1. wellington igunbor

    man lamar odom was a crack head before he played for the lakers then he went on to win two rings with kobe and became the sixth man of the year in 2011 and as soon as he got traded from LA he went back on that crack it all matters the environment you go too I think sanders will flourish with lebron james beside him

  2. Danthemilwfan

    Good for him but I doubt he will be ready to play this season. All those years off for a guy that wasn’t that good to begin with leaves the cavs sol for this year

  3. ReasonableBB

    He’ll end up being the best pickup for the Cavs. When your that caliber of athlete, it doesn’t take that long to get back into it. I give him, half a dozen games. When he left the game he was just beginning to get better. He’s in his prime age now, has learned some lessons and will be better than he was before. More driving to the hoop in the new spread out league, I can see him doubling the blocks he got his last year. And he’s joining a great family of guys with the Cavs, with lots of vets to mentor him. Great pickup Griffin!!!

  4. Pihc123

    He’s as good a low risk kind of pick up can be. They won’t be out a lot of $ if he doesn’t make it, but good for him and Cavs if he does.

    I’m a bit surprised Cavs didn’t just promote Eric Moreland if the canton charge. Dude just had a nine (as in 9 freaking blocks) block game over the weekend.

  5. The Dark Side

    Just close every bar in Cleveland, The keep Sanders away from all the People selling weed. Have Sanders take daily “Drug Test”. As Sanders told the people in Milwaukee. I just “LOVE” weed! No Offense, just a part time shot blocker, that fouls out a lot, Bad attitude as Cleveland will find out. Which is why Milwaukee cut him, and doesn’t mind paying him $2 million a year until 2022 just to stay away! Sanders told Milwaukee he had changed also, they gave him a second, and third chance, then cut him, when he showed up “high” over, and over again. Good Luck Cleveland, but, don’t be surprised if Sanders starts bringing down the rest of your Cavaliers!!, Look at it this way, When the Milwaukee Bucks are laughing at you, at taking someone they cut, there just might be a reason!!!!

    • Yohan

      You are wrong in so many ways. The point you just stated is the same situation with Jr smith (not necessarily drugs but attitudes and locker room problems) knicks just threw him in a trade with us, and who are the ones laughing now? It’s all about environment. Lebron James has and affect on people.

  6. BlueBlood1217

    Yeah man Larry loves his weed and look at those hip glasses. Go get em Larry

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