Jeff Hornacek’s Job Not In Jeopardy

The Knicks are on track to miss the postseason for the fourth consecutive year, and this result’s will be particularly disappointing after a series of offseason splashes that saw the team acquire Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Courtney Lee, and others. However, head coach Jeff Hornacek‘s job is safe heading into the summer, a league source tells Marc Berman of The New York Post.

Although the Knicks have an unimpressive 27-41 record this season under Hornacek, the Knicks’ coach has maintained a “strong rapport” with team president Phil Jackson and associate head coach Kurt Rambis, an NBA source tells Berman. As Berman explains, Derek Fisher‘s dismissal as head coach of the Knicks last season was prompted in part by Fisher’s lack of communication with Jackson and his resistance to Jackson’s involvement in aspects of coaching — Hornacek has been an improvement on both of those fronts.

Jackson recently took to the Knicks’ practice court to teach the triangle offense to the team’s guards in a hands-on manner. While that was viewed by some observers as the team president stepping on the head coach’s toes, Hornacek – who has suggested the triangle could help attract free agents – said he didn’t mind Jackson’s involvement.

“We talk about stuff all the time,” Hornacek said, per Berman. “When he comes out and demonstrates for guys, he’s so used to being out on the court. It’s fun for him to do. Guys getting another look at it from a guy who’s run it for years and years.”

If Jackson and Hornacek are on the same page regarding the triangle offense for next season, the Knicks’ coaching staff could undergo some changes, according to Berman, who notes that none of the assistants Hornacek brought in “knew the triangle from a rhombus.” And while not all of the Knicks players appear to be on board with the triangle, there may be less confusion next season if the club isn’t jumping back and forth between Jackson’s triangle and Hornacek’s hybrid offense.

“We’ll look at a lot of different things,” Hornacek said of the offense for next season. “Go back, step one. A lot of footwork and basic fundamental stuff as the season goes on you notice. Next year when we go into it, it’ll be more to that stuff before you even touch a basketball.”

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5 thoughts on “Jeff Hornacek’s Job Not In Jeopardy

  1. AjBronx7

    Next year will make it 5 and they still won’t tank for Michael Porter Jr

  2. Decius9

    So tired of Phil Jackson. Doesn’t wanna coach, but wants to stick his nose into the practices. Any other coaches in the league being told what they will run as much as the Hornacek? We don’t know if he is a good coach. I mean, how many decisions does he get to make? I guess he must not be that good if he agreed to this arrangement. Phil Jackson is a Hall of Fame coach and a Hall of Shame GM.

    • Djones246890

      Agreed. If you hire a coach, you need to trust him enough to let him coach.

      This micromanagement stuff never works.

      If Jackson wants to call the shots, then get on the floor and he a President\Coach.

  3. Iceman

    Hey guys, i’ve been a knicks fan for many years. Unfortunately, this has not been exciting for so many fans. I believe the problem is not the player’s or the coach, it’s ownership and management. It looks as though the players are not having fun and don’t know who they are playing for. The triangle in my opinion would not of had it’s success without Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. That was than, the league is now much different and has to change with today’s players and their abilities. The roster of players have to by in and believe in their coach. That is clearly not what it is. I guess once again, better luck next year! Good coaches don’t always make good Gm’s and presidents as we have seen.

  4. hill

    Phil Jackson seems not to get through his egomaniacal skull that THE TRIANGLE IS IRRELEVANT. NBA teams can play zone and Phils continued assertion the TRIANGLE is the answer to pace-space is flat JUVENILE.

    It is a great framework for a man-to-man only defense but when teams can sag and switch and overload any look, the triangle is totally irrelevant.

    Phil is losing his mind.

    Literally. He’s lost, out of touch.


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